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History Match Using WellWhiz

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1 History Match Using WellWhiz
Fracture Technologies Ltd. WellWhiz PEA-74

2 Over View June 2002-June 2003 In Progress

3 Summary The intention of this project is to assess the effectiveness of matching the post Frac test data, in order to match a Beta for the proppant size utilised in the frac A total of six wells have been matched, out of which three are presented here Three examples are presented for the following proppant sizes. 20/40 single phase 16/20 multi-phase (oil and gas) 12/18 single phase

4 Modeling Non Darcy Effects in a Fracture (Theoretical Equ)
For two phase non-Darcy effects, a review of the literature suggests the following the relationship:

5 Example-1 20/40 Proppant, at 4 Lb/ft2 (Top structure Map)

6 Fracture Profiles input 20/40 Proppant, Conc=4 Lb/ft2

7 WellWhiz Output (20/40)

8 Multi-Frac Horizontal Well (Oil and Gas)

9 Proppant: 16/20, 3 Lb/ft2 (Alpha=48,800, n1=0.50, n2=5.5)

10 Example-3 Single(?) Phase Gas 12/18 at 2 Lb/ft2

11 Net Pressure Match

12 Frac Geometry

13 Proppant concentration

14 WellWhiz Match 12/18 Proppant (2 Lb/ft2)

15 Summary of Field Beta

16 Condensate Modelling Detailed presentation will be made tomorrow afternoon to highlight: The effects of condensate on well productivity Can proppant design help in reducing the effects of condensate banking around the fracture?

17 Next Years Prog July 2003-June 2004

18 WellWhiz Development 57 New Features

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