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About this presentation - QS Overview QS Asia QS London QS Intelligence unit.

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1 About this presentation - QS Overview QS Asia QS London QS Intelligence unit

2 QS vision QS strives to be the most trusted on-line and off-line meeting place for all candidates, schools and businesses for career and educational related decisions. We believe this will lead us to become the worlds foremost media, events and solutions company in the international higher education field. 2

3 QS mission To enable motivated people to fulfil their potential by fostering educational achievement, career development and international mobility 3

4 Education tools, strategically created with an Asian perspective to reach out to the regional and international arena QS ASIA

5 Introduction to QS Asia 5 Activities managed by QS Asia include: -QS-APPLE Conference and Exhibition -QS WorldClass Seminar -QS WorldClass SHOWCASE -QS WorldARTS Tour -QS-MAPLE Conference and Exhibition 5

6 Asia Pacific Professional Leaders In Education Helping to build world-class universities for Asia Pacific communities through global partnership and collaboration 6 The Prime Conference and Exhibition for Top International Educators in Asia, Europe, America and Australasia Asia Pacific Professional Leaders In Education 6

7 University leaders and their deputies Strategic Planners International Directors, Recruiters and Developers Foreign Language Specialists All those whose portfolio includes university internationalisation and student mobility Who should attend QS-APPLE? Asia Pacific Professional Leaders In Education 7

8 QS Business Schools Workshop – Asia (New in 2009) ~ 23 November, delegates will hear from specialists and international leaders in business education about trends in MBA business schools and teaching programmes Asia Pacific Professional Leaders In Education Times Higher Education-QS World University Rankings Workshop ~ Also 23 November, session includes an introduction to THE-QS World University Ranking, New Developments and Localised Observations and ways to advance your universitys global recognition QS-APPLE Creative Awards ~ Celebrates impactful and effective communication, conveying to prospective students, staff and partners the image and character of your institutions branding presence QS-APPLE Exhibition - Students Open Evening ~ An extra evening for student access to the Exhibition to meet with institutions 8

9 Boost your universitys global recognition High level seminars Topics - university evaluation, management, professional development, ranking, global communications, global partnership development Network with your academic peers from the Asian region and form important new relationships 9

10 Launch of QS WorldClass SHOWCASE in April 2010 A new print and online publication featuring: Visions and missions of Presidents of top Asian universities Asian Education Ministers Global celebrities who passionately advocate the benefits of education Leaders of major Asian corporations Tables of the QS Asian University Rankings with commentary Tables of THE-QS World University Rankings with commentary 10

11 DISTRIBUTION The printed edition of QS WorldClass SHOWCASE will be presented to each of the two top executive heads (e.g. President and Provost) of the following: Top 500 Universities as featured in the THE-QS World University Rankings Top 200 Universities as featured in the QS Asian University Rankings Chinas 106 Project 211 Universities Top 20 Middle Eastern Universities Top 20 Indian Universities Also to: Heads of state of G20 countries Ambassadors and high commissioners of 250 major diplomatic post worldwide Top 200 Asian Corporations ranked by THE-QS World Rankings under Recruiters Review 11

12 QS WorldARTS Tour is a response to the demand from the Design and Arts institutions of the world for a specialist marketing and student recruitment facility catering to the region Annual event Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Seoul in February/March 2010 QS WorldARTS Tour – the FIRST of its KIND! 12

13 Components of QS WorldARTS Student recruitment fairs with provision for viewing portfolios of creative arts and for on-the-spot auditions for performing arts. Includes performance and displays by the students of participating institutions. Auction of top students works to invited buyers Seminars presenting many aspects of international study and career opportunities in arts and design. 13

14 QS London

15 QS Fairs 130 Postgraduate student recruitment fairs annually QS World Grad School Tour (50 single day fairs) – ~ A-Z of Masters and PhD QS World MBA Tour (80 single day fairs) – ~ Exclusively for Full time and Exec MBAs (+ supporting websites, newsletters and printed guides) Undergraduate recruitment focus through, Top Universities Guide and the new Top Universities Tour ~ New Delhi, Mymbai, Shanghai, Hong Kong & Singapore 15

16 Other QS Activities THE-QS World University Rankings QS Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education Conference - QS-APPLE QS Asia special events and media – WorldClass & Showcase QS Intelligence Unit Career and leadership development 16

17 Trusted. Independent. Global.

18 Established in 2008 Distinct and autonomous department within QS Responding to demand for... More comparative data Deeper insight Improving quality and quantity of both published and proprietary research Researches are in London and Singapore 18

19 Pre-existing QS research THE – QS World University Rankings QS Top MBA Global 100 Business Schools QS Top MBA Salary & Recruitment Trends QS Top MBA Applicant Research QS Top Grad School Applicant Research Stronger Samples Deeper Analysis Enhanced Presentation 19

20 QS Top Universities Benchmarking Service Published rankings are only the surface of performance evaluation Benchmarking can provide a deeper insight into performance relative to selected comparable peer institutions 20

21 Our clients 21

22 Select a number of target institutions from the THE-QS World University Rankings list A mixture of domestic and international institutions may be best University of IndonesiaUniversity of Brawijaya Bandung Institute of TechnologyBogor Agricultural University Diponegoro University Gadjah Mada University Airlangga University ? ? ? 22

23 Get a detailed view on each institution Year on year ranking performance Overall By faculty By indicator Underlying data Student and faculty numbers Exchange program details Additional data Foundation years Publication and citation data Financial data PhDs awarded Graduate employment rates 23

24 Peer group analysis By indicator By faculty area More detail on Scopus bibliometric indicators More detail on survey responses Academic Peer Review Employer Review Domestic vs. International Reputation Analysis against national/regional averages 3-5 year cycle is recommended to develop a comprehensive perspective 24

25 25

26 The Star Ratings System Research Quality Graduate Employability Teaching Quality Infrastructure Internationalisation Specialist Strength* 26

27 Limitations of rankings Specialist strength often overlooked Dependent on reliable collection of data for ALL institutions Over simplified view of institutional strength Bias towards fully comprehensive institutions International studies tend to focus strongly on research Moving target 27

28 Ratings vs. Rankings Ratings are not dependent on the performance of other institutions Ratings can be more adaptive Ratings can include components not easily included in rankings 28

29 Best of Both Working together... A rating can provide some context to ranking results A rating can visually signal additional complexity beneath the ranking results A rating can encourage users/readers to accept that ranking results ought to be understood rather than simply accepted A rating can provide additional important, yet easily consumable, information to be involved earlier in any decision making process that might involve rankings 29

30 Research Quality Award CriteriaIndicatorMinimum Requirements Must fulfil 2 out of 3 indicators to qualify for one star Academic Peer Review65 academic referees Citations per Paper3 citations per paper* Papers per Faculty3 papers per faculty* *Thresholds likely to be adjusted dependent on whether or not the institution has a medical school 30

31 Graduate Employability Award CriteriaIndicatorMinimum Requirements Must fulfil 2 out of 3 indicators to qualify for one star Employer Review20 employer referees Employment Rate 80% graduates employed (or accepted to further study) within 12 months Careers Service Support 2 full-time careers advisors 31

32 Teaching Quality Award CriteriaIndicatorMinimum Requirements Must fulfil 2 out of 3 indicators to qualify for one star Overall Student Satisfaction* 75% (or above national average) students satisfied Satisfaction with Teaching* 75% (or above national average) students satisfied Student Faculty Ratio17:1 (6%) *From existing national survey or QS equivalent Minimum 20% response rate required 32

33 Infrastructure – Part 1 Award CriteriaIndicatorMinimum Requirements Must fulfil 2 out of 3 indicators to qualify for one half star Sporting facilities is compulsory Sporting facilities* 6 of the following Swimming Pool Fitness Gym Indoor sports courts Outdoor sports courts Outdoor sports pitches Athletics track Stadium Full-time coaches and/or medical staff Medical facilities 1 on-campus medical centre Student societies Five student administered societies *Either owned by the institution or regular student access to facilities verified by operator Verified by graduated alumni 33

34 Infrastructure – Part 2 Award CriteriaIndicatorMinimum Requirements Must fulfil 2 out of 3 indicators to qualify for one half star Student accommodation 1 room for every first year undergraduate* student IT infrastructure 1 computer per 5 students OR Internet access in every student room Library facilities Investment of $100 per student per annum OR 0.5 new library catalogue entries per student *In the case of an institution that only offers postgraduate programs – the threshold will apply purely to international students in their first year of any postgraduate program 34

35 Internationalisation Award CriteriaIndicatorMinimum Requirements Must fulfil 3 out of 4 indicators to qualify for one star International Faculty5% international faculty International students 25% international students (or 90% of permitted quota) International collaborations 20 collaboration agreements with international institutions amongst THE-QS Top 500* International Student Support – Religious Facilities One place of worship for each major (global) religious group *Collaborations must be verified as active in writing by an authorised representative of the partner institution Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism. Multi-denominational facilities are acceptable. 35

36 Specialist Strength Award CriteriaIndicatorMinimum Requirements Must fulfil 1 out of 2 indicators to qualify for one star* Faculty Area Specialisation Top 50 in one of 5 broad faculty areas (THE-QS) Subject Specialisation Top 20 in specific subject discipline *Star only available where an institution publicly states specialist intentions in a maximum of two broad faculty areas – Arts & Humanities; Engineering & IT; Life Sciences & Biomedicine; Natural Sciences; Social Sciences Threshold may vary dependent on the provision of available data for the given subject discipline Subject discipline rankings to be developed by QS on an ongoing basis. Disciplines will be based on narrower areas than above but will still focus on popular areas (i.e. Physics as opposed to Nuclear Physics) 36 Duration: 10 - 12 weeks per project

37 Our global media partners Over 300 media - TV, newspapers, magazines, online Global coverage - CNN, Business Week, Wall Street Journal Asia, International Herald Tribune USA Washington Post Chicago Tribune LA Times San Francisco Chronicle EU The Times Le Figaro Handelsblatt Expansion y Empleo Corriere della Sera ASIA South China Morning Post Chosun Ilbo Bangkok Post The Times of India Rest of World Toronto Star Millyet America Economia 37

38 Loyal, blue-chip client base Over 220 leading universities LSE, UCL,Warwick, Bocconi, NUS, Seoul National, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Columbia, Princeton, NYU…. Over 440 leading business schools Wharton, Duke, Chicago, INSEAD, LBS, IESE…. Over 200 multi-nationals and regional recruiters Morgan Stanley, Bain, A.T. Kearney, Eli Lilly, GE, Google, McKinsey.... 38

39 QS QS Top Universities Guide QS Top Universities Tour QS World Arts Tour - Asia QS Intelligence Unit Times Higher - QS World University Rankings QS Stars QS Benchmarking QS Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education Conference - QS-APPLE QS WorldClass Seminar QS WorldClass Showcase (Publication) QS World Grad School Tour QS Top Grad School Guide QS QS Newsletter QS TopApply QS World MBA Tour QS World MBA Tour Premium QS QS topmba Newsletter QS Scorecard QS MBA Career Guide QS MBA Scholarships QS topmba Connect 121 QS World Exec MBA Tour QS TopExecEd Guide and Online QS TopMBA Careers QS Global Workplace QS Top Internships QS Leadership Career Forums All QS products and activities 39 For more information, please contact : Mandy Mok ~

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