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How do authors hook and hold readers?

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1 How do authors hook and hold readers?
Suspenseful and dynamic plots. (Newingham) Mystery readings have their readers work as an active detective while reading.(Newingham)

2 How do mystery writers persuade their readers?
Readers are persuaded by the dynamic scenarios.(“Everyone Loves a Mystery”) Also writers can have the dynamic plot connect to something that the current reader is going through or as an experience.("MYSTERY!: About MYSTERY!.")

3 What is the relationship between mystery and truth?
The truth behind mystery is when a secret is revealed and can change a story. ("Mysterious Terms”) Truth behind of mystery can also can be the moral or the lesson of the writing.(Step 1: Read a Mystery by Me)

4 What truths are best communicated through the mystery genre?
The best truths communicated through mystery are problem solving to certain situations. (“The Bookdiva”) A truth that is communicated through mystery is how to handle certain things by yourself.("Step 1: Read a Mystery by Me”)

5 How can the mystery genre connect to ones current life or past?
A mysteries plot can connect through something that the reader is going through or has gone through in the past such as murder. (“The Bookdiva”) The reader takes a journey through the characters life and this character could be similar to the reader. (“Newingham, Beth”)

6 How does mystery entertain the reader?
Mystery readings cause readers to use critical thinking making the reader want more information.(“Newingham, Beth”) Writers cause their readers to take sides during the story making more interesting. ("Everyone Loves a Mystery”) Authors can change the story line anytime they want. (“Newingham, Beth”)

7 What elements are commonly used during mystery writings?
Characterization-(“MYSTERY!: About MYSTERY”) Characters develop and make the story interesting and more information on character will allow to guess the end result of the mystery. Plot- (“MYSTERY!: About MYSTERY”) Plot is the main part of mystery that makes the story of the mystery itself. Setting- (“MYSTERY!: About MYSTERY”) Setting sets the environment and setting creates possible events during the story.

8 What does it take to create a good mystery novel?
You should always have well rounded and understandable characters.(“Newingham, Beth”) Also plot should be solid and understandable. It shouldn’t be something unexpected for example an unknown evil twin.("Mystery”)

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