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Test Case Generation for testing SNMP agents

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1 Test Case Generation for testing SNMP agents
Diana Serbanescu (Fraunhofer FOKUS) & Theofanis Vassiliou-Gioles (Testing Technologies)

2 diana.serbanescu@
Contact Diana Serbanescu Fraunhofer FOKUS Theo Vassiliou Testing Technologies

3 Agenda Why SNMP? An Introduction to SNMP Technical Solution

4 Why bother for SNMP at all?
First version has been defined in the late 1980s RFC 1067, 1098, 1157 A protocol to monitor and manage network elements Defines a message structure and communication flows Widely deployed and heavily used in the IT datacom industry Router, switches, servers, network printers, ... One would think that SNMP is Well established Well deployed and there Well tested!

5 New Domains – New Applications

6 Summary – Why SNMP SNMP is well established in the IT community
Application to new domains require thorough testing of existing functionality in sometimes hazard environments by not native IT/datacom experts

7 Introduction to SNMP (I)
SNMP is a tool (protocol) that allows for remote and local management of items on the network including servers, workstations, routers, switches and other managed devices Comprised of agents and managers SNMP is a “client pull” model The management system (client) “pulls” data from the agent (server) SNMP is a “server push” model The agent (server) “pushes” out a trap message to a (client) management system

8 Introduction to SNMP (II)
SNMP management SNMP Protocol Definition of message format Operation specification Structure of Management Information (SMI) Rules specifying the format used to define objects managed Management Information Base (MIB) A map all managed objects Languages of SNMP ASN.1 Used to define the MIBs Basic Encoding Rules (BER) For SNMP message encoding Three different versions of SNMP defined over the years v1, v2 and v3 V3 adds authorization and encryption

9 MIBs : Management Information Base MIB-I

10 The Object Identifier (OID)
A scheme that allows two vendors or products within a vendor to compare like items Object identifiers (OID) as the identification scheme An OID is an ordered sequence of non-negative integers written left to right, containing at least two elements Once a MIB module is published, OIDs are bound for all time to the objects defined Objects cannot be deleted Can only be made obsolete Even minor changes to an object are discouraged 10

11 SNMP Operations (v1, v2 & v3)
Get Get-next Get-bulk (SNMPv2 and SNMPv3) Set Get-response Trap Inform (SNMPv2 and SNMPv3) Report (SNMP2 and SNMPv3) 11

12 SNMP PDU Sequences Manager Agent GetNextRequest PDU GetRequest PDU
GetResponse PDU SetRequest PDU GetNextRequest PDU Trap PDU (a) Get values (b) Get next values (c) Set values (d) Send trap 12

13 SNMP Security Mechanisms - Summary

14 Summary – What is SNMP? A protocol to manage network agents
Communication is ASN.1/BER based MIBs define the managed objects Different versions of SNMP are available Security plays a major role in v3 but it is considered difficult to handle by users.

15 Test Aspects Single and multiple (table) values for the objects defined in the given MIB file(s) should be verified for type and value conformance Test the main operations for each version of the SNMP protocol that is being used GET/GET-NEXT/GET-BULK/SET Negative and positive tests Positive: e.g. GET a read-write object Negative: e.g. SET a read-only object Test the main operations within different security levels 15

16 Abstract Test Architecture for SNMP
SNMPv3 Testing: Basic Test Concept Configuration TTCN-3 Test System Convert MIB definitions to TTCN-3 and import them in TTCN-3 modules Act as a SMP Manager SNMP Transmission SNMP Entity Compile MIB definitions MIB document SNMP Agent SUT 16

17 Abstract Architecture for Testing SNMP jointly with other Protocols/Test Access
SNMP TTCN-3 Test System SUT SET (USM) SNMP Testing Module SNMP GET / GETNEXT GET BULK GET RESPONSE / TRAP Generic Test Access IP LPT WebService 17

18 Abstract Workflow Create the test components
Process MIBs Create the test components Create a TTCN-3 type system for messages Create test case templates Create test cases to test generic SNMP compliance Per defined OID create the relevant test templates Adapt the templates Use additional test access to enforce predictable SNMP values Execute the generated tests

19 TTplugin-SNMP Generated Artefacts
Pattern 1 Pattern 2 Pattern 3 Pattern 4 Pattern 5 Pattern 6 Pattern 7 MIB Test Cases Type System SUT

20 The Patterns Testing for type conformance Testing for values
T5, T6, T7 Testing for access rights T2, T4 Testing for values can be enhanced by value enforcement via additional test access Web Service, IP Packets,

21 The Complete Test System
Test Cases Type System TTworkbench Codec Port External Functions SUT

22 Summary & Outlook Summary Outlook
A test architecture as TTplugin-SNMP for testing SNMPv1,2,3 was developed Focus was on the seamless management of the different SNMP version and security mechanisms Test case templates that cover the main groups of tests for SNMP are defined and implemented in the framework A very powerful framework to quickly define test cases to SNMP agents and/or SNMP masters TTplugin –SNMP can also be used to manipulate SNMP manged system in non-SNMP testing context Outlook To generate more test cases based on generic patterns 22

23 Further information Fraunhofer FOKUS – MOTION Testing Technologies
Testing Technologies -> Testing-Technologies TTplugin-SNMP

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