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Netherlands by Ian. FUN FACTS The capital of The Netherlands is Amsterdam. The major cities in the Netherlands are Utrecht, Rotterdam, Delft, and Amsterdam.

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1 Netherlands by Ian

2 FUN FACTS The capital of The Netherlands is Amsterdam. The major cities in the Netherlands are Utrecht, Rotterdam, Delft, and Amsterdam. The population is 16,570,613 people. Their language spoken is Dutch. The government is the King and Queen and a monarchy. The Netherlands is famous for their tulips. The Netherlands provides most of Europe’s natural gas.

3 ECONOMY The Netherlands currency is the Euro. Crops grown in The Netherlands are potato plants, beet plants, wheat, sugar plants, lettuce, tomato, grapes, cucumbers, and barley. Imports in the Netherlands are food, gas, and many other supplies. Exports in the Netherlands are food, metal, gas, oil, crops, and many many more things. The Netherlands is a wealthy country. Jobs available are farming, food processing, metal working, banker, law firms, and a government officer.

4 GEOGRAPHY The climate in The Netherlands is snowy, rainy, windy, sunny, shady, cloudy, wet, mild, human, warm, breezy, and warm breezes. Land forms in the Netherlands are rivers, seas, plains, canals, mountains, hills, valleys, dunes, islands, oceans, and swamps. The Netherlands location is Northern Europe. The Netherlands is located in the continent Europe. Countries nearby the Netherlands are Germany, The United Kingdom, France, Belgium, and Luxemburg.

5 ANIMALS Animals in the Netherlands rodents are Eurasian Harvest mouse, Field vok, Root vole, Common Eurasian mouse, vole, European Pine vole, Common Door mouse, Yellow Necked field mouse, Long Tailed Field mouse, Eurasian beaver, and the Black Belled hamster. Dolphins, whales, and porpoises are the Grey dolphin, Bottle Nosed dolphin, Pygmy Sperm whale, Atlantic White Sided dolphin, White Beaked dolphin, North Atlantic Beaked dolphin, North Atlantic Right whale, Common Minke whale, Beluga whale, Common porpoises, Atlantic dolphin, Devil fish, and the Long Finned Pilot whale. Carnivores in the Netherlands are the Cross fox, Beech Marten, Common otter, badger, European Pine Marten, Ermine, European Polecat, European mink, Least weasel, Arctic wolf, and the Common seal. Even toed Ungulates in the Netherlands are the Roe deer, an Elk, and a wild boar. Bats in the Netherlands are the Particoloured bat, Bechstein’s bat, Brandt’s bat, Pond bat, Geoffroy’s bat, Greater Mouse Eared bat, Whiskered bat, Western Barbastelle bat, Matterer’s bat, Lesser Noctule bat, Noctule bat, Nathusius’s Pipstrelle bat, Common Pipstrelle bat, Northern bat, Brown Big Eared bat, Serotine bat, and the Gray Big Eared.

6 PLANTS Plants in the Netherlands are tulips, daisies, and dandelions. Trees in the Netherlands are pine trees, oaks, ferns, and apple trees.

7 TRANSPORTATION Transportation in the Netherlands is air planes, bicycle, busses, cars, and boats.

8 HISTORY The sports the Netherlands play are foot ball, soccer, bicycle races, and yatching events winter events are ice skating, and ice boating. Holidays in the Netherlands are Easter, Thanks giving, Ash Wednesday, Memorial day, and Christmas. Celebrations: The people in the Netherlands celebrate Easter, Thanks giving, Ash Wednesday, Christmas, Memorial day, and the celebration of the Queen’s birthday. The Netherlands Religions are Catholic, Wednesday, and protestant Memorial day. Traditions in the Netherlands are Festivals, Catholic, The common Catholic ecclesiastical authority is represented by Bishops.

9 FOOD AND DRINK Food and drinks in the Netherlands are traditional foods: pea soup, kale stew, hotch potch (a thick stew), white asparagus, French fries with mayonnaise, meat croquets, and raw herring. In the morning the Dutch consume several sandwiches with cheese, peanut butter, or chocolate sprinkles. Lunch consists of sandwiches, often with cold cuts and perhaps a small salad on the side. Diner is generally served between 5 and 7 pm. It is a three course meal that often begins with soup. The main dish usually contains a mixture of potatoes with vegetables and meat, fish, or poultry. This is followed by dessert. Chinese noodles, and Italian food have become part of the Dutch diet.

10 ARTS AND CULTURE The Netherlands art and culture: music is classical music, Jazz, popular and folk. At least one person in every family plays an instrument. Some people enjoy singing in choirs, as well.

11 FAMOUS PEOPLE Famous people in the Netherlands are saint Gerardus, Hooft, Cats, Huygens, Bredero, Rembrandt, Vemeer, and Joost Vonden Vondel.

12 MUSEUMS Anne Frank House, Amsterdam Anne Frank House Army museum, Delft Army museumDelft Aviodrome (Airplane museum), Lelystad AviodromeLelystad Boerhaave Museum, Leiden Boerhaave MuseumLeiden Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht Bonnefanten MuseumMaastricht Bijbels Museum, Amsterdam Bijbels MuseumAmsterdam Centraal Museum, Utrecht Centraal MuseumUtrecht Cobra Museum, Amstelveen Cobra MuseumAmstelveen Drents Museum, Assen Drents MuseumAssen Dutch Cavalry Museum (Cavaleriemuseum), Amersfoort Dutch Cavalry MuseumAmersfoort Dutch Railway Museum, Utrecht Dutch Railway MuseumUtrecht Escher in het paleis, The Hague Escher in het paleisThe Hague Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem Frans Hals MuseumHaarlem Fries Museum, Leeuwarden Fries MuseumLeeuwarden Gemeentemuseum, The Hague GemeentemuseumThe Hague

13 MORE MUSEUMS Groninger Museum, Groningen Groninger MuseumGroningen Het Domein, Sittard Het DomeinSittard Historisch Museum Den Briel, Brielle Historisch Museum Den BrielBrielle Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo Kröller-Müller MuseumOtterlo Kunsthal, Rotterdam KunsthalRotterdam Maritiem Museum, Rotterdam Maritiem MuseumRotterdam Mauritshuis, The Hague MauritshuisThe Hague Mohlmann Museum, Venhuizen Mohlmann MuseumVenhuizen Molen de Valk, Leiden Molen de ValkLeiden Museon, The Hague MuseonThe Hague Museonder, Hoge Veluwe National Park MuseonderHoge Veluwe National Park Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam Museum Boijmans Van BeuningenRotterdam National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden National Museum of AntiquitiesLeiden National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden National Museum of EthnologyLeiden Naturalis, Leiden NaturalisLeiden Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, Nederlands FotomuseumRotterdam NEMO, Amsterdam NEMOAmsterdam Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam Netherlands Architecture InstituteRotterdam Noordbrabants Museum, 's-Hertogenbosch Noordbrabants Museum's-Hertogenbosch Northern Maritime Museum, Groningen Northern Maritime MuseumGroningen Openluchtmuseum (historical buildings), Arnhem OpenluchtmuseumArnhem Polderhuis Westkapelle, Westkapelle Polderhuis WestkapelleWestkapelle Princessehof, Leeuwarden PrincessehofLeeuwarden Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam RembrandthuisAmsterdam Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam RijksmuseumAmsterdam Scheepswerf 'De Delft', Rotterdam (Delfshaven) (Historical shipyard / museum)Rotterdam Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam Nederlands ScheepvaartmuseumAmsterdam Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam Stedelijk MuseumAmsterdam Stedelijk Museum de Lakenhal, Leiden Stedelijk Museum de LakenhalLeiden Stedelijk Museum het Prinsenhof, Delft Stedelijk Museum het PrinsenhofDelft Teylers Museum, Haarlem Teylers MuseumHaarlem Valkhof museum, Nijmegen Valkhof museumNijmegen Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven Van AbbemuseumEindhoven Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Van Gogh MuseumAmsterdam

14 BIBLIOGRAPHY The books I used were Netherlands and two books whose titles are The Netherlands. The websites I used were Mrs. Turschmann’s blog, all about countries for kids, Yahoo kids about countries, every, and list of countries of the world,

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