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SPRAAKMAKENDE BOEKEN, 28 MAART 2013 HANS JANSEN Graham Swift Was je maar hier.

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1 SPRAAKMAKENDE BOEKEN, 28 MAART 2013 HANS JANSEN Graham Swift Was je maar hier

2 Graham Swift The Sweet Shop Owner Shuttlecock (Vederbal) Learning to Swim & Other Stories Waterland (Waterland) Out of This World (De Wereld uit) Ever After (Lang en gelukkig) Last Orders (Laatste ronde) The Light of Day (Het volle daglicht) Tomorrow (Morgen) Wish You Were Here (Was je maar hier)

3 Gedeelde thema’s Buurkinderen Moederloos Vader pleegt zelfmoord Kinderloos

4 Namen Jack (Dodds Last Orders; Luxton Wish You Were Here) Tom (Crick Waterland; Luxton Wish You Were Here) Dick (Crick Waterland) Freddie (Parr Waterland; Luxton Wish You Were Here) George (Webb The Light of Day; Luxton Wish You Were Here) Bill (Unwin Ever After) Ray (Last Orders) Vic (Last Orders)

5 Vertelperspectief Ik-verteller  Waterland (Tom Crick)  Ever After (Bill Unwin)  The Light of Day (George Webb)  Last Orders (Ray, Vince, Amy, Lenny, Vic, Mandy (1 keer Jack)  Tomorrow (Paula Hook)

6 Vertelperspectief Derde persoon (alwetende verteller)  Wish You Were Here  Jack,  Ellie  Major Richards, Derek Page, Dave Springer  Tom (1 keer)  The Robinsons

7 Titel Was je maar hier Wish You Were Here





12 John Denver: Postcards from Paris Dear friend of mine, the weather's fine. Today I saw some ruins of the Roman world's decline. And I climbed all those Spanish steps, you've heard of them no doubt. But Rome has lost its glory, I don't know what it's about. I wish you were here - when the shadows fall and all the rushing traffic's still. I wish you were here - when the bells are ringing on the seven hills. I make my way to a small cafe, I wonder what you did today. Wish you were here. Dear one at home, I just flew in from Rome. Paris is a postcard all decked out in colour chrome. And so I climbed the Eiffel Tower and prayed at Notre Dame. But I just can't find the romance, and I wonder why I came. I wish you were here - on the Champs Elysées lovers walking hand in hand. I wish you were here - they take one look at me and seem to understand. This city of light is a lovely site, the first bright star I see tonight. Wish you were here. Now I write this from the plane, drinking cheap champagne, and wondering why two people got so far apart. I wish you were here - here in London where the rain is pouring down I wish you were here - on this airplane headed back to New York Town. I'll never leave you alone again, I'm coming home but until then, wish you were here, I wish you were here. Wish you were here.

13 Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell, Blue skies from pain. Can you tell a green field From a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil? Do you think you can tell? And did they get you to trade Your heroes for ghosts? Hot ashes for trees? Hot air for a cool breeze? Cold comfort for change? And did you exchange A walk-on part in the war For a lead role in a cage? How I wish, how I wish you were here. We're just two lost souls Swimming in a fish bowl, Year after year, Running over the same old ground What have we found? The same old fears. Wish you were here.

14 boektitels Tom Holt, Wish You Were Here 1998 Nick Webb, Wish You Were Here (The official biography of Douglas Adams) Stewart O’Nan, Wish You Were Here, 2002 Mike Gayle, Wish You Were Here, 2007 Travis Elborough, Wish You Were Here (England on Sea) Film 1987, 2012 Musical

15 Wish You Were Here Het ideaal van de kust Brigwell Bay Isle of White: The Lookout Saint Lucia: Sapphire Beach

16 Sandshill Holiday Park

17 Isle of Wight

18 Wish You Were Here


20 The field Het weiland Het slagveld Het veld Barton Field DCM The soldier

21 Distinguished Conduct Medal

22 Rupert Brooke, The Soldier

23 The Robinsons en Barton Field P. 327 their “very own little piece of England” P. 357 ‘hun eigen kleine stukje Engeland’.


25 Poppies: klaprozen (en niet zoals de Nederlandse vertaling stelt roos)

26 In Flanders Fields In Flanders fields the poppies grow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie, In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields.




30 Luxton Luxton; naam typerend voor Devon. Luc’s tun (boerderij / nederzetting van Luc of Loc) Ellie: Luck-stone

31 Poppies Fallen heroes Repatriation day


33 Wootton Bassett

34 Verteltechniek Herhaling Variatie Opbouw

35 Hoe kon Jack nu zeggen wat hij gezegd had? (42) Hoe kon Jack dat nu hebben gezegd? Hoe kon Jack dat nu gezegd hebben? (44) Hoe kon Jack nu hebben gezegd wat hij gezegd had? (46) We moeten Saint Lucia nu maar afzeggen. (63) En daarna had Jack die opmerking gemaakt over Saint Lucia. (131)

36 Caravans Hoofdstuk 8 ‘Caravans,’ had Ellie gezegd. (p. 74) ‘Caravans, Jacko’ p. 74 ‘Caravans.’ p. 76 ‘Caravans’ p. 78 ‘Caravans, Jacko.’ p. 84 ‘Caravans’ p. 85

37 Verteltechniek Er komt geen einde aan de gekte

38 Madness “ There’s no end to madness” p. 1 “Was he going mad?” p. 217 “Now, with a great, unearthly howl that no one heard, he drove madly on.” p. 294 “Are you mad, Jack? Are you mad?” p. 299 … “she drove madly on.” p. 299 “Everything is mad now, everything is off its hinges” p. 300 “Jack drove madly on” p. 328

39 Ellie sits … 5 “Ellie sits in the wind-rocked, rain-lashed Cherokee, in the lay-by on the coast road at Holn Cliffs, thinking of her mother.” 24 “Ellie sits by Holn Cliffs, looking at the vanished postcard view.” 30: “Ellie sits in the lay-by near Holn, not driving anywhere.” 31: “Ellie sits by Holn Cliffs.” 34: “Ellie sits in the lay-by at Holn Cliffs, not admiring the view.”

40 36: “Ellie turns by the old chapel and makes the final climb to the cottage.”

41 Motto Are these things done on Albion’s shore? William Blake (1757-1827): A Little Boy lost (Songs of Experience, 1794)

42 William Blake Nought loves another as itself, Nor venerates another so, Nor is it possible to thought A greater than itself to know. 'And, father, how can I love you Or any of my brothers more? I love you like the little bird That picks up crumbs around the door.' The Priest sat by and heard the child; In trembling zeal he seized his hair, He led him by his little coat, And all admired the priestly care. And standing on the altar high, 'Lo, what a fiend is here! said he: 'One who sets reason up for judge Of our most holy mystery.' The weeping child could not be heard, The weeping parents wept in vain: They stripped him to his little shirt, And bound him in an iron chain, And burned him in a holy place Where many had been burned before; The weeping parents wept in vain. Are such thing done on Albion's shore?

43 Wish You Were Here Are these things done on Albion’s shore?

44 Wish You Were Here

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