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Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Overview of Education and Strategic Research at NTNU & Poland 2006 in Trondheim by professor Torbjørn Digernes Rector, NTNU.

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1 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Overview of Education and Strategic Research at NTNU & Poland 2006 in Trondheim by professor Torbjørn Digernes Rector, NTNU

2 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 NTNU & SINTEF campuses

3 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 NTNU key figures 52 departments in 7 faculties 20,000 registered students –about 8000 in engineering and science 2,500 degrees awarded a year 218 PhD degrees awarded 2005 – about 150 in engineering & science 4,000 employees Budget NOK 3.5 billion

4 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Ten subject areas Technology Science Humanities Social sciences Medicine Psychology Architecture Fine art Music Practical-pedagogical education EDUCATION

5 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Master Programmes in Technology Civil and environmental engineering Computer science Electronics Physics and mathematics Geophysics and petroleum engineering Industrial economics and industrial management Engineering science and ICT Energy and the environment Chemistry and biotechnology Communication technology Marine technology Materials technology Marine sciences Industrial design Engineering design and production Engineering cybernetics EDUCATION

6 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Science Biology Biomathematics Physics Geology Information technology Chemistry Mathematics and statistics Biotechnology EDUCATION

7 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 An international university – studies EDUCATION 23 international master’s programmes in English EU’s education programme Socrates – 245 agreements EU’s Leonardo da Vinci programme – 39 students NORDPLUS with 19 networks NORFA – Nordic Academy for Advanced Study NORAD’s grant programme The Ministry of Education and Research’s quota programme – 219 students Study centres at Caen, York, Kiel and St. Petersburg IAESTE 9 Marie Curie Training Sites (doctorate student exchange)

8 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 International Master Programmes MSc in Hydropower Development MSc in Petroleum Engineering/ MSc in Petroelum Geosciences MSc in Marine Technology MSc in Light Metals Production MSc in Industrial Ecology MSc in Urban Ecological Planning MSc in Geotechnics and Geohazards MSc in Project Management MSc in Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) MSc in Electrical Power Engineering Master of Engineering in Electrical Power Engineering MSc in Information Systems MSc in Coastal and Marine Civil Engineering MSc in Mathematics MSc in Medical Technology MSc in Exercise Physiology/Sports Sciences MSc in Condensed Matter Physics and Biophysics MPhil in Development Studies (Social Change) MPhil in Linguistics MPhil in English Language and Linguistics MPhil in Human Development MPhil in Maritime Archaeology MPhil in Childhood Studies Erasmus Mundus programmes MSc in Security and Mobile Computing MPhil in Applied Ethics

9 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Research – part of NTNU’s foundation The university’s fundamental strengths are technology and the natural sciences Broad academic base Interdisciplinary collaboration R & D

10 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Strategic focus 6 thematic strategic areas 3 Centres of Excellence 4 strategic transdisciplinary projects 14 Gemini Centres in collaboration with SINTEF The NTNU-SINTEF Gas Technology Centre FUGE – Functional Genome Research NTNU Nanolab NOTUR – The Supercomputing Project LIKT – Learning with ICT R & D

11 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 NTNU’s six strategic research areas Energy and Petroleum –resources and environment Medical Technology Materials Technology Marine and Maritime Research Information and Communication Technology Globalization R & D

12 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 NTNU Globalization Programme

13 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Innovation – NTNU’s objectives NTNU will stimulate entrepreneurship among students, staff and the wider community, and thus contribute to building up added value for Norway. Innovation is to be an integral part of the university’s three main areas of operation – education, research and dissemination. (NTNU Board decision, April 2001) INNOVATION AND INDUSTRY

14 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Innovation Gløshaugen Innovation Centre (now full, with 20 companies) Education in entrepreneurship (a.o. MSc in Technology on Entrepreneurship) NTNU Technology Transfer AS Help and support for people with ideas Idea search among academic groups Business plan competition (Venture Cup) INNOVATION AND INDUSTRY Results 2003: 30 business ideas suitable for commercialization 15 patents registered from NTNU 7 spin-off companies established from NTNU

15 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology Established in 1950 as the contract research organisation of NTNUs predecessor (Norwegian Institute of Technology – NTH)

16 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 SINTEF - Key figures 2002 Number of employees1749 –Scientists1236 –Engineers 173 –Technicians 109 –Administrative staff 231 Annual turnover1618 MNOK Turnover by funding category Strategic Programmes: 4.2 % Basic Grants: 3.2 % Research Contracts: 92.6 % - Industry : 50.1 % - Public Sector : 12.4 % - International : 14.5 % - Research Council : 9.0 % - Other funding : 6.6 %

17 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 SINTEF’s Research Divisions

18 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Partnership model – NTNU - SINTEF Joint use of laboratories and instruments SINTEF employees teach at NTNU NTNU-personnel working on SINTEF projects NTNU-personnel working on SINTEF projects Joint strategic projects NTNU and SINTEF: Internationally excellent together

19 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 «Poland 2006» Polish week in Trondheim 13. – 22. October broad cooperation in culture, research and business

20 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Poland 2006 Organizers: Culture 23 cultural institutions in Trondheim Research all faculties at NTNU Sintef Business Innovation Norway Mid-Norway Chamber of Commerce and Industry

21 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Poland 2006 Objectives Strengthen cooperation between Central Norway and Poland in culture, research and business Strengthen cooperation between NTNU and research groups in Poland Introduce Poland to Trondheim and Central Norway by presenting Polish art and culture, research and business Stimulate exchanges of students and researchers between Poland and NTNU

22 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Workshop: Energy and Environment Wednesday 18 October Together with Polish researhers, industry and politicians Parallel workshop sessions on selected issues Integrated use of coal and natural gas in the energy system Use of renewable energy Sustainable energy in buildings (efficient end use in the building sector)

23 Polen – 1-2 February 2006 Poland 2006 Dziekuje za uwage. Zapraszam do Trondheim na polski tydzien w pazdzierniku 2006.

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