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CAPHRI Day - April 3 rd 20122 Imagine...... I invite you to come to my house tonight! How could I guide you to get there? Think of any possibility...

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2 CAPHRI Day - April 3 rd 20122 Imagine...... I invite you to come to my house tonight! How could I guide you to get there? Think of any possibility... no limits!

3 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 20123 What if...... there are limits! You have: A tight budget Limited time Personal limits To learn how to get there yourself What would change in how I guide you to get there?

4 4CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 2012

5 5 Some facts Graduation rates for PhD Programmes – Delays are common  < 30% finishes within deadline – Some never graduate  4 – 16 % dropout estimate Causes for delay or dropout – Procedural problems  supervision, candidate aptitude – Practical problems  data collection, delimitation Ideas about supervision – Subject expertise is the most important factor – Peer exchange not necessary, unless you have issues

6 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 20126 Common PhD problems reasons for delay Productrelated – Tunnelvision - Lack of limitation – Lack of focus- Unclear about direction Processrelated – Timemanagement- Conflicting supervisors – Insecurity- Private issues – Relationship with supervisor

7 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 20127 Common supervision problems reasons for delay Lack of process management and coaching – Insufficient contact time – Only product related feedback Position of PhD candidate – Dependence – independence paradox – Candidate torn between conflicted supervisors Lack of commitment or interest – Cancelling appointments – Lack of active interest in PhD´s research track

8 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 20128 Points of Interest A good project start PhD candidate´s individual needs Relationship development with supervisor

9 A good start... CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 20129

10 10 A good project start Thorough recruitment and selection Thorough project plan Agreements and clarity on – formal structure – roles, expectations and responsibilities – moments of evaluation

11 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 201211 Range of development for PhD candidates Life stage Relationship with supervisor(s) Self-confidence Skills in research and writing Network Career development

12 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 201212 The need for guidance expected model time Project guidance 3 yrs supervisor PhD candidate Source: Heinze Oost

13 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 201213 PhD candidate motivation time motivation 3 yrs ideal reality Source: Heinze Oost

14 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 201214 Reality Paradox time Source: Heinze Oost 3 yrs PhD candidate supervisor

15 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 201215 Relationship Development Get to know each other – Personality, ambitions, competences, etc. – Be explicit on interdependency and stakes – Involve everyone in the project team Be aware of shifting needs for supervision – Quality and quantity Evaluate process and supervision regularly

16 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 201216 Practical Pitfalls Supervisor for supervision meetings Monologue on subject  not listening Focus solely on contents No meeting agenda Sudden shifts of advise, method or plans Shallow problem analysis Solution orientation  taking over Cancelling (parts of) meetings

17 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 201217 Quality Supervision... … is also process-oriented (not just product) … is based on expertise and personal relation … includes training on the job … is included in contract & planning … is available and committed (time, attention) … is sensitive to (changing) individual needs … includes regular evaluations

18 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 201218 How to supervise with results Learning approach to supervisor’s role Dedicate time and attention Follow the ‘Golden Rules’

19 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 201219 Learning Approach Share experiences with fellow supervisors – Organise intervision opportunities Actively search for feedback – Supervision on performance interview agenda Follow courses – UM Course: ‘Supervision of PhD Candidates’

20 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 201220 Ten Golden Rules for supervisors 1.Get to know your PhD candidate – as a person 2.Discuss mutual expectations regarding supervision 3.Make a project plan together with your PhD candidate 4.Separate responsibilities for the research project 5.Evaluate project plan as well as supervision – on a regular basis 6.Be available and reliable 7.Know that support needs may shift – no linear learning curve 8.Organise or stimulate peer support – for the PhD candidate 9.Share and open up your network 10.Share supervision experiences with other supervisors

21 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 201221 Ten Golden Rules for PhD Candidates 1.You’re stakeholder #1 in your project – be the captain of your ship 2.Discuss mutual expectations about supervision 3.Get an overview – make a project plan with your supervisors 4.Manage your time well – and make sure you do it your way 5.Work hard, play hard 6.Ask for what you need – and address it if you don’t get it 7.Make use of all available sources of support 8.Organise peer support 9.Invest in your future – build network, expand activities and skills 10.Remember you’re smart – Yes You Can!

22 CAPHRI Day - April 3rd 201222

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