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Some issues on Sustainability. *Video by RealEyesvideo via YouTubeRealEyesvideoYouTube.

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1 Some issues on Sustainability

2 *Video by RealEyesvideo via YouTubeRealEyesvideoYouTube

3 (Telos, 2002)


5 *Video by mallorcamorten via YouTubemallorcamortenYouTube

6 income hapiness The meaning of life?

7 Hapiness vs income Gemiddeld percentage geluk en tevredenheid met het leven als geheel Bron: Worldwatch Institute

8 About Leadership *Video by dereksivers via YouTubedereksiversYouTube

9  We need different leadership!  Who will bring us to dance sustainability?

10 *Video by GPIInstitute via YouTubeGPIInstituteYouTube

11 *Video by gunterpauli via YouTubegunterpauliYouTube

12 The concept of Turntoo Consumption by usage: With ®turntoo products are not consumed but used. Within ®turntoo the user will not be the product owner. The user only borrows the suitable raw materials in form of a product from the manufacturer and can make use of the performance: it is performance that counts. From product to service: The user only pays for the service that supplies the product and not the product itself. He buys light instead of lamps, heat instead of a boiler, etc.

13 Local currency *Video by andremiani via YouTubeandremianiYouTube

14 The lesson of Bernard Lietaer

15 Year of cooperatives 2012 *Video by TheCooperativeGroup via YouTubeTheCooperativeGroupYouTube

16 Koplopersloket Milestones 2015 Education and youth Companies and government Art and culture Natural Zeeland 2040 Ambassadors Natural Zeeland nu 2040 7 Zeeland Principles 1.Design human scale 2.Use renewable sources 3.Keep on innovating 4.Develop (with) natural values 5.Connect 6.Stimulate diversity 7.Involve all generations Local initiatifs and projects NATURAL ZEELAND

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