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WOMEN’S SHELTER IN ICELAND Hildur Guðmundsdóttir.

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1 WOMEN’S SHELTER IN ICELAND Hildur Guðmundsdóttir

2 Woman´s shelter in Iceland 1982 - 2012

3 • Too many women – house too small • Fund raising: “A button for all”! New house!


5 Studies on women of foreign origin that seek refuge at the Shelter • 2009 “I don´t know how I ended up here with this man”, a study on situations and experiences of women of foreign origin seeking refuge at the shelter similar to • Drömmen on det gode liv: en rapport om utenlandske kvinner, gift með norske menn, som måtte söke tilflukt på krisesentrene í 2001 and LOKK´s 2003 When dreams and hopes turn into nightmares: A report on violence committed by Danish men against foreign women and children.

6 2nd study • 2012 “Hard to be alone and also hard to be with him”, Where do women of foreign origin go after a stay in the Women’s shelter? How do they like the service? • Different situation based on origin. 43% of women from outside EEA are likely to go home to an unchanged situation against 25% of women from countries within the EEA. • Abstract in english available for those interested.

7 More attention to the children • Trial project: When police intervene in domestic violence a special social worker is called to attend the children at their home + follow up. • A study done by a university student to increase knowledge on children that are exposed to domestic violence and their stay in the Shelter.

8 Kiitos Takk Tak Tack

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