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Omställning mot Hållbar Utveckling - vår tids stora ledarskapsutmaning Göran Carstedt Stadsbyggnadsdagarna, Mars 25 2009.

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1 Omställning mot Hållbar Utveckling - vår tids stora ledarskapsutmaning Göran Carstedt Stadsbyggnadsdagarna, Mars 25 2009

2 Ledarskap Meningsfullt Lärorikt Värt människors fulla engagemang

3 Ledarskap Lösa vår tids utmaningar Skapa tillsammans

4 ”I think there are good reasons for suggesting that the modern age has ended. Today, many things indicate that we are going through a transitional period, when it seems that something is on the way out and something else is painfully being born. It is as if something were crumbling, decaying and exhausting itself – while something else, still indistinct, were arising from the rubble.” Vaclav Havel, Philadelphia 1994

5 The New World The electronic revolution – borderless, speed New Rules of the Game GC 1992

6 IT Information Technology Interaction Technology GC 1997

7 The New World The electronic revolution – borderless, speed New Rules of the Game New demographics – ageing babyboomers GC 1992

8 A Graying Planet ( Retirees per 100 workers 1975-2025)

9 The New World The electronic revolution – borderless, speed New Rules of the Game New demographics – ageing babyboomers New economics – prices down, capital abundant New lifestyles – global and local New psychology – people anxious GC 1992

10 GC 97 Old LogicNew Logic ThingsIdeas, knowledge

11 GC 97 ThingsIdeas, knowledge Old LogicNew Logic Newtonian Org. as machine Hierarchies Structure Boss Action Teaching Capital growth Info technology Market share Conquer Nature Quantum Org. as communities Networks Process Facilitator Interaction Learning People growth Interaction technology Mind share Harmony with Nature

12 Att se Världen med Nya Ögon

13 Från ett liv som mestadels organiserats åt oss GC 90

14 Från ett liv som mestadels organiserats åt oss En värld där vi alla måste skapa vår egen framtid GC 90

15 Framtiden … inte förutbestämd Skall skapas… GC 2000

16 Hur skall vi Organisera oss? Co-create Att skapa tillsammans

17 Vem skulle saknas oss om vi inte fanns?

18 En Meningsfull Uppgift Vi skall möjliggöra att … •Kunder … •Medarbetare … •Samhället …. •Aktieägarna ….

19 ”He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” (Nietzsche)

20 What is our company good for ? GC 1992 What is good for our company ? or

21 En Meningsfull Uppgift En av mänsklighetens starkaste drivkrafter

22 Dagens Ledarskapsutmaningar •Energi/klimatfrågan •Organisationsfrågan •…








30 Source: IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change

31 Past 400 000 years from ”the Vostok Ice Core” Year 2100 ”base case” 700 ppm X X 2004 375 ppm Global temperature and CO 2 change

32 Planet earth and population

33 ”We need a new way of thinking to solve the problems caused by the old way of thinking.” Albert Einstein

34 Living systems follow cycles Industrial-age systems do not Source: Peter Senge & Göran Carstedt, MIT Sloan Management Review, 2001

35 The new thinking is about •Creating desired futures •Back casting from sustainability principles •Cross border collaborations •Changing the rules of the game •Shifting attention and measurements to –Optimizing wholes – not parts –What is important – not what is measurable –Long term consequences – not only short term results GC 2005

36 The challenge Global GHG emissions • Must be reduced 50-85% by 2050 • To limit global warming to +2°C Source: IPCC (2007)

37 GHG Emissions – how are we doing? Global emissions 1970-2004: +70% 1990-2004: + 25% Business as usual2000-2030: +25-90% Source: IPCC

38 GHG Emissions 1990-2004 ChangeTotal Europe 15-0.6%4.2 bln tCO2eq Japan+6.5%1.3 bln tCO2eq USA+16%7.1 bln tCO2eq Australia+25%0.5 bln tCO2eq Source: UNFCCC, 2006 Kyoto objective -8%1990-2012:

39 Germany -18.7% UK-15.7% Sweden -7.4% Italy +12.1% Ireland +25.4% Spain+52.3% GHG Emissions Europe: 1990-2005 Source: EEA (2007)

40 Emissions – targets & commitments EU27: 20%2020 (1990) Germany:36%2020 (1990) UK:26%2020 (1990) France:25%2020 (1990) Sweden: 30% 2020 (1990) Japan6%2012 (1990)

41 CO2 Emissions per Person India1 (ton per year) China5 Sweden 7 Germany 10 USA/Canada20 World4 (can absorb 1,5)

42 Från ord till handling Några exempel

43 Lee Scott, Wal Mart

44 The environment is as Katrina – in slow motion “Environmental problems are our problems… There are not two worlds out there - a Wal Mart world and some other world…” Lee Scott, Wal-Mart Göran Carstedt 2007

45 What if we used our size and resources… “…To make this country and earth an even better place for all of us – customers, coworkers, our children, generations unborn. What would that mean? Could we do it?” Lee Scott, Wal-Mart Göran Carstedt 2007

46 Our environmental goals at Wal-Mart are from now simple and straightforward •To be supplied 100 % by renewable energy •To create zero waste •To sell products that sustain our resources and environment Göran Carstedt 2007

47 We will not be measured by our aspirations… “…We will be measured by our actions.” Lee Scott, Wal-Mart Göran Carstedt 2007

48 IKEA goes renewable! •Reduce energy consumption in 350 buildings by 25% against 2005 level •Remaining 75% energy = 100% renewable 1 st Deadline •2009: 60% of buildings to use renewables and be 15% more energy efficient •2009: all home delivery trucks to use clean fuels Göran Carstedt 2007

49 Levels of Commitment •Defensive- It is not our fault •Compliant- We’ll do only what we have to •Managerial- It’s the business •Strategic- It gives us a competitive edge •Civil- We need to make sure that everybody does it

50 Göran Carstedt 2007

51 Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) ”practical and measurable steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”

52 Concentrated Solar Power

53 40 member cities and 13 affiliates Göran Carstedt 2007

54 Clinton Climate Initiative- C40 •Retrofitting buildings •Waste to Energy •Transportation •Seaports/Airports •CO2 Footprint

55 Idrottsanläggningar 25-35% •Ishallar, badhus och idrottshallar förbrukar 1 Twh per år –Lika mycket som Umeå ca. 112 000 invånare •Investeringar på SEK 50 miljoner –Omedelbart minska 15% energianvändning = SEK 100 mln per år i 10 år –Driftider för ventilation & belysning, anpassning av luftflöden, kylmaskiner (Energimyndigheten)

56 Angelica Castro Rodriguez, Transmilenio Company, Bogota, C40 Transport Workshop, London Dec 2007

57 Göran Carstedt 2007

58 The science is there It is time to stop debating it and start dealing with it M Bloomberg, Mayor New York, 2006 Göran Carstedt 2007

59 New York City’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Citywide emissions +27% -30% 30 % reductions target for 2030 2005 Level Business as Usual forecast for 2030 MILLIONS OF eCO 2 TONS PER YEAR Source: PLAN YC – A GREENER, GREATER NEW YORK Göran Carstedt 2007

60 Innovation för ett Hållbart Samhälle •Nya produkter •Nya processer •Nya affärsmodeller •Nya samarbeten •Nytt sätt att tänka GC 2005

61 Green Jobs: Towards Decent work in a Sustainable, Low- Carbon World - UNEP, Sept 2008

62 The Appollo Alliance (NGOs, companies, United Auto Workers) •Five million new American jobs would be created by investing a total of $500 billion over the next ten years in cleantech and renewables. •Cut emissions by 30% by 2025 by which date a quarter of the country’s power needs would be met by renewables. Dec, 08

63 “My presidency will mark a new chapter in American leadership on climate change. Vigorously re-engage in international climate negotiations, and enact a US-wide GHG cap and trade system with annual emissions reduction targets.” - Barack Obama

64 Nike, Starbucks, Sun Microsystem, Timberland, and Levi Strauss launched Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy to lobby for “swift and aggressive” climate change legislation. Nov, 08

65 UK- Climate Change Act (Dec 2008) •First government to legally commit to reduce GHG by 80% by 2050 (Endorsed by the opposition) •Three five-year carbon budgets with statutory targets and audits (sep. committee) •Targets- interim/final, sector/technology, EU/UK, emission/offset •Secretary of state for Energy and Climate Change (Ed Milliband) •Estimated cost of 1-2% of GDP by 2050

66 Förändringskraft Göran Carstedt 2007

67 ”I was struck by the countries that won’t meet their Kyoto targets… They aren’t lazy, they aren’t stupid and they are not corrupt. They’re well-meaning, hard-working people who are, like all political leaders, facing all kinds of competing pressures in an economy that is not organized for tomorrow’s energy- it’s organized for yesterday’s.” - Bill Clinton, The Guardian, Aug 2008

68 What if we don’t have an environmental problem, school, health care, or a business problem… …but an institutional problem? GC 2001

69 What if… our organizations are not capable to deal with the complexities we are now meeting? GC 2001

70 What if organizations don't act like machines, but more like living communities? GC 2001

71 What if… change is less about reorganizing,restructuring and reengineering and more about reconceiving? GC 2001

72 GC 1997 What if people don’t mind change, but they do mind being changed?

73 What if people are not led by managers, but by good ideas ? GC 2001

74 Optimist or Pessimist?

75 The Industrial Revolution - transformed our society •no master plan •no starting/end point •not led by anyone •not an initiative of any political, governmental or religious body GC 2000

76 Industrial Revolutionen •The product of millions of small beginnings •A process of making things better •Outpouring of human creativity Changing Perceptions- among the many people GC 2000



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