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Dr. Thadeus Mkamwa St. Augustine University of Tanzania April, 2014 SUDET Workshop-University of Tampere.

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1 Dr. Thadeus Mkamwa St. Augustine University of Tanzania April, 2014 SUDET Workshop-University of Tampere

2 Identify major community services issues which have to be looked at in order to resolve social problems as shown in the video clip. VEEE

3  Young offenders  People with mental health conditions  School non-attenders (truants)  Drug and alcohol abusers  People with learning and physical disabilities  The homeless  The elderly  Orphanages  Child headed houses  Early pregnancies

4  The life expectancy-below 51 years average  Decline in infant and under five mortality, BUT overall Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and prevalence of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis still high  Intervention-Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT), Counselling and Testing, distribution of Insecticide Treated Nets, health care to orphans, the elderly etc.  Challenge: Increased social worker workload



7  Uncontrolled population growth  Socio-cultural changes, HIV/AIDS pandemic and poor socio- economic trends  The situation: welfare services are in great demand due to these increasing social problems, which are exacerbated by poverty, and the effects of HIV/AIDS


9  Specific problems which need social welfare services interventions including:  Child labour, early pregnancies, child abuse, child neglect and family rejection  Alcohol and drug abuse, increasing levels of destitution, commercial sex (prostitution), cases of sexual assault

10  Households headed by children and /or elderly people  Family disintegration, marriage breakages, number of street children, number of orphans, vulnerable children  Widows/widowers, elderly (aging), human trafficking especially children


12  The shortage on the social welfare staff  Decentralization Policy: Social Welfare services to be rolled out to the lower levels (Previously Social Welfare services were rendered at Central and Zonal level only)  The government policy of 2002 which does not allow standard seven leavers to be employed as social workers

13  Scheme of services does not allow employment of lower level Social Welfare cadres including the certificate and diploma level  These cadres are trained at the Institute of Social Work Dar es Salaam but in most cases are employed by the private sector employed in the government facilities

14  The Government operates decentralized health system, i.e., three functional levels:  District (Level I),  Regional (Level II) and  Referral hospitals (Level III)  Community Based Social Work is practical:  It is offered from the village level  Reduces bureaucracy in implementation  Principle of subsidiarity-decentralization

15  Lack of sources of financial services (esp. rural areas)  High information barriers, infrastructure, women being neglected  Poor linkages with the formal sectors  Bureaucracy in reaching out to the poor  Poor accessing the national services in the economy

16  CB Social work - inclusion of the youth (and low- income earners)  Make available and accessible financial services and opportunities to the youth  CB-SW makes the services cost effective, fair and transparent  Mainstream the youth, women, low income earners in the national welfare services agenda

17  Enhancement of quality of life and wellbeing of vulnerable individual, groups and families  Early childhood care and development  Transformation of social welfare services: Accessible, Available, Affordable, Approachable  Enhances: subsidiarity and collegiality

18  SAUT & Western Ontario University: local women’s groups on a sustainable nutrition focused social-enterprise based on probiotic yoghurt  These micro-enterprises have economically empowered women  A means for women to facilitate health within their communities  Enhanced the local economy- the probiotic yoghurt is helpful for people living with HIV/AIDS and nutritionally compromised

19  Under the leadership of Kivulini, NIMR, SAUT, BMC and CUHAS -establishment of:  Micro-enterprises which have grown from three to ten community (probiotic yoghurt) kitchens in Mwanza  Since 2012, approximately 4000 people have been purchasing the probiotic yoghurt or receiving it free of charge as beneficiaries living with HIV/AIDS

20  Probiotic bacteria has been shown to build immune response, and reduce diarrheal diseases that occur because of prolonged use of antibiotics, ARV’s and HIV/AIDS itself  As a nutritious food supplement, the probiotic yoghurt would be an ideal addition to the management of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania  Increase food security  Secure the future of children and youth  Stimulate sustainable economic growth

21  Tanzania Institute of Social Work (ISW)  Strengthen the Tanzania’s social welfare workforce and to strengthen the social work profession in Tanzania  Goal 1: Organizational development, advocacy, recruitment and retention and establishing a regulatory framework  Goal 2: Establishment of national Social Work Council to regulate the social work profession  Goal 3: Enhance continuing education for SWs

22  The national professional association for social workers in Tanzania  TASWO is non-profit and nongovernmental and was established and registered in May 1982 with a registration no. SO 629  TASWO: professional liaison body which incorporates National, Regional and International associations  Furthering the development of social work professional values, ethics and interests

23  Registration and regulation of social workers  Ensure actors are informed of the needs and objectives the Social Work profession  Recognition of the profession of social work  Preventing the use of unqualified staff  Provide public protection-get services from qualified social work staff  Recognition of a statutory accreditation authority of institutions which offer SW training

24  The AIHA (American International Health Alliance (AIHA)  Social Work Program expanded in 2010 Involves strengthening of social work education by standardizing and harmonizing BSW and MSW programs in potentially twelve institutions in Tanzania  Tanzania Emerging Schools of Social Work Education Program (TESWEP)  Partnership with JACSW/MATEC of the University of Illinois in Chicago

25  Hyena Square - Published on Mar 14, 2014 on Youtube  Hyena Square (2007): Hyena Square in Dar Es Salaam is a hang out for Tanzania's young prostitutes For downloads and more information visit

26  Open Data for Africa: g/tanzania-country-outlook-economic- business-environment-and-health-sector  Vinisha Venugopal (2014). African Development Bank Group  World Development Indicators and Global Development Finance (September, 2011)  World Population Prospects. The 2010 Revision. (Updated June, 2011)

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