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KDE vs. Ximian (Gnome) Desktop Environment Comparison 7/16/2002 Aaron Gilmer.

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1 KDE vs. Ximian (Gnome) Desktop Environment Comparison 7/16/2002 Aaron Gilmer

2 Table of Contents •Introduction •Why the need? •Recall this… •Packages •Brief History •Screenshots •Conclusion

3 Why the need? •X Windows System - provides the basis of graphical programming •Window Manager - allows multitasking, and window resizing. •Desktop Environment – allows a consistent front end to programs. Tools, accessories, menus, and interoperability/connectivity between programs.

4 Why the need? •User perspective: The short answer is you don’t need any other alternatives. You can simply use the X graphical interface. The counter perspective is that other Desktop Environments are nicer/cleaner to use. •Developer perspective: Programming to X11 interface is complicated. Desktop environments such as CDE, KDE and Gnome have their own programming interface, tool set, etc to make application programming easier.

5 Recall this….

6 KDE Packages •Arts: Analog realtime synthesizer and sound daemon •KDE-Libs: Various run-time libraries •KDE-Base: The base components (window-manager, desktop, panel, Konqueror) •KDE-Network: KMail, KNode, KNewsticker, Kppp,... •KDE-Pim: KAddressbook, KOrganizer, KPilot,... •KDE-Graphics: Graphics applications such as KDVI, KGhostview, KPaint, KFax,... •KDE-Multimedia: Noatun, KMidi, KSCD,... •KDE-Utilities: KEdit, KCalc, KHexEdit, KNotes,... •KDE-Edu: Edutainment related programs •KDE-Games: KAsteroids, KPat, KTetris,... •KDE-Toys: Fun stuff •KDE-Addons: Addons for Konqueror, Kate, Kicker and Noatun •KDE-Artwork: Additional icons, styles, wallpapers, screensavers and window decorations •KDE-Admin: Various tools to aid system administration •KDE-SDK: Script and tools which simplify development of KDE applications •KDevelop: C/C++ Integrated Development Environment •KOffice: Integrated office suite

7 Gnome Packages •Ximian Evolution Integrated email, calendar, address book, and to-do list manager, interoperable with leading email systems •Open Office 1.0 (StarOffice) Microsoft-compatible word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and business diagram applications (Professional Edition only) •AbiWord The popular open source word processing solution (AbiWord Home)AbiWord Home •GNUmeric Powerful open source spreadsheet (Gnumeric Home)Gnumeric Home •Mozilla The standard Web browser for Linux systems and the basis for new versions of Netscape (Mozilla Home)Mozilla Home •GIMP Powerful and extensible graphics editing tool (GIMP Home)GIMP Home •GnuCash Complete personal financial management (GnuCash Home)GnuCash Home •Dozens of other third-party applications Instant messaging (GAIM), chat (X-Chat), multimedia (XMMS), digital camera management (gPhoto) and more •Ximian Red Carpet The all-in-one solution for software installation, updating, version maintenance and software dependency resolution that automatically keeps your workstation current and keeps you working

8 History •KDE was founded in October 1996founded •Gnome Project was initated in by Miguel de Icaza, 1997 •Ximian was founded in October of 1999 and funded by venture capitol firms (before the market cash): –Charles River Ventures –Battery Ventures






14 Programming •KDE was written in C++ (Qt). –Qt was designed to create a tied library with C++. •Gnome was written in C ( Gtk+). –Gtk was designed to create easy bindings. •Gnome created the Bonobo component system (based upon CORBA) to provide modularity without the need for C++.

15 References •Ximian Corporate Website – •Gnome Website – •KDE Website – •KDE vs GNOME site (CERN) – •GNOME vs. KDE in open source desktops –,,12077_629891,00.html,,12077_629891,00.html

16 Conclusion •The End. •Any questions?

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