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Chapitre 4 La famille et la maison

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1 Chapitre 4 La famille et la maison
Le français I Chapitre 4 La famille et la maison

2 La famille

3 La famille

4 Le père, la mère, la fille, le fils

5 Le père et sa fille visitent au zoo.

6 La mère et son enfant

7 Les enfants

8 Le frère et ses sœurs

9 Un grand-père fait une randonnée avec son petit-fils.

10 La grand-mère aime son petit-fils.

11 Le chien

12 Le chat (Le chaton=kitten)

13 Les maisons et les appartements

14 Paris living Paris is divided into “arrrondissements,” or districts. The city is divided into arrondissements in the pattern of a snail shell. The first arrondissement is in the center. Look at to see the layout of the arrondissements with the famous monuments labeled. (Look at the numbers on the red boxes to determine what is in that arrondissement. Discuss: In which arrondissement would you like to live? Why? Do you think it would be expensive?

15 Le quartier latin à Paris http://www. aaccessmaps

16 La maison Go to the site
Click Acheter. Check Maison. Prix max - try Nombre de pièces Code postal/vlle - try Paris, then pick another city like Toulouse or Lille. Take a few minutes to check out the options. Compare the differences between our houses & French houses. La maison

17 Un immeuble Top floor - le quatrième étage (4th floor)
Le troisième étage (3rd floor) Le deuxième étage (2nd floor) Le premier étage (1st floor) Le rez-de-chaussée (ground floor - generally has a shop or café)

18 Un appartement Go to the site Check appartment - this is for a rental (louer), so put 3000 in the max euros. 2 pièces. Paris. Change the money &/or the city and see what else you could get. In this photo, an apartment would have 2-4 windows. The higher apartments are more expensive because of the better views.

19 Un clavier à code Many apartment buildings have entry code boxes for added security. The tenant must enter <<une code>> to enter.

20 La salle de séjour

21 La cuisine

22 La salle à manger au palais de Versailles

23 La chambre à coucher

24 La salle de bains

25 Le garage

26 Le balcon Most apartments have a balcony. Some are very ornate.
Many people open the doors to circulate air, since most apartments don’t have air conditioning. People also go out to their balcony to people watch.

27 Une terrasse Houses generally have <<une terrasse,>> a patio or terrace. Est-ce qu’il y a un arbre? Et des fleurs?

28 Not all apartment buildings have an elevator
Not all apartment buildings have an elevator. (Very important to know if you have to carry groceries up to the 4th (our 5th) floor!) Those that have an elevator may have one similar to this, or it may have a more modern one. The old elevators have a metal barred door that you pull across. They are very small and creak as they ascend. I love them! They have character. Un ascenseur

29 Un escalier Apartment buildings always have staircases. In many of the older buildings, they are wooden or marble spiral staircases. Any staircase is called un escalier.

30 Une station de métro à Paris
Metro/subway station entrance Entrances in the Art Nouveau style were created by Hector Guimard from 88 like this still remain around Paris

31 http://www. hgtv. com/hgtv/pac_ctnt_988/text/0,,HGTV_22056_68579,00
Click on the link House Hunters International Video: Paris Dreams A couple looks for an apartment in Paris.

32 Les devoirs Page cent quatorze
Ex 1 - translate the sentences into English #1 Is Mrs. Senghor the wife of Mr. Senghor? Ex 2 - Answer in a complete sentence in French. #1 Francine a quinze ans. Ex 3 - Short answer. #1 mon oncle Ex 4 - short answer (a,b,c)

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