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An Introduction to Keeping Chickens

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1 An Introduction to Keeping Chickens

2 Food4Macc Choice of Birds Rhode Island Red Light Sussex Hybrids Rhodie-Sussex Thornber 404 Warrens, Shavers, Novo Brown

3 Food4Macc Choice of Birds You Dont Need a Cockerel (and dont be palmed off with one!)

4 Food4Macc Qty Age (Weeks) 16171819202122+ 0 - 4 £ 7.40 5 - 11 £ 6.40 12 - 19 £ 5.95 £ 6.05 £ 6.15 £ 6.25 £ 6.35 20 - 39 £ 5.65 £ 5.75 £ 5.85 £ 5.95 £ 6.05 40 - 99 £ 5.25 £ 5.35 £ 5.45 £ 5.55 £ 5.65 £ 5.75 100+ £ 4.80 £ 4.90 £ 5.30 £ 5.40 £ 5.50 £ 5.60 Price of Novo Brown Point of Lay Pullets Vaccinated/ medicated against: Marrecks Salmonella EDS (Egg Drop Syndrome) IB (Infectious Bronchitis) Newcastles disease TRT/SHS (Turkey Rhino Tracheitis/Swollen Head Syndrome) ILT (Infectious Laryngotracheitis) IBD (Infectious Bursal Disease)/Gumboro Coccidioses

5 Food4Macc Other Breeds available from £10 - £30 each

6 Food4Macc Leek Market – Poultry Sale days Poultry Sales at 9.30 Saturday 12th OctoberStore Cattle & Poultry. Saturday 26th OctoberStore Cattle & Poultry. Saturday 9th NovemberStore Cattle & Poultry. Saturday 23rd November Poultry & Caged Birds. Saturday 7th DecemberStore Cattle & Poultry. Saturday 21st DecemberPoultry & Caged Birds.

7 Food4Macc Local Suppliers

8 Food4Macc Commercially available houses : Omlet Egloo from £450 Note mesh over ground to keep out predators

9 Food4Macc Commercially available houses :

10 Food4Macc Commercially available houses

11 Food4Macc Commercially available houses : £85 on line

12 Food4Macc


14 A Place to Live This 2 nd hand 7x5 garden shed sleeps 22 birds

15 Food4Macc A Place to Live This 2 nd hand 7x5 garden shed sleeps 22 birds 20 cm of perching per bird Feeder & Drinker suspended off the floor Nest Boxes Wood shavings from local Joiner

16 Food4Macc A Place to Live This 2 nd hand 7x5 garden shed sleeps 22 birds

17 Food4Macc The Run At least 1 square metre per bird Provide some shelter from sun, wind and rain Scratching in flower and veg beds can be a problem Hens love to eat your Swiss Chard / Spinach

18 Food4Macc The Run

19 Food4Macc The Run Rabbit / Chicken Netting BS443 1050 x 31 x 19g 50m £41.75 1050 x 31 x 18g 50m £70.14 1200 x 31 x 19g 50m £55.11 1200 x 31 x 18g 50m £81.83 1800 x 50 x 19g 50m £80.00 Posts 1.5 x 75 x 75mm (5 x 3 x 3) £3.53 1.8 x 75 x 75mm (6 x 3 x 3) £4.23 2.1 x 75 x 75mm (7 x 3 x3) £4.93 2.4 x 75 x 75mm (8 x 3 x 3) £5.48 3.0 x 75 x 75mm (10 x 3 x 3) £7.05 Prices Plus VAT, but less Retail Discount: £100 - 10% £200 - 20% £300 - 30% £400 - 40%

20 Food4Macc The Weather Hens dont like to be too hot, so provide them with some shade from the sun and keep their house well ventilated. They are quite tolerant of cold, but watch out for water drinkers freezing up. An outdoor sun shade will also protect them from rain. A wind break can be useful if you are in an exposed area

21 Food4Macc What if you are not there? If you go out in the evening, before your hens have gone to roost, they need to be shut up. Or If your hen run is fox proof, you can leave them to their own devices What if you go away for a few days? You could stock them up with food and water for a couple of days, but really you need someone to call and check them every day (in exchange for the eggs?)

22 Food4Macc Food and Drink £6.50£5 Health Care £10 Regularly turn your birds up side down and dust their bottoms and arm pits with mite powder. Worming powder can be added to their feed.

23 Food4Macc Feeding £8 per 20kg bag Kitchen Scraps? There is blanket ban on feeding kitchen waste to chickens. This is to avoid the risk of their food coming into content with animal proteins which may be contaminated with for example Salmonella. This is true for vegetarian households too, but vegans are exempted. kitchen-scraps-pet/ Layers Pellets contain a fully balanced diet that should need no supplementation with calcium sources such as shell grit. We scatter some loose grain on the ground to encourage scratching, but this should be given after they have stoked up on layers feed.

24 Food4Macc Cleaning Most of the droppings are produced when roosting, so they fall in a neat line. We collect the droppings each day, and replace the whole bedding every few weeks

25 Food4Macc Wing Clipping If the birds fly out of your run, you can clip their wings. Some people clip only one wing, Some clip out alternate flight feathers, And some clip both wings.

26 Food4Macc Economics Cost of the bird£7 Food for a year£28 Total Costs£35 Egg Sales 300 eggs = 25 dozen @ £3 per doz£75 Profit in the first year£40 Less expenses: Equipment, Bedding, Louse Powder,??? - and your time? 2hrs a week????

27 Food4Macc Daylight: 15-16 hours a day for maximum production

28 Food4Macc Selling Eggs You can avoid registering with the Defras Egg Marketing Inspectorate (EMI). If you have less than 50 hens and, You sell only direct to customers, and not via an intermediary. Price You can see free range eggs advertised at between £2 - £3 per dozen.

29 Food4Macc Cleaning Eggs Egg shells are porous. Wetting outside can allow any bacteria present on the surface to move through the shell. So try to remove dirt with a dry green pan scrubber first. If you have to wet them, use warm water so that the egg contents expand pushing outwards. Dry them off quickly

30 Food4Macc Storing Eggs Egg shells are porous. Moisture forming on the outside can allow any bacteria present on the surface to move through the shell. Eggs are not refrigerated by producers or retailers, to avoid the possibility of condensation forming on the shells when they are carried home after purchase. Eggs will keep for about 28 days at room temperature, but because home kitchens are often humid, and heat up & cool down, we are commonly told to keep them in a fridge after purchase.

31 Food4Macc This Photo-electric winch pulls the door open in the morning and lowers it at night Bed Time

32 Food4Macc Things you didnt know you needed

33 Food4Macc More Information (click pictures for websites) Keeping Chickens a Beginners Guide website

34 Food4Macc Tel:- 07824 860 566 Leave your e-mail address if you would like to keep up to date with developments.

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