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Water Rockets!.

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1 Water Rockets!

2 Task To design and construct:
A bottle rocket missile: you will design a rocket as high as possible An “eggstronaut” bottle rocket: design and launch a rocket carrying a raw egg into space and back again!

3 Specifications Rockets Must:
Be made of pop bottles—2 liter bottles seems to work best. Bring from home. Have the three main components of a rocket (nose cone, body, fins) Rockets must fit launch mechanism Have a Recovery mechanism (eg. Parachute) for eggstronaut Have a mechanism to insert and extract the egg Colourful & Well decorated.

4 Materials Provided Fin materials--plywood Paint Hot Glue
Egg (on launch day) Strings Cardboard for cone (You can bring anything else needed)

5 Build Process Think of how you would like to build your rocket. Make many sketches (at least 6) Draw out your rocket. In your drawing, detail what kind of materials you will need, and who is going go bring what. Make your drawing colorful and detail how you would decorate it. Show your instructor—get the okay to build.

6 Build Sketch

7 Examples

8 Examples

9 Examples

10 Examples

11 Examples

12 Examples

13 Examples

14 Examples

15 Examples

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