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SCIENCE OLYMPIAD Egg-O-Naut – C 2009-10 CeAnn Chalker

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1 SCIENCE OLYMPIAD Egg-O-Naut – C 2009-10 CeAnn Chalker

2 Egg-O-Naut Teams will design, construct, and launch rockets carrying an Egg-O- Naut to stay aloft the greatest amount of time without breaking the Egg-O-Naut

3 General Info 2 rockets are prebuilt by team members Rockets must be made out of a 2- liter or smaller plastic carbonated beverage bottle Inside diameter of nozzle of approximately 2.2 cm Only ONE 2 liter or smaller plastic carbonated bottle will be used as the pressure vessel for each rocket

4 Construction - Rocket Label must be presented if removed Structural integrity of pressure vessel may not be altered. Ex: Physical damage Thermal damage Chemical damage Safety check will be done

5 Construction -Rocket Adhesives that may be used to attach components to the pressure vessel are limited to: Tape Glue Silicone Polyurethane based Others that do not damage the structural integrity of the pressure vessel

6 Construction - Rocket No commercial model rocket parts Rockets launched using launcher provided by the supervisor All parts must be 5 cm above the level of the bottle’s opening (nothing may break this plane)(no tethering allowed) Only water/air pressure will be used for energy to the rockets

7 Construction Recovery System Any recovery system is allowed with the following exception: Potential or kinetic sources may be used in the recovery system but must be in their lowest energy state at launch

8 Construction – Egg portion Grade A large raw egg Egg must be easily removed Egg may not be altered Egg will be marked by Event Supervisor Egg portion of rocket may separate from the pressure vessel, must be a different color than rocket

9 Competition Walk in event Wear safety glasses Students will add water, load egg, launch, and retrieve their rockets 10 minutes to launch 1 or 2 rockets (only 1 launch per rocket) Rockets launched before time expires will be scored

10 Competition Cont’d Rocket will be launched at 75 psi Once rocket is pressurized, no one may touch or approach the rocket Timing ends when the Egg-O-Naut or portion of the rocket containing the egg touches the ground or comes to rest on anything

11 Competition Cont’d Teams must retrieve their rockets and immediately show the capsule with the egg to the event inspector Capsule or wrapping must be opened in the presence of an event official.

12 Scoring Greatest time aloft Plus – bonus seconds for Egg-O- Naut capsule separation Plus – bonus for Egg-O-Naut survival Team’s score will be the highest score of either rocket

13 Scoring Bonuses Egg-O-Naut or portion of rocket that contains the egg detaches from the pressure vessel = 3 seconds bonus Surviving egg = 15 second bonus Nonretrievable egg = 0 bonus

14 Violations Safety violations (including no goggles) will not launch and receive only participation points Other construction violations will be ranked below other teams.

15 Tie Breakers Tie breaker Better score of the shorter flight

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