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Writing with Style Using Sequencing Words

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1 Writing with Style Using Sequencing Words
How-To Writing Writing with Style Using Sequencing Words Teacher Page

2 Teacher Page Preparation: Print slide 5 for students prior to lesson.
Provide students with sticker labels or paper cut-outs and glue.

3 Writing with Style Word Choice is very important when writing. You should choose words that will make your writing more interesting or more readable for the reader. When writing a “How-to” paragraph, it is important to choose words that show the sequence, or order, of the steps for the reader.

4 What sequence words do you know?
Brainstorm some sequence words and write each word on a sticker label or paper cut-out. Then, read the paragraph on the next slide, “How to Make Boiled Eggs.”

5 How to Make Boiled Eggs You need a pan, hot water, one or more eggs Pour the hot water into the pan and let it boil on the stove Put the eggs into the boiling water Let them sit for about 10 minutes Take the eggs out Let them cool for about 5 minutes If they’re still hot, let them cool for about 3 more minutes Get a plate and a spoon Peel off the eggshells and eat the eggs with a little salt and pepper That is how to make boiled eggs.

6 Critique the Paragraph:
What do you think about the writer’s word choice in “How to Make Boiled Eggs”? What’s missing? Are there sequencing words to help you follow the steps?

7 Revise the paragraph: Let’s help the writer.
Use the sequencing words that you brainstormed to help revise the paragraph. Stick or glue the sequencing words that fit best in the paragraph. Write any other sequencing words that you feel will improve the paragraph.

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