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By Cassie Nousen and Brian Kinaschuk

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1 By Cassie Nousen and Brian Kinaschuk
Animals By Cassie Nousen and Brian Kinaschuk

2 Directions Click around to see a review about animals. If you are unsure what a word means click on it for the definition. If you would like to see if any other categories of animals have the same characteristics (egg-laying for example) click on the box to the right of the word. Have fun!

3 Main Menu Amphibians Mammals Reptiles References Game Aves (Birds)
Pisces (Fish)

4 Mammals Warm Blooded Covered with hair or fur Don’t lay eggs
Provide milk for their babies Fertilize internally Previous Main menu

5 Amphibians Lay eggs Cold blooded Fertilize externally
Live on land or in water Main menu Previous

6 Reptiles Reptiles Cold Blooded Fertilize internally Have scales
Lay eggs Previous Main menu

7 Pisces (Fish) Live only in water Have scales Lay eggs
Fertilize externally Cold Blooded Previous Main Menu

8 Aves (Birds) Have feathers Warm blooded Lay eggs
Internal Fertilization Previous Main Menu

9 Warm Blooded When an animal is warm blooded, it means that the temperature of their blood stays almost the same temperature all the time. For example a human’s blood will almost always be 98.6 degrees. Unless a person is ill, the internal temperature will remain within one or two degrees of the constant temperature (98.6) Main Menu Previous

10 Cold Blooded An animal is cold blooded when their blood stays the same temperature as the water or air around them. So as the water or air temperature changes, so does their blood temperature. Main Menu Previous

11 Fertilize internally When animals fertilize internally, it means that both the male and female have to be present in order for the babies to be made. Main Menu Previous

12 Fertilize Externally Both the male and female don’t have to be present at the same time to make babies. For example, a female fish may drop all her eggs then a couple hours later the male fish may come fertilize the eggs. Main Menu Previous

13 All cold blooded animals
Fish Amphibians Reptiles Previous

14 All warm blooded animals
Mammals Aves (Birds) Previous

15 All animals with scales
Pisces (Fish) Reptiles Previous

16 All animals who lay eggs
Pisces (Fish) Aves (Birds) Reptiles Amphibians Previous

17 All animals that have live births
Mammals Previous

18 All external fertilizers
Pisces (Fish) Amphibians Previous

19 All internal fertilizers
Mammals Aves (Birds) Reptiles Previous

20 References (Game) Campbell, Neil A., Jane B. Reece, Eric J. Simon. Essential Biology with Physiology. Pearson, 2004.

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