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Office of Student Success Enrollment Information Services Manager, Gina Fogelsonger 989-774-2442

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1 Office of Student Success Enrollment Information Services Manager, Gina Fogelsonger

2 OSS – Enrollment Information Services Mission Provide data-driven performance metrics and reporting in collaboration with faculty and staff across campus to help drive developments that lead to user-friendly, self- service information services to further student success and the CMU student experience. Technical Collaborations Our work priorities are driven by ESS in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Research and the Office of Information Technology to drive technical and process efficiencies.

3 Current Projects Real-Time Retention Dashboards Relative Risk Index & Reporting Enrollment Gap Reporting and Dashboards Student Progress Reporting Time to Degree Forecasting Dashboards Data and Systems Integration Support Talisma/CRM Implementation OSS – Enrollment Information Services Services Dashboards – At-a-glance views of of key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to ESS initiatives. Analytics can include summaries, trends (like monthly progress or year over year), and comparisons with the ability to slice-n-dice and/or drill into based on variables such as campus, college, or major. Reports –Detailed information such as targeted student lists based on a business need. These reports can include attributes such as contact information, holds, Semester Attempted/Earned, overall GPA, majors/minors/AOIs, etc.. These may, or may not, be tied to the dashboard KPI overviews. Analytics and Statistical Analysis – Discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. This can be a one-time activity or may lead to automated Dashboard and/or Report development.

4 OSS – Enrollment Information Services Example: Re-enrollment Campaign Reports – Currently in Progress Re-enrollment campaigns are initiated to identify and reach out to students who are eligible to re-enroll but havent re-enrolled based on their first available registration window. Provided Daily through Registration Window: List of Students not re-enrolled for Fall 2014 by # Credits Earned with Holds information Re-enrollment progress

5 OSS – Enrollment Information Services What does this mean for you? –Do you have ideas for reports or dashboards? –Is there data that would inform your organization that is not available to you today or is difficult to obtain? –Does your organization have multiple reports with different pieces of information that would be handy as just one report? –All ideas are good ideas! –Feel free to contact us even if just to bounce ideas around.

6 OSS – Enrollment Information Services Please feel free to contact me anytime! Gina Fogelsonger Manager, Enrollment Information Services Office of Student Success

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