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CRM with Andar Réal R. Bédard President

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1 CRM with Andar

2 Réal R. Bédard President

3 Agenda Tools for CRM Prospecting Strategies Circle of Friends KPIs 3 Leading The Way To Community Impact

4 Tools for CRM Basic Andar –Dashboards –Communications –Prospecting –Sequential Plans

5 Tools For CRM MIG –Advanced Dashboards & Filters –Advanced Prospecting –Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) –Ranking / Segmentation –Circle of Friends –Workflow Plans and much more…

6 Tools For CRM Outlook Connector –e-Mail Integration –Contacts –Calendar / Appointments –Plans / Tasks –Mobile Forwarding

7 Tools for CRM i-Access –View Dashboards and Bio Tabs –Add Communication Logs –Complete Account Surveys –June/2015 Information maintenance Extensive linking (incl. from reports) Bookmarks, Recent, gadgets

8 Tools for CRM Executive Plus – Advanced Users –Custom SQL Queries –DMO to Dashboards –Donor Analytics (DonorSearch) –Embed Web Browsers –Maps and Street View –Social Network (Twitter, Facebook)


10 Dashboard - Overview Creating Dashboards & Bio Tabs Adding “Apps” to your Dashboards Organizing Your Dashboards Let’s have a look...

11 MIG Rankings Circle of Friends Plans Prospecting Affinity Groups Let’s have a look...

12 KPI KPI Type Category Period Goal Measures: Count Average

13 KPI – Type: Communication

14 KPI – Other Types Plan Assignment & Days Late Prospect Moves & Touch Points Transaction Entry & Envelope Time New Donors Executive Plus

15 KPI Category

16 KPI Period Information –Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly –Variable – Goal set for a specific target date

17 KPI Goal Information Variable Period – Target Date Progress v. Performance

18 KPI – Dashboard Apps

19 KPI – Values with Goals

20 KPI – Performance

21 KPI – Single Period

22 KPI – Compare

23 KPIs Let’s have a look...

24 Mobile Access Mobile Web Site Mobile Giving Mobile Volunteering Mobile Advocating Mobile Resource Development Visit our booth...

25 Thank You Next: Introductory Level Data Mining

26 Réal R. Bédard President

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