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Issue of NOC for setting up Retail Outlets Along NHs.

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1 Issue of NOC for setting up Retail Outlets Along NHs

2 1. IRC 12, 1983 2. MOSRTH Guidelines dated Aug 2000 3. MOSRTH Guidelines dated 17.10.2003 4. Proposed Guidelines 2007 Chronology of Guidelines Issued

3 IRC 12, 1983

4 Overview ….. Contd …

5 IRC 12, 1983Overview ….. Contd …

6 IRC 12, 1983Overview ….. Contd …

7 IRC 12, 1983Overview …..

8 Guidelines dated 17.10.2003

9 MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview Hilly Terrain : Cross Slope of the country > 25 % Urban Stretches : Highway passing thru town of Population > 20,000 as per 2001 Census Contd …

10 MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

11 Contd … MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

12 Contd … MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

13 Contd … MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

14 Contd … MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

15 Contd … MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

16 Contd … MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

17 Contd … MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

18 Contd … MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

19 Contd … MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

20 Contd … MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

21 Contd … MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

22 Contd … MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

23 MOSRTH Guidelines, 2003Overview

24 Flow of files

25 Flow of files for Issue of Access Permission Sites under NHAI Jurisdiction : Proposal containing drawings, Agreement, Checklist, Land Documents etc submitted to the office of Project Director Manager-Tech after Site Inspection recommends the proposal to Project Director Project Director Forwards the proposal to DGM, NHAI, N. Delhi DGM-NHAI N.Delhi forwards the proposal to MOSRTH, Delhi File is approved by Minister-MOSRTH Approved file is returned to MOSRTH Director Approved File is then sent back to DGM-NHAI, N. Delhi DGM-NHAI, N.Delhi sends the approved file to PD PD asks the Oil Co. to deposit Rs 1.0 lac as License Fees and one set of signed Agreement is handed over to Oil Co.

26 Flow of files for Issue of Access Permission Sites under PWD Jurisdiction : 1.Proposal containing drawings, agreements, Checklist, Land documents are submitted to Local PWD office maintaining NH 2.Approved files is forwarded to S.E. Div. Office 3.Approved files from S.E. Div. Office is forwarded to Chief Engr-PWD 4.C.E.-PWD forwards files to Regional Office 5.Regional Office forwards the files to C.E. NHAI-New Delhi 6.In the event of approval by NHAI Delhi, C.E. -MOSRTH sends a consent letter to Regional Office for submission of license fee of Rs. 1 Lac 7.License Deed is signed


28 HQO : GM-RU Sr Manager-Retail Engg Manager-Network Mgmt, Highway Retailing Task Force Members Zone : DGM-RU Ch / Sr Manager-Highway Retailing Sr Manager-RU

29 Zonal Task Force 1.Coordinate with Regions for expediting MOSRTH Approvals 2.To review outlet wise progress report on fortnightly basis 3.Submit fortnightly report to HQO Scope of work

30 All NH outlets to be listed To be grouped as per date of commissioning Prior to 1983 Between 1983 and 17/10/2003 After 17/10/2003 To further divide Commissioned after 17/10/2003 Permission not obtained Permission obtained Basic Data

31 All outlets should meet at least IRC 12, 1983 norms Currently only Data to be compiled Outlets meeting 1983 Norms Outlets not meeting 1983 Norms –Type of deviation from 1983 Norms to be specified Commissioned prior to 17.10.2003

32 If still not applied : To immediately apply for approval If already applied : Following details to be provided : 1.Date applied for MOSRTH Approval 2.Reference of MOSRTH approval (if already obtained) 3.Whether site meets MOSRTH 2003 Guidelines 4.If not, type of deviation 5.Status of Application –Name of Office where file is presently lying –Date since when file is lying 6.Target Date for obtaining MOSRTH Approval Commissioned after 17.10.03 w. o. Permission

33 To ensure : Construction in line with MOSRTH approved layout If not as per approved layout : Deviation in construction from Approved Plan Acceleration / Deceleration lanes Culvert Slope etc Reasons for deviation Target date of compliance to Approved Layout Commissioned after 17.10.2003 Permission Obtained

34 Data has been compiled at Zonal level. Progress Report to be sent on fortnightly basis Latest target date for getting permission / completing construction for outlets commissioned after 17/10/03 is 30.11.07 Outlets commissioned after 17/10/2003 have to be constructed strictly as per MOSRTH approved layout Follow up Action ….


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