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Microsoft® Office 2010 Fundamentals, 1/e

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1 Microsoft® Office 2010 Fundamentals, 1/e
Authors: Laura Story, Dawna Walls Copyright 2011 ISBN: Microsoft® Office 2010 Fundamentals , 1st Edition ; $66.25 Laura Story Dawna Walls ISBN-10:  ISBN-13: 544 Pages   © 2011

2 The Fundamentals Approach
Introductory coverage of Microsoft Office 2010 application skills Concept behind each skill is presented before steps Step-by-step instruction – offers hands-on practice Screenshot reinforcement for steps provides visual aspect Marginal boxes provide extra insight on the topic at hand End-of-lesson review questions, projects, and critical thinking activities allow users to practice what they have learned Microsoft Office 2010 Fundamentals is an ideal solution. for new computer users. Written at an introductory level; it is easy to follow and teaches the fundamental approach to Office 2010.

3 Table of Contents 1. Getting Started Working with Microsoft Office Unit Review. 2. Microsoft Word Understanding Word Basics. Editing and Formatting Text. Formatting Documents Working with Graphic Objects. Unit Review. 3. Microsoft Excel Understanding Excel Basics. Formatting and Editing the Worksheet. Using Formulas and Functions. Working with Charts. Unit Review. 4. Microsoft PowerPoint Understanding PowerPoint Basics. Formatting and Modifying Presentations. Delivering the Presentation. Unit Review. 5. Microsoft Access Understanding Access Basics. Creating Forms and Reports. Querying a Database. 6. Microsoft Publisher Understanding Publisher Basics. Formatting Publications. 7. Integration Basics Understanding Integration Basics. Appendix A-Vista Basics. Appendix B-Outlook Basics.

4 Lesson Opener Each Lesson opens with Objectives, a list of Vocabulary words, Estimated Completion Time, and a list of the Data Files needed to complete the Lesson

5 Introduction of Concepts
Each concept is introduced before the step-by-step instructions. Screenshots, with multiple call-outs, provide a visual representation of the task the steps will cover.

6 Step-by-Step Instruction
Screenshots reinforce the step-by-step instruction Step-by-step instructions walk students through the skill being introduced.

7 Marginal Elements Extras for Experts boxes provide helpful hints to complete tasks within the application being covered in the lesson.

8 End of Lesson Exercises
Each Lesson ends with a Summary, Vocabulary Review, and Review Questions (Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank).

9 End of Lesson Projects End-of-Lesson projects provide students with hands-on practice with the skills they have learned in the chapter within a variety of scenarios.

10 Web and Teamwork Projects
A Web Project at the end of the lesson requires students to use the Web to gather information and conduct research to complete the project. A Teamwork Project gives students an opportunity to work together to complete a project, utilizing teambuilding skills.

11 Critical Thinking Activities
Critical Thinking Activities allow students to think critically and more globally to complete the projects, building critical thinking skills.

12 Instructor Resources An Instructor Resource CD available with this book includes: Instructor’s Manual Chapter overviews Detailed lecture topics Teaching tips PowerPoint presentations Solutions to exercises Student Data Files Test banks ExamView test generator and testbank eBook available IRCD , $ (free 1 per 25 textbooks purchased). eBook , $66.25

13 Microsoft Office 2010 Fundamentals
Microsoft Office Word chapters include coverage of editing and formatting text, formatting documents, and working with graphics Microsoft Office Excel chapters include coverage of formatting and editing a worksheet, using formulas and functions, and working with charts Microsoft Office PowerPoint chapters include formatting and modifying, and delivering a presentation Microsoft Office Access chapters include creating forms and reports, and querying a database Microsoft Office Publisher chapter includes formatting a publication. Visually stimulating four-color graphics clearly illustrate key concepts and skills.

14 Microsoft® Office 2010 Fundamentals, 1/e
Authors: Laura Story, Dawna Walls Copyright 2011 ISBN: Microsoft® Office 2010 Fundamentals , 1st Edition; $66.25 Laura Story Dawna Walls ISBN-10:  ISBN-13: 544 Pages   © 2011

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