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Success with AEGIS – Basic Kit 16 th April 2011 Helen Young.

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1 Success with AEGIS – Basic Kit 16 th April 2011 Helen Young

2 The plan To create a teacher-friendly solution to the new GIS requirements in the National Curriculum and Exam Specifications To enable teachers of all skill-levels to deliver GIS: To provide a complete package to teachers who have no experience of GIS. To offer a helping hand to those teachers who can confidently use AEGIS, but do not have the time to put their own lessons together.

3 The lessons A range of interesting topics… …covering all aspects of the KS3 and KS4 curriculum

4 The lesson plans

5 The student book Introductory pages show how to get started:

6 The student book Each lesson has background information and clear student instructions:

7 The student book Integrated help boxes provide student support throughout the activities:

8 The student response sheets Printable worksheets for student responses:

9 The answers Detailed answer sheets to make marking easier

10 The assessment The skills grid allows students to self and peer assess their skill levels and progression

11 The package Student book: Introduction to GIS Supporting information about each topic/lesson Scaffolded instructions to work through the activities Glossary pages Hints on how to go further with GIS Teachers book: Teacher introduction to GIS Summary of the nine lessons National Curriculum/Exam Specification matrix CDrom containing: Light Edition AEGIS Nine AEGIS files to use with the lessons Full lesson plans Student response sheets for each activity Teachers answer sheets GIS skills assessment sheet

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