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To aid in classroom management Did you Know. Countdown Timer untdown.html

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1 To aid in classroom management Did you Know

2 Countdown Timer untdown.html untdown.html Large Timer mer.swf mer.swf Timer with music games-php/timer/ games-php/timer/

3 Color Wheel wheel.html wheel.html Random Name Generator My Example1 My Example2 To make your own: php/fruit_machine/My Example1My Example2 php/fruit_machine/ Random Group Generator 22397 m-tools/group-maker.php m-tools/group-maker.php

4 Create your own flashcards or matching games. php/quiz/ php/quiz/ More Flashcards m?id=10271 m?id=10271 Sorters php/dustbin/ My example php/dustbin/My example Diagram-mer games-php/postIt/ Example games-php/postIt/Example Timeline Generator php/timeline/ Example1 Example2 Example3 php/timeline/Example1Example2Example3

5 These help develop critical thinking and help facilitate conversation. July 16, 622 December 25, 800 October 12, 1492 July 4, 1776 November 24, 1859 April 12, 1861 March 6, 1876 December 17, 1903 August 6, 1945 April 12, 1961 Choose the top three most important dates from the list above. Choose the two that are least important as well. Be ready to explain. Click here to log in We are going to be using the ranking tool, if this is something you want to use in your classroom, please contact me for help

6 Fishbone Diagram php/fishbone/ Example1 Example2 Example3 php/fishbone/Example1Example2Example3 Venn Diagram games-php/venn_intro/ Example games-php/venn_intro/Example Target Diagram games-php/target/ Example games-php/target/Example Story/Essay Diagram php/burger/ php/burger/

7 Traffic Light c.html c.html Seat Generator Where to search information/5locate/adviceengine.html information/5locate/adviceengine.html Create a graph ult.aspx ult.aspx Create a Motivator (automotivator) m?id=10401 m?id=10401

8 TerraClues pxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 pxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1

9 http://www.virtual- http://www.virtual-

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