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Comparatives and Superlatives

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1 Comparatives and Superlatives
Grammar Points Comparatives and Superlatives

2 Superiority I was happier before. He wrote the most beautiful poems.
Long Adjective (more than one syllable) Comparative ++ More + adjective More beautiful Superlative ++++ The most + adjective The most beautiful I was happier before. He wrote the most beautiful poems. She was more cheerful before. They were the noisiest people in the room. Short Adjective (one syllable) Comparative ++ Adjective + er warmer Superlative ++++ The + adjective + est The warmest

3 Inferiority It was less sunny today.
All Adjectives Comparative - - Less + adjective (+than) Less sunny Superlative The least + adjective The least sunny It was less sunny today. He was the least friendly man I ever met. It is less rainy here than in Germany.

4 Equality All Adjectives cloudy As + adjective + as As cloudy as
It was as cloudy as Lille It was as cold as Alaska

5 Spelling rules Adjectives ending in y: the y becomes an i Dry – drier - driest Short adjectives ending in vowel (o) + consonant (t) : the consonant is doubled Hot – hotter - hottest Short adjectives ending in e : you don’t double the e Large – larger - largest

6 Examples… Quiet – quieter- quietest Sunny- sunnier- sunniest Clever – cleverer – cleverest Gentle – gentler – gentlest Irregulars: Bad : worse – the worst Far : further – the furthest Good : better – the best

7 Practise Make these adjectives the superiority comparative Hard Clever
Big Unaffordable Translate these sentences into English: Nous avons vendu autant de modèles que l’année dernière. Il fait moins froid ici que chez moi Il a plus des insects que les bêtes sauvages. We sold as many cars as last year It is less cold here than were I live. he is more scared of insects than of wild beasts

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