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City of Seattle 2011 Families & Education Levy: Update & Overview 12011 Families and Education Levy.

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1 City of Seattle 2011 Families & Education Levy: Update & Overview 12011 Families and Education Levy

2 2 City of Seattles Role in Education The City of Seattle got involved in education through the Families & Education Levy (FEL). First passed in 1990, renewed in 1997 – $69 million over seven years – Goal was to help children be safe, healthy and ready to learn. Renewed again in 2004 – $117 million over seven years – Focused more directly on helping students enter school ready to succeed academically, close the achievement gap, and graduate on time. – Added focus on meeting outcomes for struggling students. – Started moving to flexible block grant model in middle and high schools.

3 (continued) Citys Role in Education (continued) Renewed again in 2011 – $235 million over seven years The Goals of the 2011 Levy are kindergarten readiness, improving academic achievement and closing the achievement gap, and students graduating from high school college/career ready. Performance Measures (Outcomes/Indicators) – Academic growth – Passing courses – Attendance – Gains in English language acquisition 32011 Families and Education Levy

4 2011 Families & Education Levy: Investment Areas 42011 Families and Education Levy

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8 2011 Families and Education Levy: Innovation & Linkage Schools What is an Innovation School? – Outcomes-based – Targeted funding – Adaptive – Innovative 2011 Families and Education Levy8

9 Changes from 2004-2011 Early Leaning Investments Doubled – Added Family, Friend and Neighbor Investment – Added Early Learning Health focused on early screenings for mental health – Increased home visiting – Added kindergarten transition New Elementary Innovation Schools – Block grants of $300,000 for up to 23 Title One elementary schools – Phased in four per year – Elementary health pilot at eight elementary schools – Family Support Program integrated into Innovation Model – New CBO Family Support Program 2011 Families and Education Levy9

10 Changes from 2004-2011 (continued) Middle School Investments – Added one middle school innovation site(total of five) – Added college and career planning – Added summer learning for up to 1,300 students – Added SBHC at Mercer Middle School High School Investments – Added two high school innovation sites (total of five) – Focus on 9 th grade – Added College and Career Planning – Added summer learning for up to 550 students 2011 Families and Education Levy10

11 Health Investments Maintain current SBHCs at ten high schools and four middle schools School-based health support at schools with SBHCs Added SBHC at Secondary Bilingual Orientation Center Added SBHC at Mercer Middle School Added health and mental health support for Interagency Academy Added integrated outcome monitoring and feedback/ professional development system for SBHC mental health providers Added mobile dental services 2011 Families and Education Levy11

12 12 Strengthened Accountability The City made a strong commitment in the 2004 and 2011 Levies to reduce the achievement gap. Set rigorous targets and report on outcomes. – All Levy programs contribute to at least one of three outcomes: School Readiness Academic Achievement Reduced Dropout/Increased Graduation/College readiness Identify areas for course corrections. Report to the public Most importantly, improve outcomes for children of color and low-income children

13 13 Data-Driven Decision Making OFE has the ability to track academic data on Levy students. OFE reports on three types of data: – Baseline Data (spring of school year) o Whom are we serving? o Demographic data – are we serving the right students? – Mid-Year Report (spring of school year) o How did we do in the first semester? o Indicator data – are we on track to meet targets? o Recommended course corrections for following year – Annual Report (winter of the next school year) o How did we do in the last school year overall? o Outcome data – did we meet targets?

14 Process for Awarding School Funding Competitive RFQs completed by community agencies seeking to partner with schools RFIs for schools- competitive process Results for 2012 – Elementary Schools Beacon Hill International School Madrona K-8 Olympic Hills Elementary Roxhill Elementary – Middle School Innovation Denny International Middle School Mercer Middle School Washington Middle School 2011 Families and Education Levy14

15 Process for Awarding School Funding (continued) – Middle School Linkage Hamilton International Middle School Madison Middle School Madrona K-8 McClure Middle School Pathfinder K-8 School South Shore PK-8 Whitman Middle School – High School Innovation Franklin High School Ingraham High School Interagency Academy West Seattle High School 2011 Families and Education Levy15

16 Other RFI Results Community-Based Family Support – Chinese Information and Service Center – Refugee Women's Alliance Elementary Health – Neighborcare Health (Highland Park and Roxhill) – Odessa Brown (Beacon Hill and Madrona K-8) Step Ahead – Causeys Learning Center – Chinese Information and Service Center – Community Day School Association – Denise Louie Education Center – El Centro de la Raza – Neighborhood House – Refugee Women's Alliance – Seattle School District – Sound Childcare Solutions 2011 Families and Education Levy16

17 Next Steps 2011 Families and Education Levy17 RFI/RFQ Expected Release Date Expected Notification Date 1 RFQ – Social, Emotional, Behavioral and Family Support 9/7/1212/3/12 2RFQ – Expanded Learning Opportunities9/7/1212/3/12 3RFQ – College and Career Readiness and Planning9/7/1212/3/12 4RFI – Summer Learning9/25/121/14/13 5RFI – Elementary Health10/5/121/28/13 6RFI – Interagency Health10/22/122/11/13 7RFI – Elementary School Innovation12/5/124/3/13 8RFI – Middle School Innovation12/5/124/3/13 9RFI – Middle School Linkage12/5/124/3/13 10RFI – High School Innovation12/5/124/3/13 11RFI – Dental Enhancement12/5/123/25/13 12RFI – Community-Based Family Support for Immigrant, Refugee and Native American Students 2/1/135/20/13

18 Work in Progress Other Work in Progress: – Parent-Child Home Program services will be delivered via a contract between HSD and United Way. United Way will conduct an RFI process to select community-based organizations to provide PCHP services. – HSD issued a Professional Development RFQ and expects to complete the evaluation by mid-September. An RFI process was held earlier this year but resulted in no successful bidders. – HSD is currently drafting an Early Learning health/mental health RFI and this is expected to be issued on October 11 with final decisions made by December 2012. – At the October 9, 2012 Levy Oversight Committee meeting, Public Health – Seattle & King County will present a plan and process for the Interagency Health and Dental Enhancement RFIs. – OFE is drafting a Data Support contract with SPS. – In January 2013, HSD expects to issue the next Step Ahead RFI. 2011 Families and Education Levy18

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