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Attributes of Online Education

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1 Attributes of Online Education
Thomas J. Descoteaux & Jared Reigstad Norwich University

2 Attributes of Online Education Disadvantages
Better suited to adult learners: The independence of online education requires a discipline that many of today’s “traditional age” college students lack. Synergy of F2F conversations more difficult to achieve: Lacks benefit of facial expression, body language, voice inflection, etc. Instructor/student before and after class moments missing. Student/student “snack bar chat” missing. Lack of in-class “storytelling” or experience sharing time. Can be done online but more difficult.

3 Attributes of Online Education Advantages
Location independent – students can engage from anywhere they have Internet access. No need to pull up roots and relocate. Computer provides capabilities that traditional delivery cannot: For decades traditional chalk-on-board instruction has attempted to model dynamic, three-dimensional systems on a static, two-dimensional surface (i.e., the blackboard). The computer solves this problem. Allows smaller schools to provide access to a more diverse, eclectic group of faculty through use of adjuncts.

4 Attributes of Online Education Advantages
Quality control of course content: No more throwing lectures together the night before. Pre-development of content improves quality. Predevelopment allows instructor to focus on improving instruction/delivery techniques. Consistent content across sections. Difficult for introverted students to “hide in the back of the room.” Everyone’s in the front row.

5 Attributes of Online Education Advantages
Allows students more thought time before contributing to group interactions (i.e., “posting”). Time efficient: No lost commuting time. Pace of learning can be accelerated. Strong students don’t waste time in class listening to instructor repeat topic for weaker students. Students write a lot more.

6 Attributes of Online Education Advantages
Energy level – students choose when to learn (i.e., time of day), when they’re at their peak. Seamless interjection of multi-media. Troubleshooting done in advance by IT staff.

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