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Gender Roles in Education Presented by: Nazifa, Sydney & Robin om/wp- content/uploads/2010/04/boys- underachieving.jpg.

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1 Gender Roles in Education Presented by: Nazifa, Sydney & Robin om/wp- content/uploads/2010/04/boys- underachieving.jpg

2 Half of the enrolled students in high school business and commercial courses were women The first women to graduate from engineering in the USA First superintendent to be a woman in a large city school system Many successful woman teachers Schools addressed the boy drop-out rate by encouraging sports in schools More sex- typed electives were introduced, they became less controversial 11 spate sex public vocational schools remained Said that coeducation encouraged boys rebellious nature and made them hate school First woman admitted into the Harvard Medical School Title IX was passed Womans Educational Equality Act was passed First time women passed men in bachelor degrees earned Women earn more doctorate degrees than men for the first time 10.2% of the women gain advanced degrees and 10.9% of men Boys are forced into vocational programs, girls forced into home programs

3 Theories & Schools of Thought O Functionalism: studies problems within society & how institutions meet those needs O Gender Theory: studying gender inequality to understand society O Learning Theory: most human behaviour is learned /assets/headerslideitem/73 5x410/ art-for- kids.jpg ap-1db59x7.jpg

4 Real Life Context O Effects on schools and other educational institutions: O Gender roles in education are established in kindergarten classrooms O Schools have tried to create gender-neutral classroom/school environments –to be more inclusive, learning- friendly and gender- sensitive content/uploads/2011/04/grayso ns-kindergarten-class.jpg Neutrality

5 Real Life Context Major Acts/Policies in Society O Title IX - a portion of the Education Amendments of 1972 O Womens Educational Equality Act /11/happy-belated- birthday-title-ix/ 013/june/on-50th- anniversary-of-equal-pay-act- coalition-calls-on-senate-to- bring-womens-equality-act

6 Gender Stereotypes O Boys are smarter at math and sciences than girls O Girls are smarter at linguistics and humanities than boys

7 Gender Stereotypes O Only Girls can do home-economic type classes O Only Boys answer teachers questions

8 Gender Bias O Teacher attention is unequal between genders O Curriculum favours the male experience O Gender socialization assures that the girls inequality to boys is evident and recognized O Teachers socialize girls towards the feminine ideal O Use of masculine & feminine subjects O Boys are referred for testing for gifted programs twice as much as girls O Differentiated attitudes & expectations of teachers towards girls & boys

9 Gender Bias reviews/ART137. pvw.jpg

10 Gender Discrimination O Girls are generally seen as better at soft subjects such as languages, history, art and music, and boys better at sports, mathematics and computing O Pupils felt that male teachers are more intelligent than female teachers, but female teachers were more caring than male teachers. O A gender gap in education is actually a function of a teacher's perception of a child's attitude toward school based on the child's attentiveness, task persistence, eagerness to learn, learning independence, flexibility and organization. O Hard wiring of gender – girls and boys are different

11 Gender Discrimination O "Sitting in the same classroom, reading the same textbook, listening to the same teacher, boys and girls receive very different educations." (Sadker, 1994) O Not only must there be no gender discrimination in education but we must pressurise for education systems that foster overall gender equity in broader society. O - Camilla Croso, GCE President

12 Other Things of Note O Gender Equality Gender Equality O Statistics O Gender Roles-Interviews with Kids Gender Roles-Interviews with Kids O Gender role perceptions O Girls Education Girls Education O Gender discrimination

13 Did you know? O Some teachers are unaware of the bias present in their teaching and how they subconsciously favour boys over girls O Discrepancies between elementary school performances of boys & girls lead critics to argue that boys are being neglected in the educational system O An average grade 11 boy writes at the level of a grade 8 girl O Girls usually develop oral, writing and reading abilities quicker than boys O Girls have a tendency to sit more in the front or centre of the classroom, closer to the teacher, while boys are mostly occupying margins and periphery of the room

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