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In 2030 I hope that I will have a good life without problems.

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2 In 2030 I hope that I will have a good life without problems.

3 Where shall I live?

4 Paris Denitsa, Martina, Kaloyan - Bulgaria

5 Washington Sandra, Melanie, Carolina - Portugal

6 Frankfurt Gianluca- Portugal

7 New York David – Hungary Melanie, Gianluca – Portugal

8 Budapest Bettina – Hungary

9 Las Vegas Melanie - Portugal

10 Or why not my own country?

11 What shall I do? I hope that my work will be interesting, motivating and well-paid.

12 I am a professional lawyer from New York. I attended a highly prestigious university and I got a job immediately - David,Hungary Ill live in Bulgaria and Ill be a lawyer – Teodorina, Bulgaria Ill live in Paris and both my husband and I will be doctors. Well help thousands of sick people - Martina, Bulgaria And I will work in a famous hospital in the States – Sandra, Portugal

13 I am an explorer of rare animals and plants – Denitsa, Bulgaria What is needed for a happy life is the good job. My dream is to be a psychologist – Kinga, Andrea, Hungary

14 Im the main architect in a building company – Kaloyan, Bulgaria I am 33 and I am a vet. One day I find a dog with a broken leg in the street. I take out a cream from my bag and smeared its leg with it. In a minute the dog jumps and starts running as if nothing has happened before. – Yoanna, Bulgaria

15 Kevin, Portugal

16 A peaceful life I would like to have a well-paid job, an own car and an own flat. Later Id have a family with two children and I would like to have a bungalow with a big garden, a swimming pool and garages for our cars - Bettina, Hungary

17 Ill have a nice family and Ill spend my free time with them. Ill have fun and enjoy life – Teodorina, Bulgaria

18 work apartment

19 house car

20 вig town village

21 ferari

22 travel



25 Every day I get to work by catching a light ray which takes me to a skyscraper. I take the lift to the 851 st floor where my office is. - Denitsa, Bulgaria Hi-tech life

26 Every morning I get into my mini car called Batmobille. I switch on its engine supplied with energy by sun batteries….. My helicopter-taxi is on the runway. – Plamen, Bulgaria

27 … but there is another side of life Flowers grew by the route, but people didn't look at them. They looked at clocks and run somewhere. That was sad. People at their run forgot how to be happy. They ran somewhere, but they didnt know why. …… An old man asked a woman for some money but she didn't look at him, and she left him alone. People forgot about love, they forgot about others. …… The presidents of countries eat dinner and sit on their armchairs, but people in some countries die. Politicians can only speak about problems but they didn't make anything to help others. Olga Murańska - Poland



30 Houses of the future?

31 I am personally responsible for the relations between France and Glaleria, a planet located a hundred light years away from earth - Samy Chafiq, France And new jobs of the future

32 Once in my office, I just lie down on a sofa and ask my computer to show me the work it has done during the night (it sounds very sexy!). - Julie Tarrade, France Work might become easier

33 The firework display is splendid. Rockets send the fireworks in space and after bursting, they stay for a few minutes in the sky. This year they represent paintings by Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse. I cant believe it : I can see a real open air museum. just above me in the sky. - Julie Tarrade, France

34 We people with flowers in the hair go around the world to try to make the others love what is really worth loving - Olga Murańska, Poland


36 Whatever will be, will be! But now … lets enjoy life, share moments and be friends! the Bulgarian team

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