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Twelve flowers of the year

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1 Twelve flowers of the year
Made by Irina Skrynikova

2 Snowdrop The snowdrop is the flower of January. It is as white as snow, and appears in forests and gardens when there is still snow there.

3 Primrose February’s flower is the primrose. Primroses can be white , yellow, red, pink, rose, purple and orange.

4 Daffodil The flower of the month of March is the daffodil. The flowers are usually yellow.

5 Daises April’s flowers are daises. You can see them everywhere in the fields , gardens and roads.

6 Hawthorn The flower for May is the hawthorn. It grows on a small tree and its blossoms are pink, white or red.

7 Honeysuckle June’s flower is honeysuckle .

8 Water lily July’s flowers are water lilies. Some water lilies are deep yellow in colour and some are white, pink, blue or even purple.

9 Poppy The flower for August is the poppy. Poppies have bright red, orange , purple or yellow flowers

10 Morning glory The morning glory, September’s flower is a climbing plant with blue or purple flowers.

11 Hop October’s flower is the hop. People use it to make beer.

12 Chrysanthemum The flower for November is the chrysanthemum. This lovely flower can be white, yellow, red, purple or pink.

13 Holly December’s plant is the holly. Its flowers have produced red berries for the Christmas season.

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