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San Francisco California Depression Art 1930s controversial Diego Rivera C o m m u n i s t.

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2 San Francisco California Depression Art 1930s controversial Diego Rivera C o m m u n i s t

3 These murals, some controversial, inspired by Diego Rivera s social realist style, were created by 26 of California's leading artists of the 1930s. They reflect scenes of the Great Depression, landscapes, farm workers, industries and vibrant city life. They are considered to be Californias best example of Depression Era art. Because some people felt the murals were subversive and depicted "Communist" themes, the authorities delayed the opening of Coit Tower for several months. אלה ציורי קיר שצוירו בהשראת סגנון הריאליזם הסוציאליסטי של דייגו ריוורה. חלקם שנויים במחלוקת. הם נוצרו על ידי 26 האמנים המובילים של קליפורניה של שנות ה 30 במאה שעברה, ומשקפים את תקופת השפל הכלכלי הגדול, נופים, עובדים בחווה, תעשיות וחיי העיר התוססים. הציורים נחשבים כדוגמה הטובה ביותר של האמנות של עידן השפל בקליפורניה. מכיוון שהיו אנשים שהרגשו שציורי הקיר היו חתרניים כי כללו נושאים קומוניסטים הרשויות עיכבו את פתיחת מגדל קויט במשך מספר חודשים. Aceste picturi murale,unele controversate, au fost create în anii 1930 de către 26 de artişti de frunte din California,în stilul realism socialist a lui Diego Rivera. Ele reflectă scene ale marii crize economice, peisaje, lucrători agricoli, industrii şi viaţa vibrantă a oraşului. Acestea sunt considerate a fi cele mai bune exemple a artei perioadei de criză din California. Pentru că unii oameni au perceput unele dintre picturile murale ca subversive intrucât au conţinut teme "comuniste", autorităţile au amânat deschiderea Coit Tower pentru mai multe luni.





8 Mallette Portrait of Stockbroker

9 Ray Bertrand Beef Inspection Scene

10 Ray Bertrand Dairy Farming Scene

11 Roy Bertrand Meat Industry




15 Leaders of California Life, four separate panels produced by Wight. Each contains a single figure representing a surveyor, cowboy, farmer and steelworker.


17 Enjoy some murals while waiting for the elevator.

18 Ray Boynton Animal Force and Machine Force

19 Most of the artists had to incorporate the structure windows and doorsof the building into their murals. Natures force

20 Ray Boynton Animal Force and Machine Force


22 John Langley Howard California Industrial Scenes depicts striking miners marching together in worker solidarity with one carrying a leftist paper. The mural also includes a scene with depression era tent dwellers washing their clothes and panning for gold in the river below a new hydroelectric plant.

23 The headline of the newspaper: Demonstrate on May 1 st against hunger, war, fascism


25 William Hesthal Railroad and Shipping Seen here are the symbols of transportation commerce in the 1930s: trains and boats.



28 . Industries of California Ralph Stackpole

29 The Stackpole mural depicts chemical, steel mill, cannery, news gathering, packaging line and other workers as cogs in the machines of industry.


31 Suzanne Scheuer Hebe Daum Newsgathering

32 Newspaper headlines cover the artists protest of the Rivera fresco destruction. One of the figures, John Langley Howard, reaches for a copy of Karl Marx's Das Kapital while crumpling a newspaper in his other hand. 'Hitler' and 'Oscar Wilde' ( both controversial people ). The books of the BIBLE (TANAH) in Hebrew are also included in the painting. Library A public library interior mural at Coit Tower was painted by Bernard Zakheim who helped organize the Coit Tower mural project along with Ralph Stackpole. Zakheim's scene includes portraits of fellow artists, assistants and his daughter.

33 Victor Arnautoff City Life The mural includes a traffic accident, armed robbery and leftist newspapers. In addition a fire engine and the San Francisco Stock Exchange with sculptures by fellow muralist Ralph Stackpole.

34 George Harris Banking and Law While the stocks continue to plunge and bags of money are guarded, lawyers pour over books in a Law library.

35 Frede Vidar Department Store


37 Maxine Albro California An expansive view of California agriculture: the production of cut flowers, hay harvest, vegetable farming, orchard scenes ( oranges for packing, apricots for drying ) and winemaking.

38 City life is dangerous:

39 The murals shown in this presentation are on the first floor of Coit Tower. For those who wish to visit the place, please notice and check before the visit: The murals at Coit Tower are available for viewing by the general public for free, but access to the second floor murals is restricted to once a week tours. San Francisco City Guides free walking tour of Coit Tower every Saturday at 11:00 AM gives visitors access to the spiral stairway and second floor murals. Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill Murals, Pictures and History The Living New Deal Project In this video there are mentioned 2 paintings that were destroyed.One was not at Coit Tower ! It was Rivera's mural commissioned for Rockefeller Center in New York City which was destroyed after he refused to change an image of Lenin in the painting. The other painting mentioned in the video refers to Clifford Wight's mural, which contained a hammer and sickle.It was removed before the opening.

40 Photos : Liviu Music : Great 30s Jazz Big Band Swing Harry Roy -King Porter Stomp 9-Dec-11

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