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For help and advice contact S.

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1 For help and advice contact S

2 S002 Almost everything can be recycled here at the University so put it all in the recycling bins! This includes all plastics (including carrier bags, cling film, food packets and bottles), all paper and card (including tetra packs), and all cans, tins and foil. Put food waste in a food caddie for composting! Glass is recycled separately – why not take any glass bottles home to be recycled in your household recycling!

3 For help and advice contact S002 Please edit this area to advertise all reuse schemes you have in place. This could include envelopes, furniture, stationary or any other creative initiatives you have to reuse waste! You should also have a system for staff or students to donate or swap their own household items with others

4 For help and advice contact S007 S008 During summer, wear appropriate summer clothing made from natural fibres to keep cool! Don’t cool the room below 24 degrees – costs increase by 10-12% for every 1 degree cooling – nearly £100 a year!

5 For help and advice contact S007 S008 Make sure you wrap up this winter – by turning down the thermostat 1 degree you can save £65 and 260kg Carbon Dioxide a year per room Heat no higher than 21 degrees!

6 For help and advice contact S011 PCs and Monitors should be switched off overnight. Or set your computer to automatically shut down after 30 minutes if nobody is logged on. You should also be turning off your monitor if you are away from your desk for more than 5 minutes – screensavers don’t save energy!

7 For help and advice contact S012 Burn calories, not electricity! Lifts are major energy users so help reduce your carbon footprint by taking the stairs instead. You’ll also be helping yourself keep fit!

8 For help and advice contact The department is trying to become more environmentally friendly – help us by joining our team Gain transferrable sustainability skills and be part of this exciting, rewarding project! Contact INSERT YOUR TEAM LEADER’S CONTACT DETAILS HERE Get involved, Green Your Workplace!

9 For help and advice contact S020 A dripping tap wastes 5,000 litres of water a year – that’s enough to make around 20,000 cups of tea! If you see a dripping tap report it to INSERT APPROPRIATE CONTACT Or report it at the facilities helpdesk:

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