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Mary Huismann University of Minnesota RDA and Scores.

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1 Mary Huismann University of Minnesota RDA and Scores

2 Punctuation (RDA D.1 – ISBD Presentation) General instructions (D.1.2.1) for adjacent elements in square brackets, each element gets its own set [Minneapolis] : [Heritage Press], [2013] retain punctuation at end of element, add prescribed punctuation 3rd ed.. (ed. appears on publication) Are you ready for some football? : songs of the Green Bay Packers (space-colon-space added before other title info) Instructions for specific areas (D D.1.2.9)

3 Abbreviations Transcribed elements: dont abbreviate unless found that way on the resource! OK to abbreviate: Voice designations (SATB) Latin alphabet abbreviations (B.7) Dimensions Duration Generally, dont abbreviate for elements other than those listed in B.5.1, B.5.3-B.5.9 or words recorded as part of details of an element

4 Basis for Identifying the Resource Type of description (RDA 1.5, 2.1) Comprehensive (describes the resource as a whole) Analytical (describes a part of a larger resource) Hierarchical (combination of the two above) Mode of issuance (RDA 2.13) Single unit Multipart monograph Number of parts (RDA 2.1.2) More than one part – if so, simultaneously issued?

5 Preferred Source for Scores (RDA ) Title page (or image of title page) No title page? Choose the first source that presents a title: cover or jacket issued with the resource (or image) caption (or image) masthead (or image) colophon (or image)

6 Preferred Source for Scores (RDA ) No title on any of these sources? Use another source within the resource that has a title Prefer a source where title is formally presented No title on another source within the resource? Use another source that forms part of the resource that bears a title Prefer a source where title is formally presented

7 Example – Preferred Source No title page for resource as a whole Use cover as preferred source

8 Creating a DescriptionScore

9 Title (RDA 2.3) Core element (Title proper) Transcribe from preferred source Capitalization Found capitalization (take what you see!) Alternative (Appendix A) Inaccuracies not corrected (except for serials) Omit introductory words

10 Title (RDA 2.3) Parallel titles Any source within resource Make a note if taken from different source than title proper Other title information Same source as title proper

11 Title (RDA 2.3) Variant titles Used for Appear in resource itself Reference sources Corrections Parts of titles Take information from any source LC-PCC PS best practices

12 Example – Capitalization NO one To kNOW one for chamber ensemble Transcribe: NO one To kNOW one : $b for chamber ensemble Alternative: No one to know one : $b for chamber ensemble

13 Example – Title Introductory Words Title proper: Voy a ser Feliz Variant title: 246 1_ $i Title appears as: $a Musicabana presenta Voy a ser Feliz

14 Examples – Parallel Title Title proper: Konzert f ür Violine und Orchester d-moll = Parallel title: $b Concerto for violin and orchestra in D minor

15 Creating a DescriptionTitle Title proper: A Cambridge mass : Other title information: $b for SATB soloists, double chorus and orchestra

16 Statement of Responsibility (RDA 2.4) Core element SOR relating to title proper Transcribe from (in order of preference): Same source as title proper Another source within resource itself One of sources specified under May abridge (but LC-PCC generally does not) Only first statement is required if more than one No more rule of 3! May omit some of the names (but LC-PCC generally does not)

17 Example – Statement of Responsibility 245 … / $c by Frederick Johnson, A.B. Harvard, Fellow of American Guild of Organists, Fellow of Trinity College, London, Director of Music Bradford Junior College. Optional omission: 245 … / $c by Frederick Johnson.

18 Example – Statement of Responsibility Statement of responsibility: 245 … / $c [book by] Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus ; music by Dennis Poore ; lyrics by Flip Kobler.

19 Creating a DescriptionSOR Statement of responsibility: 245 … / $c Ralph Vaughan Williams ; edited by Alan Tongue.

20 Edition Statement (RDA 2.5) Core element Designation of edition Named revision Contains information formerly found in MARC fields 245$c, 250, 254 Record multiple edition statements in order of appearance Separate with comma (ISBD) Coming soon – repeatable 250!

21 Examples – Edition 250 __ Special order edition, Score and parts. Not 250 __ Special order ed. 254 __ Score and parts. 250 __ Newly rev. edition. (rev. appears on the source) 250 __ Partitur = $b Score.

22 Creating a DescriptionEdition Edition: 250 __ Study score.

23 Production Statement (RDA 2.7) Core element for unpublished resources Sources of information (2.7.12) Place – Prefer same source as producers name Producer – Prefer same source as title proper May also use another source within resource or source specified under Transcribe place and name as found

24 Publication Statement (RDA 2.8) Core element for published resources 1 st place of publication 1 st publisher Date Sources of information ( ) Place – Prefer same source as publishers name Publisher – Prefer same source as title proper May also use another source within resource or source specified under 2.2.4

25 Publication Statement (RDA 2.8) [… not identified] used instead of [S.l.] or [s.n.] May supply information from outside resource Use square brackets LC-PCC PS gives guidelines for dates

26 Distribution, Manufacture Statements (RDA 2.9 & 2.10) Core element if Distribution is core when publication info unknown Manufacture is core when distribution info unknown LC-PCC PS 2.9 & 2.10 if using distribution/manufacture elements in lieu of missing publication elements, give a complete statement

27 Copyright Date (RDA 2.11) Core element if no date of publication/distribution Precede date with © use copyright if symbol cant be reproduced dont use c ! Apply general guidelines on numbers Record only the latest date if multiple dates apply to various aspects

28 Example – Publication Place of publication: 264 _1 Frankfurt/M ; $a Leipzig ; $a London ; $a New York or, 264 _1 Frankfurt/M

29 Example – Publication, Distribution, Manufacture On back cover: Industrialfoto – Milano Stampato in Italia 1980 U.S.A. sole selling agent: Associated Music Publishers A subsidiary of G. Schirmer, Inc. New York

30 Example – Publication, Distribution, Manufacture 264 _1 [Milano?] : $b Ricordi, $c [date of publication not identified] 264 _2 New York : $b U.S.A. sole selling agent: Associated Music Publishers, a subsidiary of G. Schirmer, Inc., $c [date of distribution not identified] 264 _3 Milano : $b Industrialfoto, $c 1980.

31 Creating a DescriptionPublication, Copyright Publication: 264 _1 London : $b Stainer & Bell, $c (on t.p. verso: first published in 2012) Copyright: 264 _4 $c © 2012 (on t.p. verso: music ©2011 … editorial text ©2012)

32 Extent (RDA 3.4) Core element If complete, or total extent is known Notated music (3.4.3) Closed list of terms ( ) 1 score (38 leaves) 1 vocal score (x, 190 pages) 1 condensed score (2 volumes) 1 score (23 pages) 1 piano conductor part (8 pages) 1 choir book (240 pages) 1 table book (50 unnumbered pages) 1 score (viii, 278 pages) 24 parts 1 score and 1 part (5 pages) 1 score and 3 parts (19 pages)

33 Format of Notated Music (RDA 7.20) Core element for LC Describe as score or part of some type Music for solo performer is now a score No more p. of music! Closed list of terms ( ) Some new terms, some AACR2 terms omitted score; condensed score; study score; piano conductor part; violin conductor part; vocal score; piano score; chorus score; part; choir book; table book Specify number of volumes and/or pages, leaves columns in parentheses

34 Example – Extent & Format of Notated Music Format of Notated Music: 300 __ 1 score (64 pages) not: 300 __ 64 pages of music

35 Extent (RDA 3.4.3) If the resource consists of a score and one or more parts in a single unit: $a Sing we all Noel! : $b unison/two part with piano and optional handbells or handchimes (3 or 4 octaves) / $c [music by] Allen Pote ; [words by] C.F. Hernaman. 300 $a 1 vocal score and 1 part (11 pages)

36 Extent (RDA 3.4.3) If the resource consists of a score and one or more parts in more than one unit: $a Sonata no. 2 in F major, op. 99 / $c Johannes Brahms. 300$a 1 score (30 pages) + 1 part (9 pages)

37 Extent (RDA 3.4.3) If the resource consists of a score and one or more parts in more than one unit: Extent: 300 __ 1 score (xiii, 45 pages) 300 __ 5 parts or (MLA Best Practices): 300 __ 1 score (xiii, 45 pages) + 5 parts

38 Illustrative and Color Content (RDA 7.15, 7.17) Rare with printed music, but record if present if judged important (i.e., not core elements) Record in subfield $b of 300, following a colon 300 $a 1 score (25 pages) : $b color illustrations ; $c 30 cm

39 Dimensions (RDA 3.5) Core element for LC Record in centimeters No period, unless followed by a series statement Differing sizes? Record each carrier

40 Dimensions (RDA 3.5) Record dimensions according to the appropriate format in The most common for printed music are volume and sheet. Volume: record height of volume ( ) ; $c 30 cm Sheet: record height x width ( ) ; $c 29 x 20 cm

41 Example – Extent & Dimensions 300 __ 1 score (42 pages) ; $c 30 cm. cm. because there a series statement follows

42 Creating a DescriptionExtent, Dimensions study score (ix, 97 pages) ; $c 30 cm

43 Content/Media/Carrier Types ContentMediaCarrier RDARDA 3.2RDA 3.3 CoreCore for LC/PCCCore Terms – table 6.1Terms – table 3.1Terms – Closed list of terms May record multiple types

44 Examples – Content, Media, Carrier 336 notated music $2 rdacontentScore 337 unmediated $2 rdamedia 338 volume $2 rdacarrier 336 notated music $2 rdacontent Score 337 unmediated $2 rdamedia 338 sheet $2 rdacarrier 336 notated music $2 rdacontentScore with still image $2 rdacontent content types 337 unmediated $2 rdamedia 338 volume $2 rdacarrier

45 Series Statement (RDA 2.12) Core element Title proper Numbering within series Title proper of subseries Numbering within subseries LC-PCC PS addresses situations in which a series statement should be given in a bib record Sonata no. 2 in F major, op. 99 / $c Johannes Brahms _ Kalmus string series

46 Notes Title Source of title, variant titles Statement of responsibility Attribution Nature of content Language Can be given separately, or combined with form of musical notation note

47 Form of Notation (RDA ) Core element for LC/PCC Set of characters and/or symbols used to express the musical content of a resource Closed list of terms ( )

48 Example – Form of Notation Form of Notation: 546 __ $b Graphic notation.

49 Language (RDA ) Core element for LC/PCC Can be given separately, or combined with form of musical notation Examples: 546 English words. 546 English words $b staff notation.

50 Medium of Performance of Musical Content (RDA ) Core element for LC/PCC Instrument(s), voice(s), etc., used (or intended to be used) for performance of musical content Can use abbreviations for voices (Appendix B) List solo instruments only Example: 500 For SATB soloists, 2 violins, cello, and piano. 500 For wind ensemble. 500 Reduction for clarinet and piano. 500 Part for piano only.

51 Extent (RDA ) Score and parts in a single physical unit ( ) Notes about pagination ( ) Notes about bibliographic vs. physical volumes ( ) Notes about dimensions ( )

52 Duration (RDA 7.22) Core element for LC Includes performance time for a resource containing notated music or notated movement If performance time is stated on the resource, record the time stated Example: 500 __ Duration: 2:15:00.

53 Contents (RDA ) Core element for LC For compilations Related works LC-PCC PS 25.1 Dont apply to hymnals No limit on number of works in a contents note Unless burdensome

54 Contents (RDA ) LC-PCC PS gives guidance for constructing formal contents notes Record the title proper that appears in the source that provides the best identification Use the title page title if it appears there Give other title information only when the title proper would be meaningless without it Record 1 st statement of responsibility for each title

55 Examples – Contents Contents: 505 0_ Aire popular -- En estilo criollo -- Danza -- Satiagueña -- Bailecito.

56 Examples – Contents Contents: 505 0_ Morning prayer / Rebecca Parkinson -- Come unto Jesus (hymn tune Orton) / O.P. Huish ; arranged by James L. Rasmussen -- Solace / Darwin Wolford -- Earth with her ten thousand flowers (hymn tune Testimony) -- Invocation / M. David Chugg -- …

57 Example – Contents 245 __ Considerable persons : $b nine souvenirs (2011) / $c Roger Zahab. … 505 0_ For Joan Tower : for tenor, clarinet, violin and viola da gamba or cello -- broadcasting signal : for four violins or multiples thereof -- Phoenician dance : for violin and piano - - horizon, moonlight : for violin and piano -- Tea : for violin and piano -- Courante : for piano or other keyboard -- aria Ada : for viola and cello -- summer phrases : for piano -- The Fireflies of Hudson : for violin and piano.

58 Example – Contents 245 __ Night songs : $b op. 22, for high voice and piano / $c Lowell Liebermann. … Good night / words by Mark van Doren -- She tells her love while half asleep / words by Robert Graves -- A variation on "To say to go to sleep" / words by Randall Jarrell.

59 Identifier for the Manifestation (RDA 2.15) Core element Prefer internationally recognized identifier Additional identifiers are optional ISBN, ISMN, UPC, EAN Use prescribed display format Otherwise, record as it appears on source

60 Identifier for the Manifestation (RDA 2.15) Publisher numbers Plate numbers Include preceding abbreviation, word, or phrase designating a publisher

61 Example – Identifier for the Manifestation Standard Identifiers: ISMN Publishers no. ED Plate no. S&Co _ _ ED S&Co.8850 on bottom of each page: S&Co.8850

62 A Cambridge Mass: Putting the Basic Description Together! 024 2_ _ D100 $b Stainer & Bell 245 _2 A Cambridge mass : $b for SATB soloists, double choir and orchestra / $c Ralph Vaughan Williams ; edited by Alan Tongue. 264 _1 London : $b Stainer & Bell, $c _4 $c © study score (ix, 97 pages) ; $c 30 cm 546 English words. 546 $b Staff notation.

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