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Devops – The Last Mile. Jay Flowers

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1 Devops – The Last Mile

2 Jay Flowers

3 Workspace Management The act of defining, creating, and maintaining the software tool stack that comprises a developers or testers computer configuration.

4 Why?

5 Problem? Why do we need Workspace Management? Do we have a problem? As workspace configurations drift the more pervasive and sever works on my box syndrome is encountered. They drift from each other as well as away from production.

6 The Norm Manually Tribal knowledge Some documentation, generally out of date Lots of options, room for variation Unreliable results Difficult to reproduce same results

7 The Goal Fully automated Infrastructure as code Institutionalized knowledge Code as documentation No options Tested Reliable, repeatable results

8 Needs We need a way to unobtrusively manage all the developer/tester workspaces on a project We need all the software and configuration that makes up the workspace to be centrally managed We need all the workspaces to look and function identically We prefer to use the same tool to manage workspaces as we use to manage servers

9 Chef Automation for installing and configuring software Open Source Supports Windows, OSx, and Linux Why Chef and not Puppet? – Internal DSL, more powerful than Puppets external DSL – 100% free, Puppet is only partially free Can bootstrap to create setup application System level CM Testable with Vagrant or EC2 – Higher quality from agile testing


11 Server/Client – Secure communication, authentication, and authorization with public/private keys – Servers control execution of clients Solo – Client without a server – Execution is initiated at the command line on the client Chef Modes

12 When to use Solo and when to use Server/Client Solo for workspace management – Updates controlled by workspace owner, on demand – Cookbooks stored in workspace Server/Client for everything else – Update controlled by server, pushed to clients – Cookbooks stored on server We can use Chef to deploy the applications we build!

13 Chef Anatomy Server/Client or Solo Cookbooks (written to be idempotent) – Resources and Providers – used to perform typical actions (make user, create directory, install package, etc…) – Attributes – parameters specific to the cookbook Nodes – The client list of cookbooks to apply Roles – Lists of cookbooks to be applied – Helpful in organizing nodes into groups (e.g. frontend apache server) Databags – Parameters specific to the target nodes and or organization

14 Bootstrap Solo Configuration require 'minitest-chef-handler' file_cache_path "c:/tools/chef/cache" cookbook_path [File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/Chef/cookbooks"] file_backup_path "c:/tools/chef/backup" role_path "c:/tools/chef/roles" json_attribs File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/node.json" handler = => File.join(Chef::Config[:cookbook_path], "*", "test", "*test*.rb")) report_handlers << handler log_level :debug log_location STDOUT

15 Node.json { "run_list": [ "recipe[git]", "recipe[tortoisegit]", "recipe[get_git_source]", "recipe[springsource_sts]", "recipe[java]", "recipe[sysinternals]", "recipe[virgo]", "recipe[gradle]", "recipe[notepadplusplus]", "recipe[maven]", "recipe[groovy]" ]}

16 Java Cookbook windows_package "java" do source node['java']['url'] checksum node['java']['checksum'] action :install installer_type :custom options "/s /v \"/qn INSTALLDIR=#{node['java']['java_home']}\"" not_if { node['java']['java_home'] } end

17 Git Clone Cookbook dir = node['get_git_source']['dir'] directory dir do inherits true recursive true action :create end

18 Git Clone Cookbook ruby_block "clone_git_repo" do block do url = node['get_git_source']['url']"Cloning the repo #{url} to directory #{dir}, this could take a while...") git ="git clone #{url} #{dir}") git.run_command puts git.stdout if git.stderr != '' puts "error messages: " + git.stderr end # Raise an exception if it didn't exit with 0 git.error! end action :create

19 Git Clone Cookbook not_if do"Checking if #{dir} is a working git repo") git ="git status", :cwd => dir) git.run_command puts git.stdout if git.stderr != '' puts git.stderr end if git.exitstatus == 0 true else false end

20 Written to easily manage large numbers of servers, translates to workspaces too Installs and configures software and operating systems creating reliable and repeatable results Creation of new servers and workspaces becomes so easy allowing us to treat them as disposable resources Can be used to repair/heal broken workspaces and servers Chef Foots the Bill

21 Benefits What works on my box works everywhere else… Dramatically reduced time to create new workspace Workspace updates are non-events Heal broken workspace Can be managed by unskilled team members Pairs well with other scripting (e.g. automated deployments)

22 Cucumber Test Tool Open Source Tests are written in plain text Tests are implemented in Ruby, the same language as Chef is implemented in… Tests use virtualization libraries to create, control, and destroy test instances/environments

23 Simple Example

24 Cucumber Example

25 Minitest Example

26 Test Driven These tools enable a test driven approach Tests can be written before Chef cookbooks are written Tests can be executed in a local workspace as well as on a CI server

27 Test Resources ChefSpec - MiniTest - Test Kitchen - Examples – –


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