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What This Course Is About Instructor: John Edmiston (310) 783-1510.

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2 What This Course Is About

3 Instructor: John Edmiston (310) 783-1510

4 Theology of Technology: Introduces students to the biblical and theological basis for a Christian theology of technology and to the concepts essential to the reflective life and practice of the Christian technologist.

5 1Reflectively apply a coherent biblical and theological view of technology to a range of present and emerging ministry situations. 2Clearly evaluate, articulate and address the ethical dilemmas involved in the use of technology. 3Understand and articulate your unique identity as a technologist and the unique role played by technologists in the Body of Christ 4Demonstrate a grasp of the biblical history of technology and how it shapes both human consciousness and social and cultural practices including both true and false worship, idolatry and true spiritual imagination. 5Communicate a clear vision for the use of technology in areas such as the development of Christian character, spiritual values and service to the urban poor.

6 1. This course requires extensive engagement with the readings, the instructor and with other students. 2. Careful pacing and scheduling will be required and it is the task of the student to keep up with the work. 3. You will need good high-speed Internet access and word- processing software such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice. 4. You will be expected to have a basic working understanding of digital technology and the Internet. 5. All posting in forums will be done in a spirit of Christian love, though vigorous debate is encouraged.

7 6. This course is meant to challenge your intellectual and spiritual boundaries and you are not expected to agree with all the materials presented but rather to interact with it in a scholarly manner as reflective practitioners. 7. This is a THEOLOGY course so your posts and assignments should take on a theological tone (not a devotional tone or a purely secular analysis) and be well supported with references from biblical or other theological sources. 8. Major written work is expected to reference and to interact with: a) All three (3) of the required texts as well as the Scriptures. b) At least six (6) of the recommended texts c) The class readings and videos, MP3s etc.

8 This course is classified mainly as a course in Practical Theology with some reference to Systematic Theology. Practical theology is the practical application of theology to everyday life. Richard Osmer explains that the four key questions and tasks in practical theology are: 1) What is going on? (descriptive-empirical task) 2) Why is this going on? (interpretative task) 3) What ought to be going on? (normative task) 4) How might we respond? (pragmatic task) These are the questions we will be expecting you to ask as you think through the material in this course and should form the basis of your reflection in the forums and of your writing tasks.

9 1.From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology by John Dyer 2.Dawson, Lorne L. (ed.) Cowan, Douglas E. (ed) 2004. Religion Online: Finding Faith on the Internet New York, Routledge 3.The Next Story: Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion by Tim Challies (Kindle Edition) 4.The Holy Bible (NKJV, NRSV or NASB versions preferred as they better support scholarly exegesis)

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