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Media & Technology AEA Board of Directors Conference 2014.

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1 Media & Technology AEA Board of Directors Conference 2014

2 Who we are… Keystone (Rhonda Sheeley) AEA 267 (Dr. Jerry Schnabel) Prairie Lakes (Diane Jackson) NWAEA (Jon Wibbles) Mississippi Bend (Nancy McIntire) Grant Wood (Lisa Wilson) Heartland (Sheila King, Susan Schrader) Green Hills (David VanHorn) Great Prairie (Dr. Sally Lindgren)

3 Our Services Media Centers K-12 Lending Library Professional Library Special Collections On-line Resources Print & Production Services IEC Paper Coop

4 IOWA AEA On-Line GALE AP Images BritanniciaSoundszabound Atomic Learning Culture Grams SIRS Researcher Learn 360 Book Flix TrueFlix Teen Health and Wellness Teaching books Digital rights for videos

5 Technology Services Technology Integration 1-1 Support, Tech Planning Google Integration & Support AEA PD-Online, K-12 Online Use of BrightBytes, Dashboard Dialogs Iowa Core, Early Literacy (ELI), MTSS Support

6 Technology Services IT/Network Services Support for LEA Technology Coordinators Technology Readiness & Network Verification Core IT Services (Internet, Network, Servers) Erate Support Internet & Aggregation

7 BrightBytes IOWA Rob Mancabelli Co-Founder CEO BrightBytes Keynote AESA 2012, GPAEA, NWAEA, and Heartland AEA initially adopted Spring 2013 Media/Technology Directors Summer 2013 Retreat to customize an Iowa version for ALL Iowa AEAs. All AEAs Implementing Spring 2014

8 What it is… A data collection and dashboard system BIG DATA BIG DATA Measure of Technology Integration Improves Student Achievement (21+ factors) Drives 21 st Century Learning

9 What it does… Informs us about the use of technology to support teaching and learning and improve student achievement Provides a common framework: The CASE Framework for all AEAs/LEAs Connects to Iowa Core, Technology Readiness, ELI and MTSS Creates efficiency within the AEA system through the development and sharing of common resources, and activities to support improvement Promotes effectiveness of Quality Instruction (research-based) Provides a system to monitor progress

10 Lets take a look!

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