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Austrian Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour (BMWA) Selected Technology-Policy Initiatives Otto Peperna Head of Unit for International Innovation.

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1 Austrian Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour (BMWA) Selected Technology-Policy Initiatives Otto Peperna Head of Unit for International Innovation and Technology Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

2 The Austrian Science, Technology and Innovation Policy – a Complex Landscape 3 ministries responsible for technology policy: –Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture (BMBWK) –Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) –Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour Council for Research and Technological Development (as an advisory body for the Government) Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

3 BMWA – Six Technology Key Issues Existing: 1. Co-operation Between the Economic and the Scientific Sector 2. Biotechnology 3. International Co-operation 4. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 5. Information Policy 6.Technology Transfer and Fiscal Measures Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

4 Key issue 1 - Co-operation Between the Economic and the Scientific Sector 1.Programme: Promotion of National Industry- Oriented Centers of Competence (Kind/Knet) -led by industry or industry-oriented consortia, guaranteeing economic success two action-lines: -Kind: promote R&D activities carried out by different companies and research institutes at one location -Knet: networking activities of different Competence Nodes spread over the whole country criteria for public funding: at least 40 % of full costs have to be covered by private companies public funding: in terms of grants for a four-years project duration (up to 60 % of eligible costs) currently 18 Kind/Knet funded Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

5 Key issue 1 - Co-operation Between the Economic and the Scientific Sector ACR – Austrian Co-operative Research - unifies a wide range of existing privately financed research institutes -SME-oriented non-profit organizations -R&D-co-operation for companies offered -covers different application-oriented technological areas such as fire prevention techniques, polymer technologies, food technologies, etc. -offers services like testing, quality management, certification Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

6 Key issue 1 - Co-operation Between the Economic and the Scientific Sector CDG – The Christian-Doppler-Gesellschaft (responsible for financing of CD-Labs) -public-sector/industry co-financed -BMWA: most important public sector player -targeted research area: Applied Basic Research -enable industry quick access to new scientific research development -33 CD-Labs existing (16 newly established in 2002) -wide range of thematic areas, e.g. laser application in the medicine sector, recycling of non-ferro-metals Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

7 Key Issue 2 - Biotechnology Programme LISA (Life Science Austria) Objective: upgrading competetiveness of Austrian Biotech activities related to international market conditions -one-stop-shop for scientists interested in commercial exploitation of their own research results, e.g. patents, start-ups etc -30 new companies have been established since up to 100 M invested in Austria so far -LISA-Vienna-Region co-ordinates and brings together existing initiatives on the federal level and on the provincial one, respectively Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

8 Key Issue 3 – International Co-operation 1.Austrian Participation in EU-Framework Programmes Main strategies of BMWA: increasing Austrian participation in EU-Framework Programmes; sucessful integration of Austrian S&T-oriented companies in European research activities -BIT an important partner for implementing our strategies -FP 5 – an Austrian success story: - just return about 300 M - participation of industry 36 %, RO: 33 % successful Austrian projects registered by BIT -FP 6 – first calls: similar results to first calls in FP 5 Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

9 Key Issue 3 – International Co-operation Austrian participation in EUREKA Main strategies of BMWA: increasing participation in all kinds of EUREKA-projects, especially in Cluster- Projects contribution to improving EUREKAs importance at European level (ERA, FPs..) Some statistic datas on classic projects with Austrian participation (Sept. 03): 78 ongoing projects (314 M), 118 AT-participants involved 135 projects finished (6576 M), 247 AT-participants involved 49 SME involved in ongoing projects (62,82 %) 80 SME invoved in finished projects (59,25 %) 8 ongoing projects with AT participation in MEDEA+ 7 ongoing projects with AT participation in ITEA Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

10 Key Issue 3 – International Co-peration – 3 3. Programme STRAPAMO STRAPAMO = Formation of Strategic S&T-Partnerships with Central and Eastern Europe -development of Central European networks (technology, research, production) -regional dimension of ERA -potential applicants: Austrian clusters, competence centers, technology parks, co-operative research institutes, with pendant institution in CEEC; at least 3 Austrian and 3 CEEC-companies involved -programme management by BIT First call in 2002/3: 21 proposals submitted 12 projects selected (partner countries: in particular Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia) Second call foreseen for autumn 2004 Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

11 Key Issue 3 – International Co-operation - 4 Initiative TRICO (Triliteral Co-operation) between Austria, Slovenia and NE-Italy in the area of technology main players in AT: BMWA, BIT objective: Stimulation of cross-border technology-co-operation projects with partners in all involved countries instrument: annual organization of brokerage-events dedicated to specific thematic areas – mostly in line with open calls in EU Framework Programmes next TRICO-event: will be taking place in Austria in January 04 (Theme: Co-operative and Collective Research in FP 6) future aspects: Enlargement by taking on board HU, CR, TRICO should be co-financed by EC via INTERREG III C (specific role also for Austrian regions (Syria, Carithia, Burgenland) (future TRICO = technology, research, innovation co-op.) Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

12 Key Issue 4 – ICT Programme Innovation by e-Business objective: Promotion of research activities and projects strengthening co- operation between companies and the scientific sector 6 Action Lines: - AL R&D: directed to R&D-clusters, Centers of Competence for eBusiness, eTourism, eContent(MM) - AL Start-ups, Icubators: for Incubator-networks etc - AL eContent Austria: for international co-operaton - AL Gateway to East: creating cross-border technology partnerships - AL Cluster Networks for SME-Integration: Know how-Transfer, TT - AL Ínformation and Awareness for various awareness-raising activities Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

13 Key Issue 5 – Information Policy Programme TECHNOKONTAKTE objective: how to learn from best practices -executives are offered direct access to information from Top-companies by taking part in workshops, organized in these enterprises -more than 3000 people participated up to now -Technokontakte-Club established in 2001, today more than 120 members, acts as comprehensive innovative idea-factory for executives Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

14 Key Issue 5 – Information Policy Initiative TECNET (Network for Market- and Technology- Information) objective: providing information, market- analysis, certificates, expert-talks to technology-oriented firms, to banks, business angels..etc - international Technology- and market data bases and contacts to national/international organizations used - provides quick and discret infos on market chances etc. Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

15 Key Issue 6 – Technology Transfer and Fiscal Measures Programme PROTEC objective: to make innovative SME more competitive in terms of creating new market-oriented products and production lines. 3 Action Lines: - AL protec-TRANS supports T-Transfer- validation and Demo-projects implemented by SME - AL protec-INNO promotes projects generated in TT- Centers, in Insitutes and in SME-consortia, dealing with T-development, T-diffusion, good practice approaches etc. -AL protec-NETplus supports creation SME-related TT-activities- and TT-networks by upgrading existing quality of innovation knowledge (e.g. new examples for TT, innovative TT-projects containing structures similar to clusters Programme duration: ; in the first phase 4,7 M funded by grants up to 50 % of eligible costs. Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

16 contact: Otto Peperna Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labour Unit I/18, Tel: /5391, Fax: / THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTANTION Innovation December, CSVTS-building, Praha

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