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Plot 20, Sector 10A, Dr.Mar Theophilus Marg, Navi Mumbai Tel: ( Fax:

2 Indian Women Scientists' Association (IWSA)
IWSA is a voluntary, non-political, non governmental organization. Registered in 1973. Membership is open to Women Graduates & Diploma holders in all disciplines of sciences (basic & applied). Associate membership is open to non science graduates interested in science/scientific temper. With head office at Vashi, Navi Mumbai, IWSA has 9 branches: Baroda, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolhapur, Kalppakam, Lucknow, Nagpur, Pune & Rooorkee. Membership is nearly touching 2000.

3 The above are achieved by carrying out diff. programmes:
Objectives of IWSA To take science to masses. To develop scientific temper in the society. To promote scientific accomplishments among women scientists. To understand the problems of women in sciences. To be a representative body of women in S&T The above are achieved by carrying out diff. programmes: lectures, science camps, panel discussions, essay-, painting- and quiz competitions, etc.

(i) “Jitendra Mafatlal Mehta” Working Women’s Hostel & “Shree Mahalakshmi Temple Charities” Hostel Wing working women and female students. (Several environmentally friendly technologies are built: rainwater harvesting, vermiculture composting and solar water heating system.) (ii)“G M Abhyankar” Day care centre : Children (6 mths-6 yrs); , Monday to Saturday; ~30 children. (iii)“Mrs. Indirabai Padhye” Nursery school for toddlers (2 ½ -3 ½ yrs.); Monday – Friday; per batch; 20 nos.

5 (Sunday Science Club for school children --2000-2006).
(iv) “ Dr. Sumati Bhide & Mr. V. Bhide” Science Laboratory (Sunday Science Club for school children ). (v) “Murli Laj Chugani” Health Care Centre Dentist Physiotherapist Homeopath General Physician Gynecologist Aryuvedic Numerous health camps (cancer detection, # Thyrocare, etc) (vi) Computer Centre - training for Basic & Higher computer courses (web designing, DTP, Tally, multi-media, etc) (vii) Piroja Godrej Library (viii) Teachers’ training diploma course (SNDT affiliated) (ix) Merit-cum-need scholarships for girl students in science (x) “I C I C I “ Multipurpose Hall –Seating capacity 300 (available on rental basis)

6 Dental care at health care centre

7 All India Meeting of Women in Science held by IWSA 1975-2010
National Conferences: 1975 : Specific problems of professional Women Scientists. Venue: Mumbai 1978 : Science Teaching, Nutrition, Family Planning, Indian Medicine, Health and Science Communication. Venue: Mumbai. 1984 : Socio-Economic & Health Impact of Employment Generation Schemes. Venue: Hyderabad. 1987 : Science for Citizen-Rural & Urban. Venue: Mumbai 1990 : Women & Environment. Venue: Nagpur 1994 : Contribution of Women towards Development of India through Science & Technology. Venue: Mumbai. 1996 : Role of Women in Science-Society Interaction. Venue: Roorkee. : IWSA Silver Jubilee Celebrations; BARC Tr. School Hall; Venue: Mumbai. 2001 : Strategic Approaches to Protect Environment. Venue: Pune 2004 : Expanding Frontiers of Science with Information Tech; Mumbai 2007 : 10th All India Meeting of Women in Science. Venue: Nagpur 2011 : Science and Technology: Ethical issues. Venue: Mumbai

8 International Conferences:
1981: VI International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists; Mumbai. Inauguration by Indira Gandhi. 1998: IWSA Silver Jubilee International Conf. “Expanding Frontiers of S&T”; Mumbai Plenary lecture by Dr. A.P.J. A. Kalam. 2006: SGPW -2006: Sustaining Global Pressures: Women in Science and Eng.; Roorkee; 2008: SGPW-2008; Kalpakkam, TN

9 Representation of IWSA on committees:
IWSA was one of the five members representing Interim Committee of the Third World Organization of Women in Science (TWOWS) appointed by the Third World Academy of Science, Trieste, Italy…1988. IWSA was a nominated member on National Committees of DST : Application of S&T for Women ( ) Application for weaker section & Rural Development ( ) IWSA member on a Panel appointed by National Literacy Mission for Technology Development ( ) Member of Science-cum Technical Cell of All India Radio

10 Projects undertaken by IWSA
(I) An integrated approach to women’s health and children in tribal areas of Western Maharashtra. ( ) Project co-ordinator: Padmabhushan Dr. K.J. Ranadive (II) Health Awareness Programmes: (i) Gramin Mahila Vidynan Mandal (1989 – 1992) Vashi, New Bombay area (ii) Safe womanhood project (1994); Mumbai (W) (III) Assessment of indoor pollution in tribal population in Western Maharashtra and its effects on health under different conditions of cooking fuel. (2000 – 2003) Principal Investigator: Dr. Usha R. Thakare

11 IWSA Germ Padmabhushan Dr. Kamal Ranadive
Cell Biologist, Ex- Director, Cancer Research Institute

12 Padmashree Ms. Shanta Gandhi
Ex Director, Bal Bhavan, New Delhi, Artist – Author

13 Dr. Shantoo Gurnani Biochemist, BARC

14 IWSA founder members (Deceased—D)
Padmabhushan Dr. Kamal J. Ranadive (D) Padmashree Ms. Shanta Gandhi (D) Dr. Shantoo Gurnani (D) Dr. Sumati Bhide (D) Dr. Bharati Bhatt (D) Ms. Rajani Ray (D) Dr. Kusum Arjungi Dr. Sindhu Joshi Ms. Vidya Khubchandani Dr. Lalit Narurkar Dr. Sudha Padhye Dr. Prem Thomas

15 Presidents of IWSA Dr. Shantoo Gurnani 1973-1975
Dr. Sindhu Joshi Dr. Bharati Bhatt Dr. Sumati Bhide Dr. Kamala J. Ranadive Dr. Sudha Gangal Dr. Sudha Padhye Dr. Usha Thakare Dr. Malati Baichwal (cont.)

16 Presidents of IWSA (cont)
Dr. Snehalata Gupte Dr. Sunila Mathur Dr. Sudha Padhye Dr. Bharati Bhatt Dr. Jayshree Nadkarni Dr. Niyati Bhattacharyya Ms. Meenakshi Kale Dr. Sunita Mahajan Prof. Bakhtaver Mahajan

17 IWSA Publications IWSA News letter – Q Reminiscences of Women Scientists, published in 1978, titled, “Down the memory Lane.” ‘Pollution’ 1994, By Kalpakkam Branch ‘ Child Care’ by Rorkee Branch. Biographical Directory of Indian Women Science and Technologies in 1997. Why IWSA published in 1975 updated in 1981 and 1998

18 IWSA has a place of its own
1981 – VI ICWES – increase in membership and branches. Need of a place to expand, cooperate and coordinate all activities. Govt. of India: NGO’s to construct working Women’s Hostel and Day Care Centre 75 % construction cost. IWSA decided to undertake a project on working Women’s Hostel, activity block & IWSA Head Quarters located at premises. 1982 – Standing committee 1984 – acquisition of plot of land in Vashi from CIDCO, lease premium of three lakhs borne by Mahalakshmi Temple charities; member Space Architects, appointed; Plans made.




22 New programmes at IWSA--2008
Clean and Green Cities: Navi Mumbai Students’ initiative in environment monitoring ( )…..Supported by Sir Ratan Tata Trust & Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. Lecture series by women scientists Seminar: Shaping of Navi Mumbai, in collaboration with Tata Institute of Social Sciences.



25 Thermosyphonic system



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