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3G Solar Photovoltaics Ltd. Presentation to Canada-Israel Technology Innovation July 2011 3rd Generation PV - Low Cost Dye Solar Cells.

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1 3G Solar Photovoltaics Ltd. Presentation to Canada-Israel Technology Innovation July 2011 3rd Generation PV - Low Cost Dye Solar Cells

2 Overview 3GSolar is a global leader in the development of Dye Solar Cells (DSC) Developed the worlds largest DSC at 5.4%, with small research cells exhibiting up to 8.8% Working with exclusive Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) technology, leveraging the power of Quantum Dots to achieve 14% module efficiency Ultra low cost (unit and plant) and simple to manufacture locally 13 patents and applications protect 3GSolars industry leading innovations in design and scale-up 2

3 First Generation PV – Silicon based Second Generation PV - Thin Film Third Generation PV - Dye Solar Cells DSC representing Printed Photovoltaics Third Generation PV Technology 3

4 Management CEO – Barry Breen: Barry, has a Nuclear Eng. Degree from MIT. He is a business leader and manufacturing process expert who has won several industry awards. Founder and President – Dr Jonathan Goldstein: Jonathan is a solar energy and battery world expert with 41 patents (PhD in Chemistry from Univ. London). Partners Joma International: A leader in highly engineered titania materials Academic partners: inventors and advisors on the the FRET work are Prof. Arie Zaban from Bar Ilan University and Dr. Dan Oron from the Weizmann Institute 3GSolar is backed by Solar Partnership, a fund advised by London based Smedvig Capital and part of the $1.3Billion Smedvig Group In June 2011 Israels largest electricity supplier, the Israel Electric Company made a strategic investment in 3GSolar Setting up collaboration with Prof. C. Berlinguette (Univ. Calgary) on dyes World class management & partners 4

5 It is estimated that in 2009 about 7 GW of PV solar capacity was installed at a cost of approximately $39 Billion In 2010 that number was $82 Billion Large, rapidly growing market Capacity of Annual PV Installations by Application Source: Technology Roadmap, Solar Photovoltaic Energy, International Energy Agency 3GSolar is targeting the largest segments of the market – on and off grid power market The key requirement within these market segments is the cost of the panel for a given amount of electricity created on a given day – 3GSolar DSC is well placed with its ultra low cost offering 5

6 3GSolar designs high efficiency DSCs using simple low cost manufacturing processes Ultra low cost, readily available materials with low toxicity Simple low cost manufacturing techniques enable local manufacture – Simple screen printing approach keeps capital cost low – no vacuum ($7M for a 20 MW plant) – Low Labor Costs – automated screen printing based production reduces the number of operators required to operate a plant – Operators can be lower skilled 3GSolar will have a unit cost of $0.35/W p Simple to manufacture low cost cells 6 DSC Design

7 3GSolar designs high efficiency DSC using simple low cost manufacturing processes Converts more light into energy than silicon – Effective in occluded light conditions – earlier and later times of the day, cloudy conditions, high latitude geographical locations – Same efficiency more energy, 15% across a day in the example on the right, but up to 40% more energy in certain conditions Superior product characteristics versus competitors Performance of a DSC Module Vs Silicon Module over the Course of a Day Source: 3GSolar – Jerusalem, April measurement 7

8 Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) is a key way to increase DSC efficiency: we will be adapting the Professors input into our large area cells FRET separates the light absorption process from the electron injection process 3GSolar can therefore optimise the materials for these two functions separately Quantum Dots (QDs) can be used to broaden the spectrum of light absorbed by DSC dye A far greater proportion of the light spectrum can therefore be converted into electricity FRET effect significantly boosts efficiency 8 3GSolar aims to reach module efficiencies of 10% by 2014 and 14% by 2019 Photon flux of the AN 1.5 G spectrum at 1000 W m -2 (ASTM G173-03), and calculated accumulated photocurrent D A Energy transfer Now FRET

9 Incident photon conversion spectra on three different electrode structures: – nc-TiO 2 /QD/a-TiO 2 – nc-TiO 2 /a-TiO 2 /dye – nc-TiO 2 /QD/a-TiO 2 /dye Combining QDs and dyes in FRET process dramatically increases photon conversion over whole visible spectrum Shifting dye absorption to longer wavelengths will further increase conversion 9 Work from lab of Prof. A. Zaban, BIU FRET Proof of Concept

10 Development Plan 10 Dec 2011Dec 2012Dec 2013Dec 2014Dec 2015 Phase 1 Completion of current R&D (11% efficient small cell by December 2012) Phase 2 Construct and optimize 100 kWp pilot plant (10% efficient module by end 2013) Phase 3 Construct and optimize 20 MW automated fabrication plant Phase 4 Initiation and support of worldwide operations (internal, licensee, JV)

11 Conclusions 11 3GSolar is a global leader in development of Dye Solar Cells (DSC) The alignment of: – Low plant capital costs – Low cost of production – High performance in real light conditions – Significant improvement in DSC module efficiency with FRET Means that 3GSolar DSC will have a market leading position A 3GSolar DSC in 2019 could cost less than half a silicon panel to produce the same energy across a day Cost per Peak Watt for Silicon, Thin-Film and 3GSolar DSC Sources: Management estimates; SolarBuzz

12 THANK YOU! Dr. Jonathan Goldstein (President) +972-507303821 Barry N. Breen, CEO +972-544709956 3GSolar Photovoltaics Ltd. 12

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