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EnStron Engineered Wood Underlayments just got a little GREENER!

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1 EnStron Engineered Wood Underlayments just got a little GREENER!

2 EnStron products are made from 100% recycled waste from wood products. That means it is an environmentally superior option compared to Lauan plywood – which is imported and manufactured from rainforest wood sources. NO FORMALDEHYDE ADDED EnStron products meet the strict HUD standards for strength and formaldehyde fuming.

3 For High Humidity & Moisture Areas

4 Protect your flooring investment by choosing the best underlayment. Created specifically for the floor-covering industry, EnStron is a high- density, thin underlayment panel with a smooth, blemish free face and a fine surface nap that encourages maximum adhesion of various resilient floor coverings.

5 Using EnStron Products can earn you up to 6 LEED Points

6 The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System is a third-party certification program and the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. LEED provides building owners and operators with the tools they need to have an immediate and measureable impact on their buildings performance. LEED is a certification system that deals with the environmental performance of buildings based on overall characteristics of the project. It is up to project teams to determine which products are most appropriate for credit achievement and program requirements

7 EnStron LEED Credit and Point Information Indoor Environmental Quality IEQ 4.4 - (1 point) Composite wood products must contain no added Urea Formaldehyde Resins. Material and Resources MR 4.1 - (1 point) Sum of recycled content constitutes at least 10% of material in the project. Material and Resources MR 4.2 - (1 point in addition to MR 4.1) Sum of recycled content constitutes at least 20% of material in the project. Material and Resources MR 5.1 - (1 point) Use minimum of 20% combined value of construction materials and products manufactured within a 500 mile radius. Material and Resources MR 5.2 - (1 point) In addition to requirements of MR 5.1, use a minimum of 10% of the combined value of construction materials and products extracted, harvested, or recovered as well as manufactured within 500 miles of the project. Material and Resources MR 7.1 – (1 point) Use a minimum of 50% of wood based materials and products which are certified in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Councils (FSC) principles and criteria for wood building components.

8 EnStron products are ECC Certified The Composite Panel Association (CPA) Eco-Certified Composite (ECC) Grademark Program has been developed to provide independent certification of wood composite products that are demonstrably environmentally preferable through their use of recycled and/or recovered wood fiber and adherence to voluntarily lower formaldehyde emission standards than government regulations. ECC Certification is available to individual manufacturing plants and requires an on-site qualification audit. Unfinished composite panel products must first comply with the stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) formaldehyde emissions regulation Enstron also meets the following requirements: -Low Carbon Emissions -Uses Locally Sourced Fiber -Responsible Wood Sourcing

9 Simply the Best Choice for Resilient Floor Underlayment &

10 Smoother Denser Impact Resistant Consistent Workable Economical Enviro-Friendly Blemish Free Quiet Underlayment just got a lot more….

11 EnStrons exceptionally smooth surface means it provides superior bonding between the floor covering adhesive and the panel. And the consistent face also means you dont have to worry about seeing panel imperfections, delaminations or seaming after you lay vinyl floor coverings. Smooth Surface

12 At 46.5 lbs/cu. ft. EnStron is more than 50- percent more dense than Lauan plywood. That means it deflects and resists panel damage from impacts like dropped tools much better than other underlayment products. And, a higher density panel means nails and screws have more fiber to bite into – so you have fewer problems with squeaks and loose panels. Density

13 EnStrons superior surface hardness helps eliminate the need for panel patching and sanding. Unlike Lauan plywood, fasteners will not split the surface of EnStron underlayment. Surface Hardness

14 EnStron is an engineered panel designed to meet precision manufacturing standards. It has no core voids or hidden imperfections that can cause problems after the floor covering is installed. Consistency

15 No need to worry about callbacks due to veneer delamination. Because EnStron is an integrated panel with no layers, it holds together – even in higher moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens – that are more susceptible to moisture and humidity. Solid One-Piece Construction

16 Enstron and Enstron Plus are economically price competitive and come with a 15 Year Transferable Warranty. Economically Priced

17 With a panel density more than 50-percent greater than Lauan plywood, fasteners like screws, nails and staples tend to hold tighter – eliminating squeaks and panel warping. Quiet

18 Unlike Lauan products that are produced in a layering process that is more susceptible to delamination, EnStron is engineered using fine recovered wood which eliminates issues related to delamination. EnStrons surface is smoother and harder than other underlayment options. That means you get better adhesion to the floor covering and better resistance to denting due to surface impact common on job sites. It also means you dont need to worry about surface telegraphing commonly seen through vinyl floor coverings. Most underlayment panels, even top-performing panels like EnStron, are not engineered for areas where extremely high-moisture from humidity or other environmental factors can affect panel performance. EnStron Plus features a special moisture-resistant formula designed specifically for high-moisture conditions. You get better panel stability, with the same warranty and same easy installation. EnStron vsLauan

19 EnStron and EnStron Plus Underlayment Panels Are not for use under ceramic tile.

20 Join us in the fight to save our planet. Make the choice and take the first steps down the road to a GREENER Building Environment by using EnStron or Enstron Plus Underlayment Panels.

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