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Autumn A MathML Progress Report.

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1 Autumn Cuellar @autumnc A MathML Progress Report

2 Overview The MathML standard MathML in other standards MathML software support Conclusion 2

3 MathML The W3C standard for encoding mathematics in XML MathML working group emerged from HTML 3 discussions 3

4 MathML MathML 1 spec finalized in 1998 Content MathML Presentation MathML Interface MathML MathML 2 in 2003 MathML 3 in late 2010 4

5 MathML 3 Line wrapping and line breaking 5

6 MathML 3 Elementary math 6

7 MathML 3 International math support 7

8 Adoption Within Other Standards Content MathML CellML SBML PhysML 8

9 Adoption Within Other Standards Presentation MathML DocBook DITA 1.3 Journal Article Tag Set Accessibility: DAISY NIMAS PDF/UA 9

10 HTML / EPUB HTML5 and EPUB 3 now have MathML support A sign of how far MathML has come Inclusion consistent display Take digital content to the next level 10

11 Tool Support Handwriting Math Input Panel (Microsoft) MoboMath (Enventra) MyScript (Vision Objects) Computation Maple Mathematica 11

12 Tool Support Document creation Word processors: MS Word XML editors: FrameMaker XMetaL Flare 12

13 Tool Support SDKs MathFlow Components WIRIS Rendering engines MathJax MathFlow JEuclid 13

14 Tool Support – Work Required Conversion from legacy formats Proprietary math formats Ex. FrameMaker math LaTeX/TeX PDF documents OCR software: InftyReader 14

15 Tool Support – Work Required Browsers/eReaders Some MathML: Firefox, Safari No MathML: IE, Chrome, Opera eReaders often built on browsers Disadvantages of MathJax Slow – must convert MathML Difficult to modify and query MathML as part of DOM Cannot fully apply CSS to MathML 15

16 Mathematics in eBooks Frédéric Wang Mozilla MathML MathJax WebKit MathML MediaWiki Math Project to improve WebKit support of MathML Contributions from Design Science and XML Prague 16

17 Conclusion MathML is now a mature standard It has been adopted into a wide range of scientific and documentation XML languages. Tool support has come a long way, but still has room for improvement, esp: Conversion to MathML from legacy formats Browser/eReader support 17

18 Contacts / 18 Design Science: Frédéric Wang:

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