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The Path to Accessible Math

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1 The Path to Accessible Math
Neil Soiffer Design Science, Inc University of Guelph May 27, 2009 Copyright © 2009, Design Science Inc., All rights reserved.

2 Outline The Good The Bad – Limitations The Ugly – Making it Work
Accessible Math MathML & Standards Authoring Tools Renders DAISY The Bad – Limitations The Ugly – Making it Work The Discussion…

3 Accessible Math What Where Why
Expressions, Graphs, Figures, Animations, Manipulatives Where Textbooks, homework, articles, work Web, MS Word, PDF, ebooks Why Every day, every student takes math It is one of the 3 "R"s It’s the Law… Every school day, in ever classroom, children are taught math

4 Accessible Math Requirements
Blindness Audio description Navigation Braille math translation Low Vision Font size and color control Print-related Learning Disabilities Synchronization of highlighting with speech Needs are not really different from those related to normal text Images don’t meet these needs, even if they have alt text

5 Math as Images What’s Wrong with Images MathML to the rescue…
Math can and is spoken many different ways Alt text is static Pronunciation: “a plus b” No magnification, navigation, braille, or sync highlighting MathML to the rescue…

6 MathML Example Presentation Content
<math> <mroot> <mi> x </mi> <mn> 3 </mn> </mroot> </math> <math> <apply> <root/> <degree> <cn> 3 </cn> <degree/> <ci> x </ci> </apply> </math>

7 MathML In Standards MathML 2 (2003); MathML 3 (2010?) DocBook
DocBook DAISY (Digital Talking Books) NIMAS: K-12 Textbooks eBooks: ePub (OEBPS) PDF (?!) PDF/UA support for Math HTML5 (2012???) Presentation Linebreaking control Support for elementary math mglyph supports image inclusion Content Completely rewritten chapter Clearer mapping to OpenMath Semantics grounded in OpenMath

8 Authoring MathType —Word, iWork, … WebEQ — Java-based MathML editor
MathFlow—ArborText, XMetaL, XMAX Open Office Scientific Notebook TeX→MathML —TtM, TeX4ht,LaTeXML Mathematica, Maple, MathCAD

9 Design Science Authoring Tools
MathType WYSIWYG TeX editing Works with Word PowerPoint iWork ’09 Wikipedia…

10 WebEQ & MathFlow Editor
Single Equations WebEQ Content MML XML Editors MathFlow Arbortext XMetaL SDK – suite of tools for custom apps WebEq includes equation editor SDK good for one off things (hook up editor to connexions interface)

11 MathType & MathPage MathPage for Word MathPlayer Word-> XHTML
Display Interaction Accessible

12 Works in Popular Browsers
IE+MathPlayer Firefox

13 MathPlayer Accessibility Features
Display Matches font size and color Allows magnification of expressions Synchronized highlighting Speech Supports multiple speech styles Supports multiple languages Supports prosody (pauses, rate, …) Braille Supports multiple MathML-to-braille translators DotsPlus (emboss to Tiger printers)

14 Demo Time Word+MathType MathPage to get XHTML+MathPlayer
MathPlayer Accessibility

15 MathPlayer Multilingual Speech
Translations Usable: Chinese, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish In Process Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, Korean What it takes to do a translation ~150 words + 74 descriptions 3,000 Unicode characters (~500 needed) Need French Fame, Glory, and Fortune – only two out of three

16 DAISY DAISY is a highly accessible format Contains a MathML extension
Collection of files Audio, Text, or a combination Contains a MathML extension Used by Other Standards NIMAS is a subset of DAISY Part of ePub (ebooks)

17 Word & “Save as DAISY” Version 2: Full DAISY book Demo…
Uses MathType Uses MathDaisy Demo… Edit (WYSWYG, TeX) SAD Also Open Office Add-in

18 The Bad: DAISY Only two visual players support Math
gh Player Dolphin EasyReader v4 (+)Works with all Audio only players Not much technical material in DAISY Multiple files complicates delivery NIMAS should cause lots more material to be added Pearson HTML books

19 The Bad: MathML on the Web
Not Universally Supported Doesn’t work in Safari, Chrome Doesn’t work in IE w/o MathPlayer Accessible only w/MathPlayer or FireVox Fonts JavaScript and/or Greasemonkey-like solutions coming FireVox: “screen reader for Firefox”

20 The Ugly: MathML on the Web
Serving XHTML application/xhtml+xml Use .xht as suffix UMM – PHP server solution MathML-aware browser → MathML Otherwise → Generate & Send Image GTKMathView (free) or MathFlow SDK

21 Summary Authoring: MathType, MathFlow, … Works with DAISY tools
Display: MathPlayer, Firefox, gh Player, EasyReader Flexible Speech & Braille Generation MathML used in lots of places Project SMART: ‘MathML is good’

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