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College Application Overview. Who is my Counselor? Alisa Berner.

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1 College Application Overview

2 Who is my Counselor? Alisa Berner

3 Who is my Counselor? Mercedes Hubschmitt

4 Who is my Counselor? Christine Cudmore (Querques)

5 Who is my Counselor? Linda Suokko



8 2 Paths to a Four Year Degree 2 years at a community college 2 years at a university 4 years at a university General Education Major Preparation Requirements for University Admission Major Requirements Graduation Requirements General Education Major Requirements Major Preparation Graduation Requirements 4 YEAR DEGREE

9 Community College Applications due in Spring Palomar placement tests for Math & English Other Local CCs Miramar, Mira Costa, Mesa, Grossmont Registration & Open House in Spring Specialty programs and transfer opportunities to 4- year colleges TAG students must meet with a counselor at the Community College

10 TAG program – Apply second semester of sophomore year in college to a specific 4-yr University University Link – Palomar transfers to UCSD IGETC – General Education curriculum for students unsure where they are going to apply Websites: Community College

11 A-G Requirements A – History – 2 Years (US & World History) B – English – 4 Years C – Math – 3 Years (Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Algebra 3-4) D – Lab Science – 2 Years (1 Biological and 1 Physical) E – Language Other Than English– 2 Years (Same Language) F – VPA – 1 Year G – Elective – 1 Year Website: All Grades must be C or Better for Requirements Look up Courses for the Year the Course was Taken.

12 Early Applications Early Decision Early decision plans are binding! You agree to attend the college if it accepts you. Apply to only one college through Early Decision You can apply to other colleges through regular admissions Once you commit, you must withdraw all other apps Early Action Early action is not binding If accepted you can choose to commit or wait until the spring You can apply Early Action to other colleges ** Check Colleges for specific details

13 CSUs SAT Reasoning or ACT Minimum 2.0 GPA No essay Application period Oct 1 – Nov 30 Application fee is $55 per campus San Marcos – Local Service School No Letters of Recommendation

14 CSU Eligibility GPA – A-G courses completed after 9 th grade Students may earn up to 8 semesters/quarters of honors/AP points (maximum of four in grade 10) If original grade was a D or F, list only the repeated grade of C or better If original grade was a C or better, list only the higher grade CSU Eligibility Index

15 UC Eligibility GPA – A-G courses completed in grades 10 – 11 Students may earn up to 8 semesters/quarters of honors/AP points (maximum of four in grade 10) If original grade was a D or F, list both grades BUT calculate only the repeated grade of C or better If original grade was a C or better, list both grades BUT the repeated grade will not be used in the GPA UC Eligibility Index

16 Life Beyond UC and CSU Private Colleges Out-of-State Universities Many Schools Admit 75% of Applicants Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

17 SAT Tests & ACT SAT Reasoning or ACT o All 4-year colleges require the SAT Reasoning or the ACT o Complete tests by November SAT Subject Tests o UCs and many privates require at least 2 subject tests ** Send Score Reports directly from College Board the same time as your applications *** Send one report to each college, except CSU (Code: 3594)

18 SAT Score Choice New Policy: Students may select which scores are sent to colleges by test date for SAT and individual tests for SAT Subject Tests Optional for Students: Need to actively choose Score Choice Check with Colleges/Universities for individual admission policies

19 Online Applications Have the following on hand when completing your online applications: Use same legal name on all applications Appropriate email address Copy of high school transcript Copy of college transcript (if you have taken courses at a college) Test results: SAT, ACT, AP List of activities/extracurriculars/clubs/volunteer work/athletics, etc.

20 New look to Family Connection

21 About Me...



24 College Info


26 colleges I'm applying to

27 College Info

28 Scholarships

29 Documents required for letters of recommendation can be downloaded and printed from here. Have all of these documents filled out for your counselor/teacher when asking for a letter of recommendation. Document Library

30 REQUEST FOR LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION UCs and CSUs DO NOT require a letter of recommendation Private colleges or scholarships require letters of recommendation

31 Need a Letter from your Counselor? List all colleges you are applying to on the My Colleges section of Family Connection Complete the My Resume section or provide a copy of the Common Application Download and print forms from the document library Permission to Release School Information Student Brag Sheet Parent Profile Three (3) Teacher Input Forms Make an appointment with your Counselor at least 4-6 weeks before deadline NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 1 st Before your appointment:

32 Need a Letter from your Counselor? Bring to the appointment: Completed forms listed on the previous slide Secondary School Report(s) (non common app) Check with Counselor to see if they submit electronically. If not, provide them with self- addressed stamped envelopes. (3 stamps)

33 Need a Letter from your Counselor? After appointment Order official transcripts ($4 each) 4 day turnaround Distribute Teacher Input Forms

34 Need a Letter from a Teacher? A letter of recommendation by an adult is a courtesy to you, and NOT a professional obligation. Please request the letter in person Give teacher: Resume, copy of Brag Sheet, or refer them to Family Connection Postmark deadline Letter of Recommendation form (if applicable) Check with Teacher to see if they submit online. If not, bring them self-addressed stamped envelopes. Be sure to follow up with a verbal or written thank you note to the teacher.

35 COLLEGE-BOUND SENIOR MONTH-TO-MONTH CALENDAR 2009-2010 Rule #1: Meet all deadlines (check your colleges website). Rule #2: If you have a question – check the college website and/or e-mail the colleges admission office. UC System website: System website: SAT sign-up and college search: WESTVIEW CEEB CODE: 052-986 SeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary Sep 9 – Deadline to register for Oct SAT Reasoning & Subject(s) Sep 12 – ACT Test Sep 30 – 8:00 a.m. Westview Theater: Senior Meeting Finalize college list (search Family Connection and College Board). Consider applying for Early Decision or Early Action. Begin a file for each college. Copy applications for your file. Organize list of essays and outline or draft your essay. Obtain out of state and private school applications online or request by phone. Oct 1 – Deadline to register for Nov 7 SAT Reasoning & Subject(s) Oct 7 – 8:00 a.m. Westview Theater: CSU Application Process Oct 10 – SAT Reasoning & Subject(s) Tests Oct 14 – UC Application Process and Personal Statement Oct 21 – Common Application Oct 24 – ACT Test Oct 28 - Drop in time for students to get help on their online application (Computer Lab) Oct 30 – Deadline to register for Dec 5 SAT Reasoning & Subject(s) Minimum 2 weeks notice for Transcript Requests and Letters of Recommendation. UC/CSU do not accept letters of recommendation. Work on college essays. Plan college visits and interviews (remember thank-you letters). Check Family Connection for scholarships (See Ms. Bloomfield). * Wednesday mornings September 30 tht - November 18 th will feature our College Workshop series Nov 4 - Drop in time for students to get help on their online application (Computer Lab) Nov 7 – SAT Reasoning & Subject(s) Nov 18 - Drop in time for students to get help on their online application (Computer Lab) Nov 30 – UC & CSU apps due Minimum 2-3 weeks notice for Transcript Requests and Letters of Rec. UC/CSU do not accept letters of recommendation. Send Early Decision or Early Action applications (verify dates with schools). Submit secondary school/counselor evaluation forms as soon as they arrive. Sign up for FAFSA Pin number Dec 1 - Deadline for Letters of Rec due January 15 th or earlier Dec 5 – SAT Reasoning & Subject(s) Tests Dec 12 – ACT Test Minimum 2 weeks notice for Transcript Requests and Letters of Rec. School Closed Dec 21-Jan 1 Ask politely for teachers recommendations (stamped envelopes) Finish applications for private & out of state schools Jan – Financial Aid Night: Date/Time TBA ( has a financial aid calculator to help you estimate costs and aid eligibility) Jan 15 – End of Term 1 Submit mid-year transcript requests to Registrars Office Fill out FAFSA (and CSS Profile or other financial aid form for private schools) Check to see that your term schedule matches what you reported on college applications. If not, contact the admissions office of your school. Changes to your reported coursework may impact admissions status. Check on-campus housing registration dates for colleges you are interested in attending. FebruaryMarchAprilMayJune Give mid-year transcript requests to Registrar. Check that colleges have received SAT Reasoning & Subject/ACT results from testing agencies. Check that colleges have all necessary financial aid papers. Mar 1 – Last date to send FAFSA (needed for financial aid) Sign up for AP Tests Palomar information: Wolverine Center Await responses from some colleges! Send any new material or information to colleges. Thank you notes to teachers and counselors who wrote recommendations for you. All colleges should respond. Decide where you wish to go. Write thanks, but no thanks letter to colleges you will not attend. May 1 – Make final decision and send deposit. May 3 -14 – AP exams Fill out dorm forms Register for courses June 8 – Graduation Have a great summer! GOOD LUCK! SUMMER Enjoy yourself! You deserve it!

36 Financial Aid Checklist January – March Complete FAFSA by March 2 nd Make sure high school submits GPA to the Student Aid Commission by March 2 nd File institutional applications by schools deadline April – May Wait for Student Aid Report and California Aid Report Wait for financial aid package letters from colleges October – December Find out about Priority F.A. & filing deadlines at colleges of choice Get PIN ( Register for CSS/Financial Aid Profile (if required by college)

37 Application Workshops (Theater) September 30 – 8:00 am College Application Overview October 7 – 8:00 am CSU Application October 14 – 9:00 am UC Application & Personal Statement October 21 – 8:00 am Common Application

38 Application Workshops (Computer Labs) October 28, November 4 & 18 – Live workshop where students can log in to their applications to review specific questions

39 Important Websites CSU: UC: NCAA: FAFSA: Family Connection:

40 Whats Next? Maintain Grades


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