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2 T ODAY S A GENDA : Your Book Talk about Life Cycle of Entertainment Finish your Chapter Question Finish your Review Question for Fruit Game Start you Driving Course Game/Page 142 Tomorrow: Marketing of your Video Game! (Bring back your books)

3 O UR B OOK ! T ITLES FOR EACH SECTION : What makes a Video Game? Audio/Visual Effect Experimental, Mainstream, Obsolete History The Television Computer What are Video Games? Game Play Graphic Display User Interface Digital Toy Marketing Your Video Game Demographic Segregation Marketing Tools Unique Selling Point

4 W HAT MAKES A V IDEO G AME A G AME ? Three main categories of Computer Software Entertainment: Audio/visual effects Video Game Digital Toy

5 A UDIO /V ISUAL E FFECT Audio means something you hear. Visual means something you see. Together, audio/visual effects are any entertainment that you can be seen and heard. Examples: Screen savers Movies Cut scenes Presentations This type of entertainment is simply enjoyed and has no user interface.

6 W E HAVE : Experimental Media Mainstream Media Obsolete

7 E XPERIMENTAL New Innovative Few users Not very popular Just becoming popular

8 M AINSTREAM Is the Norm! Many users What we use today

9 O BSOLETE Was popular Few users Replaced by something better

10 H ISTORY ???? How has technolgy been linked to media experimentation and becoming obsolete? Lets take a look at our History!

11 A NCIENT T IMES Art! Was the was was the Mainstream Media. Examples: Brilliant paintings Sculptures Architecture Songs Frescos

12 A NCIENT T IMES Greeks Introduced Theater! It was Experimental Media Romans not use to Theater. It was consider a fanciful activity Little following Not popular

13 L AST C ENTURY Experimental Media was the invention of Motion pictures! Had no sound Short films People dancing Baseball players hitting a ball Children dancing

14 L AST C ENTURY Another experimental media is the RADIO! Invented by individuals who wanted to talk to each other over distances. Amateur radio operators built their own devices in their basement. Very Expensive!

15 R ADIO BECAME M AINSTREAM ! As the cost of the technolgy for a Radio dropped people began to embrace the Radio! People would gather around the family radio to listen to voice drama, rock and roll, Jazz sounds and lyrics, shows, plus much more.

16 T HE T ELEVISION ! Began to show up in homes in the 1940s Shows were black and white Just one or two shows a day Television was in the experimental stage !

17 T ELEVISION Moving to Mainstream in the 1950s Rapidly becoming the preferred media of the day. ½ households in America has a TV set. TV Shows: Flash Gordon Father Knows Best Rin Tin Tin Dragnet Zorro Wonderful World of Disney

18 C URRENT T IMES – T ODAY ! Television is still Mainstream! Moved from audio/visual entertainment to Interactive Entertainment Media ! Video Games!!!

19 N EWER T ECHNOLOGIES Is the computer! Was Experimental Technology Few people using it Very expensive Not popular Today Mainstream! You see a computer everywhere Very, Very, Very Popular Takes on many forms.

20 C OMPUTER Opens a world of: Movies Games Books Magazines Museum Art Internet! Plus much more....

21 W HAT ARE V IDEO G AMES ? Is an electronic software product that has all of the elements of a game. It is played by combining a computer generated game evironment with a graphic display and a user interface.

22 W HAT EXACTLY IS A GAME ? An activity organized by rules. With an objective, goal, or victory condition. In a game environment that enables play or pretending. A Game? Victory ! Rules Game Envirnment

23 G AME P LAY Is what the player experience during the game as a result of the core machanics and structure of the game. Includes: Set of challenges and obstacles The action a player can take to avoid and overcome those challenges or obstacles. Everything the player does and how the game is played.

24 T ODAY S V IDEO G AME Game play can exist in multiple gameplay modes. Such as: Multiplayer mode Advanced mode Easy mode Quest mode Online play mode Changing characters with different skills

25 G RAPHIC D ISPLAY This is where the game is shown. It can be a: Television Computer Monitor Hand-held device (Game-boy and/or cell phone) Is a pinball machine a video game?

26 U SER I NTERFACE Is any device used to input information from the player into the computer running the video game. They are: Game controllers (wireless, motion based controllers) Keyboard Mouse

27 T YPE OF G AMES Games can be put into different catagories: Examples: Action Board/card/quiz Educational Fighting Music/party Puzzle Role Playing Shooter Simulation Sports Stragtegy Toy Themes are games that have similar characteristics

28 D IGITAL T OY Does not meet the criteria of a game. Why? Does not have a structured set of rules. Has not objective or game play goal. No challenge No purpose for playing No Victory condition No points, no levels No mission objectives

29 D UE TODAY : Finish your questions for chapter 2. (Look at the back of your worksheet!) On a sheet of paper, answer the following questions for the reading above: 1. Define audio/visual effect. 2. What is mainstream media? 3. Describe the process by which an experimental media becomes mainstream. 4. List the three criteria for an activity to be classified as a game. 5. _______________ are used to create the challenges, goals, and victory conditions of the game. 6. The term used to describe what the player experiences during the game as a result of the core mechanics and structure of the game is ___________________,. 7. List three things that can exist in the game world that do not occur in the real world. 8. What is user interface? 9. How is a genre different from a theme? 10. Describe why a digital toy is not a video game.

30 A LSO DUE TODAY : Need to finish the Review Questions for the Fruit Game. Who needs a worksheet?

31 F OR T ODAY : If you are finished with the questions, go get a workbook! Turn to page 142 and start working on our next game – Driving Course.

32 M ARKETING Y OUR V IDEO G AME October 23, 2012

33 M ARKETING Y OUR V IDO G AME Step 1: You need to know your Theme! Step 2: Need to identify your target market. Step 3: Unique Selling Point

34 M ARKETING Y OUR V IDEO G AME Each theme has a certain number of followers. These are your customers! People who purchase a game in a certain them are likely to purchase more games in the same theme. Need to identify your target market! Tarket market is the segment of the population on which you will focus your attention and resources to attract a buyer. These are your potential customers.

35 D EMOGRAPHIC S EGREGATION Use of characteristics, such as: Age Income Gender Helps determine the most likely potential customer.

36 M ARKETING T OOLS Are any device or action that draws attention to your product. TV commercials E-mail blast Product website Free Trials or demos Brochures Game packaging Billboards Computer Screen Savers Demonstrations Booths at trade shows

37 U NIQUE S ELLING P OINT Is simply what your product offers that other products do not. It can also help target potential customers.


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