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Great Lakes ACRAO November 8, 2013 Dr. Paula Compton and David Sauter.

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1 Great Lakes ACRAO November 8, 2013 Dr. Paula Compton and David Sauter

2 If students moving among institutions toward THEIR program completion is akin to race car drivers needing multiple vehicles, agility on the track, and a qualified pit crew, the Ohio model for Articulation and Transfer is not a Model T. Ohio Board of Regents Dr. Paula Compton, Associate Vice Chancellor for Articulation and Transfer, and University Registrar Dave Sauter from Miami University present past, present, and future qualifying events to focus on collaboration and connections across the state – and beyond – in a cylinder full of acronyms: ATC, HB 95, XML, Q2S, 3YRDegree, AP, CWID, USO, and more.

3 OBOR: state and individual institutions work together to make good things happen for students… Miami: at Miami University, Who would have thought? OBOR and Miami: What follows are specific examples of this cooperation and collaboration among the USO institutions and the OBOR

4 OBOR: Ohio Board of Regents – familiar to all of us Miami: University demographics; University Registrars Office: CSI Team for Curriculum and Success Initiatives – catalog, curriculum, audits, program completion

5 OBOR: Calendar Conversion, Q2S; Miami: MU theme of 4 Terms/Seasons of Opportunity: Multi-Year Academic Calendar; Fall 2013 Timeblock Success; 12 students graduating winter term 2014 (handouts provided) OBOR: Career Technical Credit Transfer Initiatives OBOR: Statewide Articulation Agreements and Bilateral Agreements – Miami: MU and Columbus State, goal of 20 by 2020 …continued

6 Miami: transfer passing grades from all regionally accredited institutions/equivalent international; review c/nc policy next OBOR Advanced Placement Policy – Miami: Graduation Credit Analysis, TR and AP data OBOR Military Credit Miami: VA compliance responsibility moving from Financial Assistance Office to University Registrar

7 OBOR: ATC/Articulation and Transfer Clearinghouse Miami: supported the $46.1 million dollar savings for the 43,000 USO transfer students; another 12,500 students at 4-year publics took courses at 2-year institutions – Public and Private transfer data; More Ohioans earning college credits early Dayton Daily News article OBOR: ATC Knowledgebase – site developed to assist ATC users communicate downtime notices, post updates, and have open discussions; help users talk to institutions about common issues. OBOR: Going Paperless – Focus on having all USO institutions exchange transcripts electronically Miami: efficiencies – automations queue TR, DARS

8 OBOR - Data Standards Committee, ensuring that important data fields are included in each transcript sent electronically - XML OBOR - ATC Steering Committee Miami: Michael Kabbaz AVP EM role, with Dave also OBOR - ATC Summit in April 2013-Co- sponsored by OACRAO and OATN, presentation by USO institutions on automatic import of transcript data directly into institutions SIS – Miami: partnership …continued

9 OBOR: Foreign Language Summit OBOR: PLA – Prior Learning Assessment, With a Purpose OBOR Reverse Transfer - Miami: CWID (Credit When Its Due) process and data OBOR High School eTranscript Initiative – Miami: interested partner to help student access …continued

10 OBOR - Credit to Degree Guarantee Website Miami: OBOR Initiatives: Google Document to Track and Share Initiatives across Miami University Miami: Shared drive of all OBOR surveys, initiatives, issues Miami: for roadmaps and pathways by Summer 2014, then Forecasting Class Demand project.

11 OBOR: Complete College Ohio - Miami: December 5 workshop team attendance OBOR: Prior Learning Assessment with a Purpose - Miami: Multiple staff involved on committees – and Dave on Network Credit by Exam Portfolio Military Credit OBOR: Ohio Higher Education Mathematics Initiative Miami: overall support in general: revised Miami Plan will realign closer with OTM


13 OBOR Compton, Ph.D. Associate Vice Chancellor, Articulation and Transfer Ohio Board of Regents 614-466-6000 David Sauter, BS MS University Registrar Miami University 513.529.8781

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