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13/06/2014 Security Document Prepared by Rev. Bettina T. Maxwell 2009 1.

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1 13/06/2014 Security Document Prepared by Rev. Bettina T. Maxwell 2009 1

2 Objective To provide a safe and secure environment for everyone participating in the Mataatua Kapa Haka Festival to enjoy. Ahakoa ko wai te tangata, ahakoa no wai te taonga, manaakihia, tiakina. He kura pounamu ko nga mea katoa. Outcome An event that guests, participants and the general public will remember for years to come. E kore rawa e mutu nga korero ataahua, whakahirahira mo tenei hui Kapa Haka. 2

3 Project Description To provide a skilled team to manage the security of various equipment either lent / hired or gifted to the organising committee of the Mataatua Kapa Haka Festival for the duration of the festival and To provide a skilled team to ensure the safety and security of the personal property of Guests, Participants and the general public attending the Mataatua Kapa Haka Festival. The Opotiki Police will be present in a supportive role Project team Leaders. - Rawiri Haereroa 07 3157 351 - Carpark and Road area - Bettina Maxwell 07 3158 223 / 027315 8028 - - Rochelle Tapuke / Mate Delamare – First response Personnel First Response Personnel (first Aid Certificated) who are there to support members of the Security team and to offer the following; First Aid care to any member of the public or performers if required Help to resolve any conflicts that may occur throughout the day. To ensure that the Security team members have their required rest and meal breaks To record incidents in a log book for future use by the M.k.h.f. committee. 3

4 4 Areas to be secured: Parking Area Entrances & Exits Performers Area Corporate Tent Kingi tuheitias Tent / Entrance way Pakeke Tent Judges & Administration area Childrens area Kaimahi area Main arena Beach area

5 Parking Area 4 X Carpark areasTimeTama toa / Tama wahine - 3 Public Parking areas6.00am – to finish 4Adults & 10 Cadets - 1 Participants / Kaimahi2 Adults & 2 cadets Responsibilities: To ensure the vehicles are Secure. To ticket all vehicles that are parked. To ensure that all vehicles are parked quickly and efficiently to avoid traffic congestion along beach road Note: There is a space provided for Kaumatua / Pakeke: Yellow tickets - car parking permits 5

6 Entrance / Exit to venue Entrances to venue Time Security requirements - 4 cash booths 6.00am - to finish8 Adults Responsibilities: Keeping ticket keepers safe & secure 6.00am – to finish Controlling the public @ the entrances / exits 6.00am – to finish Checking large Chilly bins & Large Lunch boxes for alcohol / drugs – confiscate items 6.00am – to finish Transferring excess cash to Caravan Check & transfer on request of ticket keepers @ irregular intervals - 1 exit booth6.00am – to finish4 Adults Controlled exit only6.00am – to finish 6

7 Performers area Performers AreaTimeSecurity requirements 4 Changing Tents7.00am – to finish4 Adults 2 Roving) Showers8.00am – to finish Stage Tent8.00am – to finish Responsibilities: To secure personal items of performers 8.00am – to finish To ensure that shower facilities are used by performers ONLY. 8.30am – to finish To help coordinate teams from changing tents to stage tent 7.30am – to finish 7

8 VIP/Kingi Tuheitia / Pakeke areas TimeSecurity requirements V.I.P. Tent7.00am – to finish2 Roving Adult Kingi Tuheitias tent7.00am – to finish2 Adult Pakeke tent7.00am – to finish Responsibilities: These areas are best managed by the respective management teams. The security for Kingi Tuheitia will remain at his tent, caravan and at the entrance way. The security are therefore in a support role to these three areas Roving Security to also help out in Main arena for crowd control 8

9 Judges Stage / Administration Judges Stage & Admin areaTimeSecurity requirements To be managed by H. Greene & MFC (Matua). The security will be in a supportive role only 4 Roving Adults Security are to help out in main arena for crowd control. 9

10 Children / Kaimahi area Other areasTimeSecurity requirements Childrens area7.30am2 Roving Adult / 2 cadet Kaimahi Tent5.00am2 Roving Adults Responsibilities: These areas are best secured by the respective management teams. The security will be in a support role. Roving Security to help out in main arena – crowd control 10

11 Main Arena Main arenaTimeSecurity requirements 7.30am – to finish8 Adults Responsibility - Maintain crowd control - Rubbish correctly disposed of - Assisting public to locate toilets / St. John / Check perimeter fence around main arena – no fence jumpers Check that all are wearing bracelets 11

12 One Tapu (Beach area) Main arenaTimeSecurity requirements 6.00am – to finish4 Adults Responsibility -Ensure that the crowd do not swim in the sea. - Rubbish correctly disposed of - Assisting public to locate toilets / St. John / 12

13 Pre / Post Security Wednesday – Friday / Sat-SunTimeSecurity requirements Responsibilities: To secure the venue and all equipment, gear & Festival facilities prior to Saturday and following the closure of the festival 5 people nominated for this specific purpose. Richard Cairns Jackie Mihaere Willis Katene Rawiri Haereroa Bettina Maxwell Rochelle Tapuke 13

14 Summary of Security Requirements AdultsCadets Parking Area612 Entrance to venue12 Performers Area4 Roving VIP / Kingi Tuheitia / Pakeke4 Roving Judges stage / Administration4 Roving Children & Kaimahi areas4Roving2 Main Arena8 Onetapu4 Total requirements on duty at any one time; 4614

15 Time Management Plan Saturday 20/02/2010 All areas to be secured & ready to receive Guests, Public & Performers by 6.00am – gates open at 7.30pm. Main arena will open at 8.00am. Rostered times will be of two hours duration. Lunch will begin from 10.00am – 2.00pm. All volunteers will be issued with meal tickets to be redeemd at the Kaimahi tent. If anyone wants kai from the stalls, that is at their own expense. Bottled water is available from the Kaimahi tent. 06.00am – 08.00am 08.00am – 10.00am 10.00am - 12.00pm 12.00pm - 02.00pm 02.00pm - 04.00pm 04.00pm - 06.00pm 06.00pm - 08.00pm 08.00pm - Until all areas are cleared of Guests / Performers & public 15

16 Security Personnel Requirements 16 CarparkEntrancePerform. Kingi, VIP & PakekeJudges Kaimahi / KidsArenaBeach Adults612444484 Cadets122

17 Radio Communication Personnel 17 Events Coordinator - Sonia Hotereni Site Managers - Jackie Mihaere/ Willis Stage Coordinator - Danny & Kihoro Parking Attendant Coordinator - Rawiri Main Road Coordinator - Jason Ormsby Security Coordinator - Rochelle Tapuke / Mate Delamare Police Tent - St. Johns Ambulance - Teresa Walker` Judges / Catering etc - Brenda Hickmott

18 Nominated Security Personnel 18 Coastline Security Chris Maxwell Maude Maxwell Mahaki Maxwell Aaron Maxwell Richard Cairns Mark Takawe Warren Maxwell Trieste Delamare Steve Herewini Marcus Abraham Albert Tamaki Ramari Honatana Emmitt Jackson Travis Kelly Adrian Maxwell Dimitrie Kurei Gaynor Paul Irueti Alder Nick Kora Joshua Daly Jane Fermanis Wayne Fermanis Debbie Riddell Marvin Taua James Taku

19 Nominated Security Areas 19 Parking area: (6) Trieste Delamare Steve Herewini Marcus Abraham Dimitrie Kurei Irueti Alder Albert Tamaki Main Arena (8) Gaynor Paul Emmitt Jackson Maude Maxwell Marvin Taua James Taku Entrance / Exit (12) Chris Maxwell Mahaki Maxwell Aaron Maxwell Richard Cairns Mark Takawe Warren Maxwell Adrian Maxwell Travis Kelly Emmitt Jackson Joshua Daly Nick Kora Kirk Maxwell

20 Nominated Security Areas 20 Performers area: (4) Jane Fermanis Wayne Fermanis Daphne Maxwell Kingi Tuheitia: (4) Kaimahi area (4) Kidz zone: (4) Beach: (2)

21 Equipment requirements R.T. -Whakaatu Whanaunga – 8 -W. Katene – 4 -D. Paruru – To be confirmed -Irueti Alder – To be confirmed High Vision jackets -Whakaatu Whanaunga – 15 -Irueti Alder – 10 -Rawiri Haereroa – To be confirmed -Te Ha o te whanau – To be confirmed Tent -A tent will be available from Monday 15 th – Monday 22 nd for accomodation for Security. 21

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