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LWML Convention Highlights Peoria June 23 – 26, 2011 Margie Wickert – President Indiana District LWML.

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1 LWML Convention Highlights Peoria June 23 – 26, 2011 Margie Wickert – President Indiana District LWML

2 Theme "Being With Jesus Living on the Edge Scripture Verse They realized that they had been with Jesus. "For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard." - Acts 4:13b and 20 (NKJV)

3 Central Illinois District Hosts Peoria Convention

4 Tee Up 4 Mites Golf Outing $7,332.06

5 Prayer Service

6 Gifts of the Heart Totals – 2,587 quilts, – 2,382 towel sets – 2,795 underwear sets – 5,587 kits for men, women & children – 3,875 miscellaneous items –13,205 Arch books Thank you for helping LWML share 30,431 Gifts from the Heart!

7 Servant Connections On-Site Servant Events Beautification Station Braille Book of the Bible Communication Station Fleece Blankets Making Welcome and Care Kits English/Latino Ministry Marking Bibles Meals on Wheels Gospel Lids Rolled Bandages Quilts Wordless Gospel Tracts Gospel Bracelets

8 Celebration Worship Service


10 Pastoral Counselors Rev. Michael Mattil Rev. Kristopher Whitby

11 Rev. Ken Klaus Worship Leader Speaker Emeritus – Lutheran Hour

12 Celebration Service with Communion

13 Lana Gibbons – Song Leader

14 Singing

15 Banner Processional

16 Indiana District Banner The Indiana District Banner incorporates the state colors of blue and gold with the LWML Peoria logo of Living on the Edge. It features a dark silhouette of a woman to represent the membership of Indianas LWML, standing on the edge of an abyss. The dark color reminds us that we are sinners standing on lifes precarious edge. However, looking toward the heavens is the cross of gold, radiating its rays of light, hope, and salvation. Because of His cross, we who live in Indiana, are able to stand with confidence at the crossroads of the Midwest and life knowing that Jesus will sustain us in everything. Design: Ellen Augustine – VP Conventions and Editorial Staff; Marina Todd, Sophomore at Northridge High School Middlebury, IN Banner Crafter: Elaine Young, St. Pauls Lutheran Church, Bremen


18 Dr. Reed Lessing Bible Study Leader Associate Professor and Director of the Graduate School at Concordia Seminary St. Louis Being filled with the Holy Spirit …we must speak with encouragement, boldness, against idolatry and this turns the world upside down…for we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard. Acts 4:20

19 President Jan Wendorf

20 Delegates in Session

21 Amendments LWML Bylaws Article III – District Organization –Conform name - LWML Article IV – Conventions and Representation –Districts invitation to host LWML Conventions –Sent to President by 10/15, even numbered years the number of years prior to the proposed date of convention designated in the Standing Policies of the LWML BOD Article V – Officers and Elections Article VI – Duties of Officers –Human Care – Special Focus Ministries –Servant Resources – Organizational Resources Article XIII – Departments and Standing Committees

22 2011-2013 Mission Goal $1,825,000 Available for Mites: $1,277,500 Overage from Previous Biennia Available for Mites: $ 112,069 TOTAL AVAILABLE FOR MITE GRANTS: $1,389,569

23 Mission Grants 2011-2013 19 Mission Grants selected $1,389,569

24 Mission Grants 2011-2013 Grant RecipientDisbursedBalance 1Support for Lutheran Orphanages - Haiti$70,000 2Lutheran Braille Workers Plate Embossing Device$100,000 3Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) Spread God's Word Through Print and Audio$97,344 4Outreach to At-Risk Children - Detroit, Michigan$55,000 5Cancer Care Package Ministry $100,000 6Crow Indian Ministry - Montana$69,999.64 7Exodus 2:6 Project: Spiritual Care in Disasters - Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma$50,000 8Children's Nutrition and Care - Vietnam$72,255 9Grace Place for LCMS International Missionaries$75,000 10Pregnancy Center: Newborn Protection - Malaysia, Southeast Asia$54,500 11The Lutheran Malaria Initiative - Kenya, East Africa $100,000 12Two Graduate Scholarships for International/Minority Students - Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri $50,000 13Project JOEL - Outreach to Youth - Central/South America$75,000 14Children's Developmental Disabilities Group Home and Rehabilitation Center - Dominican Republic$100,000 15Missionary Family Care and Education$100,000 16Gospel Outreach Through Open Arms Child Care$65,000 17Haskell Indian Nations University Lutheran Campus Ministry Expansion - Lawrence, Kansas$100,000 18Financial Support for LCMS Prison and Jail Ministry Conference$27,500 19Physical and Spiritual Nourishment for the Impoverished - United States/Mexico Border (partially funded) $27,970.36 $1,389,569

25 Deb Burma Inspirational Motivational Speaker Live out the convention theme: Being with Jesus - Living on the Edge

26 Mites in Action Speakers Rev. Jeff Johnson – Trinity Lutheran Church, Cleveland, OH – Building Hope in the City Paul Miller – Unity Lutheran School East St. Louis, IL Dr. Paul and Becky Shaw – Light of Christ Lutheran Chinese Mission, Olivette, MO

27 Inspirational Speaker Katie Stam Miss America 2009 Seymour, IN

28 Mites in Motion $56,806.96

29 Past Presidents L-R: Alberta Barnes 83-87; Betty Duda 87-91; Gloria Edwards 95-99; Jan Wendorf 07-11; Helen Gienapp 70-83; Virginia Von Seggern 99-03; Ida Mall 91-95; Linda Reiser 03-07

30 Mission Presentation YWR; Heart to Heart Sisters; Camp BWJ Kids and Child Care Workers

31 Heart to Heart Sister Leaders

32 Mission Speakers Rev. Todd and Kim Roeske Tagakaulo Lutheran Church of Christ – Philippines Volunteer Missionary – Alaska Mission for Christ

33 Mission Speakers Dr. David Birner – Associate Executive Director of the International Mission Team for LCMS World Relief Andrea Herman – Evangelistic Trainer to women in Guinea – Maninka People

34 Heidi Floyd Humorous Interrupter Development Ambassador for Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer – Warsaw, IN

35 Luncheon Speakers Phyllis Wallace; Kurt Senske; Kristine Stout; Dr. Matt Harrison

36 Kristine Stout Handbell soloist of the traveling Joybell Theatre Nashville, IN

37 LCMS President Matt Harrison

38 Sisters in Christ

39 Sibling Harmony Kim, Kurtis and Kevin Bueltmann

40 Convention Choir

41 Election of Officers President – Kay Kreklau – North Dakota VP of Special Focused Ministries – Pat Reichert – South Dakota VP of Organizational Resources – Carolyn Blum - Wisconsin Treasurer – Lois Anderson – Idaho Pastoral Counselor – Rev. John Heckmann- Texas Nominating Committee – Bev England; Sheila Lutz; Marge Bruning; Cheryl Peterson; Sally Krueger

42 Old - New President Jan – President Kay

43 President Kay Kreklau 2011-2015

44 Convention Offerings Offering #1 $47,388.33 LWML Mission Goal 2011-2013 Offering #2 $37,273.04 Three Mission Central Projects Offering #3 $32,172.12 Amigos de Cristo Mission Outreach Project Offering #4 $32,078.98 Specific Ministry Pastor Program (SMP)

45 35 th Biennial LWML Convention Pittsburg, Pennsylvania June 27 th – 30 th, 2013 Theme: Quenched by the Water Verse: (Jesus said:) but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life. John 4:14

46 Future LWMLer

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