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2 2 Popular Mechanic 1954 prediction of how the 2004 Home Computer will look like.

3 3 Go to Click on Login to enter

4 4 Click on DEP Online Services.

5 5 Click on Excess Emission Monitoring Performance Reports (EEMPR)

6 6 Select Facility ID by clicking on the dropdown arrow. Click on the Access Facility.

7 7 You are viewing the EER Submittal Folder.

8 8 Scroll down and click on Create New EER.

9 9 Verify mailing address - scroll down and complete Facility Contact(s).

10 10 Required fields (*) must be completed. Click continue.

11 11 Select appropriate monitor(s) by clicking the box.

12 12 Using dropdown arrow. Select appropriate year and quarter; Click Request Spreadsheet.

13 13 Spreadsheet has been requested. Wait for .

14 14 Verify if spreadsheet(s) is requested by going to the EER Submittal Folder. Logout.

15 15 from DEP notifying requested spreadsheet is ready.

16 16 Log back in DEP Online. Go to the EER Spreadsheet Inbox.

17 17 Click on the spreadsheet ID to download.

18 18 Click on Save. (Never click Open.)

19 19 Save the spreadsheet file to a location where you can find it.

20 20 Logout and work on the downloaded spreadsheet(s) from your desktop.

21 21 Fill out all the tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet. Each tab represents a page.

22 22 Common eEER Questions. MACROS: Upon opening the Excel Spreadsheet, always click Enable. You may need to lower security in order to enable Macros. Go to Tools > Macros > Security > Low. The source monitor downtime reported on the General Monitor Info tab has to match the downtime reported in the Monitor Downtime tab. New CEMs: Facilities cant change anything on the General Info Tab. Please send the new monitor info to the Inspector. The Inspector can update the monitor info on NJEMS. Not enough rows for downtime or Excursions? Call you inspector. No Military time allowed.

23 23 Common eEER Questions. Part 2 Please dont enter any signs on Row 19 under the General Info Tab. Just enter a number followed by a single space then the units. For Example: 250 ppm = Good <= 250 ppm = Bad ERASING AN EXCURSION: Erase a mistake on the CMS Excursion Tab by clicking on Clear Excursion Row Button. Do not delete by using back space or delete key. ADD all additional info under the Supporting Data tab. ATTACHMENTS: We recommend jpg files. Please dont attached pdf files greater than 5 pages. The files will be to big and wont upload properly. SENDING TO EPA: eEERs do not automatically go to EPA. Please print out a copy and mail to EPA with a cover letter if required.

24 24 When the spreadsheet is completed validate it. Items with an Asterisk must be fixed.

25 25 When the spreadsheet is validated, lock it.

26 26 When you lock it you will be prompted to save an unlock copy of the spreadsheet as a backup.

27 27 Write down the Confirmation Code. You will need it for submitting the EER to DEP.

28 28 Log back into DEP portal. Select EER Spreadsheet Outbox.

29 29 Select spreadsheet to upload. Click Browse to find the spreadsheet on your computer.

30 30 Select the spreadsheet to be uploaded. * Make sure the IDs match.

31 31 Type in the Confirmation Code. Click Upload.

32 32 Submittal confirmation. Last step is certification.

33 33 Spreadsheet is awaiting certification by Responsible Official. Select EER Certification.

34 34 Select EER by clicking on the box. Type in PIN number.

35 35 Certification Completed.

36 36 Status of spreadsheet = Submitted; Logout.

37 37 Any Questions ?


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