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PIRATES Written And Pictures Collected By Baron & Eli.

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1 PIRATES Written And Pictures Collected By Baron & Eli

2 Ships! Pirate ships are fast and small. Pirates stole other ships. Small ships were for creeks and rivers. Life is tough on board. The ships were uncomfortable. Pirates drank a lot of rum.

3 Vikings used axes. The Greeks used a sword called a kopis. Buccaneers used pistols and daggers. WEAPONS

4 Cannon Fire In the 1500s pirates started to use cannons. They shot their enemies. Their gun powder was very dangerous. They had lots of accidents.

5 Treasure Pirates buried treasure everywhere. They lost gold through gambling. They stole gold from their enemies.

6 The Galley In 1696 it was abandoned on Madagascar because it leaked badly. A Galley is a compartment in a ship.

7 BlackBeard Blackbeard was the most famous pirate he attacked ships and ports. He was a huge man in America. Everybody on a ship was afraid of him

8 Henry Morgan Henry Morgan was the greatest buccaneer. He raided Spanish town in the 1660's. He became rich in 1674.

9 Pirate History Pirates rob ships and murder people. They were called Vikings 1,000 years ago. The most famous pirates lived in the 1,600s and 1,700s. 2,700 years ago Greek pirates attacked ships in the Mediterranean sea.

10 Buccaneers Buccaneers were pirates that lived on the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola. In the1600s Buccaneers attacked the Spanish ships loaded with treasure. They sailed from South America back to Spain. In time buccaneers took over Caribbean Island and they sailed all over the world.

11 Pirateers Francois Le Clerc was famous in the 1500s. Pirateers were backup in a war. Some Pirateers had wooden legs.

12 Corsairs Corsairs are pirates that lived in the 1500s.They were from North Africa. They plundered the Mediterranean Sea. They had slaves to row their ships.

13 Pirates Today Pirate attacks are common now. They attack Indian ship in the Arabian sea. They rob luxury yachts in the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas. In 1998 a supertanker was captured by Chinese pirates and was not found for two weeks.

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